j. y. li

20 Minutes (Smut)

“Five more minutes.” Y/N groaned out as her boyfriend Spencer was removing the sheets from her.

“And that’s what you said five minutes ago. Come on, Y/N. We’re gonna be late for work! I don’t need Morgan speculating why again.” He said in urgency.

“Since when did you care what Morgan thinks?” She asked in annoyance.

“Besides, let him think what he wants, I couldn’t sleep properly because someone kept kicking me!” She announced as she glared at him.

“It wasn’t me! It was my subconscious!” He justified.

“Potato, potahto.” Y/N mumbled as she leaned her back against the headboard with her arms crossed. She glared at the clock and then threw a pillow at him.

“You idiot! It’s only 6:00! You know we’re going to go in at 9!” She yelled at him.

“But I know it takes you 10 minutes to get out of bed, 20 minutes just for you dress, another half hour for you to make breakfast and finally another hour for you actually get up and leave!” He stated as he dodged the pillow.
He watched his girlfriend in disarray and made way to the bed, he reached in to press his lips against her forehead and then the button of her nose, and then her lips.

“Darn you for being so adorable.” She mumbled as she leaned in the directed of him.

“But, what about the other hour, Reid?” Y/N asked as her fingertips traced his facial features.

Spencer swallowed the lump in throat before he leaned into her touch.

“40 minute drive and well, this.” Were the words he said before he crashed his lips against hers, and instantly Y/N had responded with just as much passion.

“Smooth, Dr Reid, Smooth.” She mumbled against his lips, snaking her arms around his neck.

“Well, you did mention last night you wanted to be surprised.” He murmured against your neck, placing chaste kiss as he did so.

Y/N hitched a breath as he sucked on a pulse point. Spencer grinned against her flushed skin and placed her back against the bed and hovered over her.

“18 minutes and 50 seconds.” Spencer stated as he removed his grey tee and flew it on the floor.

Y/N smiled small as her eyes travelled on his slender body, her hands tracing his torso and raking her long digits in a straight line. She herself then removed her shirt, revealing her bare body.

“You wore no bra?” He said as his brows rose in amusement and his lips pressed down on her collarbone, letting his hands massage her breasts, gaining a moan from her lips.

“I-I don’t wear a b-bra to sl-sleep.” She managed to say as her head felt light with lust.

His lips returned back to hers while his hands stayed, massaging her breasts with great pleasure. Y/N moaned into the kiss once she felt his tongue trail her mouth, her center became very heated within moments of that.

“F-Fuck.” He mumbled against her lips. He pressed his lower waist against hers, making sure it pressed against her core, and by the notion Y/N did, she definitely felt it.

“14 minutes and 10 seconds.” He said before making a trail of saliva down her stomach before stopping at her hipbone. He looked up at her and grinned as he made eye contact as he pulled her shorts and underwear off, throwing them out of reach.

“13 minutes and 40 seconds.” He spoke with confidence while Y/N writhed in pleasure.

He rested his hands on her thighs. “You are so wet.” He inched closer, looking up as he blew hot air over her wet entrance; he ran his tongue once against her slit, smirking slightly.

“Mhmmm, so sweet.” He said against her folds.

“F-Fuck, Sp-Spencer. Skip the foreplay, please.” She begged profusely.

He licked once more, faster than the last, making the pleasure last even less before he felt her hand curling in his hair. He took this in motion and let his tongue suck on her clit, Spencer groaned softly against her vibrations.

Y/N moaned aloud and closed her eyes in pleasure, letting her hips rock against his face unknowingly.

“Y-Yes, j-just li-like that.” She managed to say in a pained yet pleasurable voice.

He blew hot air before slipping two fingers inside her and sliding out of his boxers before leaning down and whispered against her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you hard and fast and you’re going to enjoy it.” He growled with desire for Y/N.

Y/N squirmed under his touch and with painful struggle, she placed a condom,stroking his now hardened length.

Without warning, he placed his length inside her with a hard thrust which took the both in unison of pleasurable moan. Y/N eyes tightened as he started adjusting himself inside her and Y/N scrunched the fabric of the bedsheets as he continued his fast pace.

Y/N groaned loudly with each hard thrust he gave, feeling the warm sensation boil up in her stomach in a matter of moments. He pressed his body against hers while his lips rested on her collarbone.

The sounds of slapping skin and the visible tune of Y/N’s moans were the sound of music to his ears.
Shortly after, Spencer slammed into her with a particular hard thrust, burying his face into the crook of her neck, repeatedly throwing wet sloppy kisses against it, a sign of his release into her.

“O-One minute and tw-twenty seconds.” He managed to say through his pants as he helped her ride out her orgasm.

“Come on baby, ye-yeah, th-that’s ni-nice.” Y/N said with several pants as he helped her out.

“Fi-Fifty seconds.” He counted down as his lips crashed into hers.

Y/N felt the warm sensation once again building in her stomach, and she overcame with pleasure, mewling into his mouth as she came to her release, moaning and panting against his lips.









“Fu-Fuck!” Y/N screamed aloud.

Spencer fell to her side and chuckled aloud.

“All done in less than 20 minutes.” He said with a proud grin.