j. renns

Jeudi 18 mai :

Le soir approche. Dehors il fait toujours jour mais ça se rafraîchit.

Dans ma tente, qui est restée toute la journée au soleil, il y fait chaud.

Aujourd'hui je n'ai vu absolument aucun humain.

Mais j'ai vu des rennes.

La journée va-t-elle se finir aussi simplement ?

Ou va-t-elle me faire vivre une aventure semblable à celle de ce matin..?


I estimate Shoutarou’s odds of getting Philip into a tux for their own wedding to be 1:10, though they increase significantly if he can get him interested in the symbolic use of formal wear in ceremonies and other cultural functions blah blah blah good luck Shou.


I resisted even getting my hopes up at the green-tinted, apparently disembodied POV shots that start appearing here, because I was super-paranoid about it being just one last twist of the knife. Like, “Why do you keep trying to hurt me more, drama…”

(Also, I like to think that they left out all the green-tinted scenes of Shoutarou sleeping, Shoutarou changing clothes, Shoutarou in the shower… because you know Philip’s peeping in on that. For science.)


We will always be partners.

I love the tender way Philip looks at Shoutarou, trying to comfort him, to assure him it’s okay, and to be strong for them both because he knows Shou’s been agonizing over this. But Philip decided that if he must leave he will do it on his own terms, using what’s left of his life for a meaningful purpose and not just gradually dissolving into nothingness. Having completed that purpose, it’s time to go. And Shoutarou is struggling so hard, refusing to look him in the eye because he knows it’ll be the end of whatever pretense of a “hardboiled” style he has left (though really, Philip’s seen through that a long time ago and it’s part of why he loves him).