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Bruce & J Valentines Headcanons

how do you guys think Batsy and J would celebrate Valentines Day because I think it’d go down kinda like this:

- Bruce hasn’t seen J in like a month because the clown has been in Arkham again, but two days before Valentines Joker, Ivy, and Harley escaped from the asylum

- Joker hasn’t been sighted or heard from but Harley’s been seen raiding anywhere that sells fireworks

- Bruce has been super Stressed trying to find out what his clown bf is up to but whenever he’s close there’s always a bunch of thugs there to distract him, so Bruce assumes J is pissed at him for something

- He’s pretty down too because he secretly had a fancy dinner planned but he doesn’t know if thats possible now that J is pissed/missing

- Bruce wakes up on Valentines day to find his dumb clown boyfriend sat on his lap grinning like an idiot

- did I mention the dumb clown is wearing nothing but one of Brucies giant sweaters and heart-covered boxers because thats a thing

- Anyway Bruce is naturally like “how the Fuck did you get in here?” and joker’s just like “Alfie let me in!!!!!” and Bruce feels like he should be pissed at Alfred but dammit his boyfriend’s cute when he’s excited

- Alfred brings up a breakfast of heart shaped pancakes like an hour later and Bruce has his suspicions that the butler has been helping to plan this for a while

- they spend the morning watching cheesy movies and fucking or whatever before its time to go to the restaurant (with J in some fancy ass purple suit that Bruce bought him but unfortunately a lot of makeup as he’s, y’know, a wanted murderer)

- the press are like “Mr Wayne who is that mysterious man you are with are you discussing business plans? haha there’s no way Bruce Wayne is anything but straight :)”

- to which Bruce becomes a blushing mess and J starts screaming about “I’M HIS BOYFRIEND YOU DUMB FUCKS!” and “SHOVE YOUR HETERONORMATIVITY UP YOUR ASSES”

- The two are left alone after that and the date is v cute. J bought - actually bought, not stole (Bruce is proud) - his bf some snazzy cuff-links and bat patterned socks, Bruce got J the previously mentioned suit and a sparkly green wristwatch

- Yea its going great until joker gets a phone call, excuses himself, and then a MASSIVE FUCKING CRASH IS HEARD FROM OUTSIDE

- so it turns out Joker had Harley and Ivy steal a load of fireworks and different colours roses to make what is basically a parade exclaiming his love for Batsy

- Bruce kinda stands there dumbstruck as his smug-ass boyfriend (now in his normal green hair and less fancy suit) is carried along on a bed of roses, waving and blowing kisses

- The bat-signal goes up, only for the commissioner to find its been vandalised to spell out “JOKER

- Bruce would be impresses and touched by the effort if it didn’t mean cutting the date short to get into the bat-suit and put his dumb clown in handcuffs (it wasn’t hard though, at this point the joker is more than a little tipsy and giggling at his boyfriends exasperated expression)

- Bruce isn’t so pissed off that he would send J back to Arkham though, so after driving for about five minuted he stops the car and tells the clown to go back to the manor whilst Batman tells Gordon that “the joker stole the batmobile and escaped, and is likely half way to freedom by now”

- Bruce gets back to the manor to give J a Stern Talking To which is definitely not what happens when he find his bf sat on his bed, half asleep and watching another dumb rom-com



Rectify (2013-2016), 4 seasons, 30 episodes

“I’m not sure what to make of this drastic change of course in my life. I’m certainly not against it”

Rectify has consistently been one of the best shows on TV since it began airing in April 2013. It is also a show with ratings so small that finding other people who watch is always a struggle. Yet those who have given their time to seek out this series know how special it is. This is not a show based on big action scenes or twists intended to lure in audiences. This is a story about one man, one night 19 years previously and the ongoing repercussions. It is about moving on and finding purpose. It is about faith, forgiveness, justice, humanity, the very nature of who we are.  It is truly an unique show. I am going to miss it so much.


Okay Howard Stern, are you finished?

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"Elsie Fest is co-founded and executive-produced by Criss, Ricky Rollins, Jordan Roth, and Dr. Sidney J. Stern. Elsie Fest is a Bowery Presents production." For those who do not know, Bowery Presents was founded by Michael Swier. Now there is a familiar name!

Oh. I know.  Bowery presents isn’t owned by the swiers anymore.  But some of the venues are still owned by them.   

Domestic Life: Part 1 Joker x Reader

[ My first shot at a Joker x Reader fic. Mostly fluff. Hints of some smut. (Not much really) Part 1 maybe if people actually like it.]

