j. wolf

  • me: is sad that whizzer died
  • also me: understands and respects the importance of whizzer dying in the play and that it represented what people really went through in the sad times of the aids crisis
  • friend: hey what's up?
  • me in my head: the lesbians next door are so overlooked in falsettos even though they have such an important and touching role in the musical. they're so overlooked that the actresses who play them are hardly included in cast interviews and are never given enough credit for their amazing performances as those characters.
  • me: nothing.

If you’ve called Whizzer your ‘dead gay son’ or ‘aids boy’ you owe Bill Finn $1000
If you ignore the lesbians you owe him $1000
If you erase the characters’ canonical religion you owe Bill Finn $10000
If you erase the canon sexualities of his characters you owe me and Bill Finn $100000
If you ship the actors you owe them $1000000000
If you do any of this you owe the writer and actors an apology


It’s a lesbian from next door!

Followed by her lover, who’s a lesbian from next door too!

Charlotte and Cordelia // Falsettos: 2016 Revival