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Jungkook and Hobi dancing to I.O.I.’s  ‘너무너무너무 (Very Very Very)’.

And because my Jikook goggles are on a roll, I notice how Jungkook immediately turns towards Jimin. Apparently the camera man has the same goggles, because next thing we know, there’s a close-up of Jimin cutely applauding…

  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: What
  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: what!
  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: WHAT
  • Rhys: Listen to this song
  • Feyre: WHY
  • Rhys: *plays Starboy by the Weeknd* cause being High Lord of the Night Court, I guess you could say I'm a motherfucking Starboy ;)
  • Feyre:
  • Rhys:
  • Feyre: why did I marry you

This has been a battle of attrition. #daisyridley has been a force to be reckoned with. In many ways she is the Vader to my Luke or the Taylor to my Katy. But like any good opponent, I have tried to outmaneuver her at every turn. This will be her final judgement. May the force be with her, because kids, she is going to need it. All I ask is that you don’t ruin the surprise for others. #TheLastJedi #starwars#broughtsomefriendsalongfortheride@disney @starwars@penelopecruzoficial @prattprattpratt@brycedhoward @colintrevorrow@leslieodomjr @lucyboynton1@brycedhoward @derek.connolly#tombateman @jjabramsofficial