Warnings: Old Injuries, Hints of Smut

They knew him as THE Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime. The infamous psychopathic, deranged and demented crime boss of Gotham. They would never see what you do. You’ve been called insane on more than one occasion by people you use to know for loving him. But you didn’t care. You loved him, as crazy as that sounded, even to you at times. He was incapable of love, at least in the sense that everyone else viewed love. His love manifested as intense obsession, extreme possession, and above all else protection.

If you didn’t think he truly cared for you, even in his own twisted way, you would have left a long time ago. (Not that leaving him would ever be an easy thing to do.) But that has never crossed your mind. He does show his affection to you in his small ways. You knew him like no one else could. He was the only person to make you so week yet so powerful all at once.

You sit there staring at him from across the table. His blazing Blue eyes streaming over his next big plan. He hasn’t noticed you watching him quite yet. You watch as his face contorts and he mutters at almost a growl to himself about a flaw in the plans. You didn’t go with him on his heists anymore. A well placed knife slash you took to the tendon in your left knee had left you permanently injured. The fact that J still wanted you around even after becoming a liability on the job was just one of those small ways he showed you he cared for you. As J continues to review tonight’s plans you start to reminisce about the night before.

J came home in a great mood after he finished a good business deal. He called for his Kitten and you responded as quickly as you could. He was amazingly intoxicating to be around when he was in a good mood and that one had been especially good. He showered you in affection. Kissing you hard and passionately. Letting out those low growls that you loved way to damn much. And as it usually does kisses led into nibbles on your neck, which of course led to some passionate albeit rough sex. Which always ended in you sucking off the last bits of cum from J’s muscular member. You grin as you remember his passion, his taste and how your knee had given out as you had attempted to rise from the floor after you finish lapping up the last drop of salty liquid from J. The corners of your lips start to tip up into the beginnings of a grin when you remembered how quickly J caught you, carrying you to your shared bed where he promptly kissed the scar on your knee before you curled up and fell asleep on his toned and tattooed chest.

J stopped skimming his plans when he caught a glimpse of the smile slowly growing on your face out of the corner of his eye.

“And what’s got you grinning so much Kitten?”

J’s low gravelly voice snapped you out of your daydreaming of nights past.

“ Oh nothing Puddin’, just wishing I could watch your back tonight.”

A serious face fell over J. You knew immediately you were about to get reprimanded. With a sweet but stern voice J turns to you

“Now Kitten, you know how much Daddy would love for you to come with him. But we just can’t have you gettin’ in the way again, now can we?”

You sit there beginning to pout. Although he may not word it the best way you know he’s just worried about you getting hurt, again. Besides with this damn knee your presence would only get someone killed.

“Yeah, I know.” You pouted turning away from J a little ashamed of your weakness.

“No no no Baby Doll.”

He started standing from his chair across from you closing the space between you in a single stride. He gently lifts your chin with one finger when he reaches you.

“ You’re a fire pistol baby, one damn fine broad. But you just can’t keep up with that bum knee. Can’t have my baby doll gettin’ herself killed and leaving me alone now can we?”

His dazzling blue eyes staring into yours so deeply it feels like he’s peering at your very soul.

“ Your right J I’m just tired of being left behind to “man the fort” you put heavy emphasis on the air quotes around man the fort. J just continues staring into you and chuckles. His face softening.

“That. That fire right there is why you will always be mine.” He finishes with an unusually affectionate kiss to your forehead before standing back up and starting his days work.

“ Well I guess another night of watching Doctor Who with the pups is in store for me tonight.” You sigh aloud longingly after an excitement filled night with your J.

- to be continued -

I feel like a lot of modern writers take Spider-Man for granted in so far as the skill required to do the character correctly.

Like he’s funny and quippy. But he’s also guilt ridden and down in the dumps a lot. He’s a really responsible person but he can also have a temper. He’s loyal and dedicated but he’s not Superman levels of moral. He’s a nerdy guy but also does have this enjoyment of physical exertion hat comes from being a superhero. He kind of likes being a superhero but he deep down would prefer to be a normal guy even though he’s good at being a hero but often doesn’t recognize that in himself and feels so duty bound to be a hero he’s unlikely to ever permanently give it up no matter how much he really wants to, even if he actually goes ahead and quits sometimes.

He is an every man relatively speaking but that doesn’t mean he’s a easy or simple character to write for. But I really do think that is how Marvel regards the character. That he’s a good character that anyone can just pick up and run with and it’s not that hard to get him right when that is far from the truth. He’s an incredibly complex character and even the best writers in his history (JMS, Stern, DeFalco, DeMatteis, PAD) have rarely perfectly balanced all the aspects of his character, at least not all the time. Hell STAN couldn’t even do that!

Essentially a lot of writers tend to just dig their hooks into Spider-Man as either a big oversimplification of one or more of his character traits or they simply exaggerate some traits or situations he’s been in to make out that’s the entirety of the character. Or they do some combination thereof.

Nowdays Spider-Man is either written as

- The quippy guy (any given Avengers title, especially ones by Bendis)

- The LOSER who’s life is always fucking him over (Mark Waid)

- The manchild (Kelly at least before Spider-Man/Deadpool)

- Some combination of the above with added shit (Slott)

Bottom line: Spider-Man isn’t an easy character to write for and isn’t a character who does well when you hand him to anyone and everyone.

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Could I request a yoongi scenario where you guys have recently broken up because it was just to hard to keep a relationship with his busy schedule but one day you are hanging out with some of the other boys (because you all are friends) and yoongi walks in and the boys leave you two alone to talk and you guys end up hooking up

WC: 684

        “Yoongi and the Change he finds in his pair of Ripped Jeans.”

“How’s Yoongi?” You croak. Namjoon rubs the back of his neck, uneasily, as he eyes the bustling mall of the holiday season.

He slowly nods, forcing his words to come out like constipation. “He’s… go–ood.”

“Yeah?” Your shoulders drop, along with your measly smile. J-Hope grabs your shoulders firmly, attempting to perk them up.

“Eh~ (Y/N), Don’t be like this!” He whines. “It’s not like you guys ended on a bad note. It’s just—timing was bad!”

“Yeah… But breaking up just sucks in general.”

J-Hope turns his aegyo on, shaking his whole body to cheer you up. “(Y/N), don’t act like Yoongi hyung~ He’s been all-“

“What.” You and the two BTS members turn to see a well wrapped Yoongi. “How have I been?” His voice is stern. J-Hope slowly lifts his arm off your shoulder, feeling Yoongi’s cold glance on them. Yoongi swiftly places himself in between the non-existent space between J-Hope and you. “How’s Christmas shopping going? Namjoon, I hope you didn’t get me underwear. Again.”

“Who do you think I am?! I got you-“ Namjoon stops himself.

J-Hope clutches his bag to his chest, hyperventilating. “Ha ha! Look who we forgot to shop for. Jungkook! Come on, Namjoon. We need to get our Golden Maknae some—golden stuff!” J-Hope starts to back away with Namjoon.

“J-Hope’s going to exchange your Star Wars underwear he just got-“ J-Hope covers Namjooon’s mouth.

“HA HA HA!! WHAT CRAZY IMAGINATION!!! WE’LL CATCH UP WITH YOU GUYS LATER!!” J-Hope drags Namjoon away and disappears into the distance.

“Guys…” you reach out for them with your hand but it’s too late. You glance over at Yoongi from the corner of your eye.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Yoongi states, bluntly.  

“I thought you were busy with work…”

“I just needed some fresh air. Atmosphere of the studio wasn’t that good.” Yoongi and you awkwardly stare at each other. For a good 6.34 seconds. “Don’t look at me like that!” A small nervous smile creeps across Yoongi’s face.

“What?” A small, nervous smile creeps across your face, now, too.

“Who’s next on your Christmas list?” Yoongi dismisses your question.


“Are you still getting him the bread maker that he’s been asking for?”

“Of course! I already have it on hold. All I have to do is go pick it up.”

“You’re quite time efficient.” You grin at the compliment.

“It’s this way.” You two start walking to Sur La Table when Yoongi notices a small girl pressing her face against the round vending machine. She’s intrigued by the colorful toys inside the globe. Yoongi stops, smiles, and squats down next to her. Her big, brown eyes are fearful.

“Which one do you want?” Yoongi asks. She, timidly, points to the rings. Yoongi digs through the pocket of his ripped jeans and manages to scoop out a few quarters. He inserts the coin and cranks the handle. A small yellow plastic container falls. “Tadah!” He smiles brightly and presents her with a ring. A toothless grin appears for the first time on her face.

“Mary ah~!” A mother comes running for her daughter. “Thank you so much!” The young mother bows and takes the daughter away. Yoongi smiles at their reunion.

“Looks like you’re a little Santa’s helper this year.” You tease. Yoongi glances down at you from the corner of his eye. “What?” you ask, nervously.

Suga fumbles through his pocket and pulls out another small, plastic container. “Think it’ll fit?” He breaks it open, revealing a plastic silver ring with a blue flower in the middle. “Give me your hand.” You place your left hand in his. “Not that one. The right one.” He says. “It’s not like I’m asking you to marry me.” He teases and smiles as he grabs unto your right hand. You stare at him as he slowly slides the ring down your right ring finger. “(Y/N).” His voice is more sincere now. “Will you wait just a little longer for me?” His eyes shot back up into yours. The two of you smile, knowing the answer.

J. Jonah “Supa Dupa Fly” Jameson right here (from Amazing Spider-Man #246 by Roger Stern, John Romita Jr and Dan Green)

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