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To answer this I needed to put this together. Thank you for your attempt to try to explain away Superman Rebirth/Reborn. No disrespect to you but I find myself not really prepared to swallow something so convoluted if this is what DC needed to do to pimp one couple over all others.

IMO this is actually a high handed attempt by DC to relaunch AGAIN to compete with Marvel to get #1s in and scrape back some market share. They could not reboot so soon but hey why not backpedal?

DC rebooted in 2011. They advertised it to everyone as a new verse.  A whole new continuity. Old canon having had their time had said their goodbyes. As they should. They had 25 plus years after all. Doesn’t a new generation deserve a Superman or Wonder Woman to grow with? You would think, right?

They rebooted and got good talent. They tooted their horn. They got market share. They got new readers. Then by the time DCYOU hit, they begun to mismanage their line and fell behind Marvel. Then they suddenly pretended …they never meant to reboot…it w as just a scheme of the Watchmen or as you conjecture perhaps Superboy Prime…and an excuse to drag back in pre new 52 to appease the loud hating fans who wanted everything to stay the same. Fans who hated on the new 52 Superman from day one. Fans who refused to buy comics I might add.

And then it seemed pre ne 52 Superman was back. He and Lois and son survived their world dying and came to live on new 52 earth as “refugees”. A guy, if you liked and cared for HIM, had HIS own origins. And they were very different to new 52. It is no biggie to have 2 Supermen in one verse. It happened before with the KC one in the JSA. But he played happy family for 10 years. Never stepped up. They killed new 52 and made his friends and lover mourn him. Then made older guy take his place. Then they made the son meet Damien and blah blah.  

Then we had a full 180. Suddenly they the same man! They were split! The power of Love reunited them. And new 52 haters rejoiced because the guy they hated for his youth, his idealism, his pro activeness,his suit, his powerful girlfriend, they loved. Cuz you know, nothing defines a man than who he bangs. Or the one human he bangs.

Five effing years of fans lives wasted on comics that were a LIE. Comics that deceived us into thinking it was a new verse. Only to have them come in 1 fell swoop to pimp how important one couple is to the universe and  how real their love is never mind they had no reason for us to give a damn when they were younger in the new 52. I’d faster believe he’d love new 52 Lana than new 52 Lois. She never deserved new 52 Superman’s love. Unless love is pining to be noticed by a woman who was blind to you and throwing the woman  who loved you for you and put her life on the line for you many times under the bus. The reality is, it was 5 years of Diana we had in the narrative. Five years of lies if one is to swallow the bull from Dan Jurgens and Greg Rucka, propped by master mind Geoff Johns.  DC must think we are assholes, I guess. 

If Lois and Clark are so great and such true love why did they deceive so many readers? Why the convoluted bull that changes like the wind and ultimately doesn’t amount to squat nor matter because once they forcibly merged them…everything from Convergence to last month never happened.  You’re not getting pre new 52 Superman back but a getting a whole new origin and events plucked from the past to suit Jurgens. Notice his 90ties stuff will be there, other peoples dumped. He hated the new 52 but will poach from it. Superman will be a great old mish mash. Superboy Prime? Dr Manhattan? Really, Johns?  Only a lazy writer could try to dilute a great story  like Watchmen or try to pretend this as what he planned all along.

Where are the stakes in these stories if nothing was real? Where is the consequence? Unless one is  a blind rabid clois shipper this is plot is full of holes. Holes they can’t cover so they wave their wands to make it all go poof. Events should matter. The journey should be the most important part of the destination. Not you jump from A to Z with no rhyme or reason other than to sound self important. 

The explanation is so confusing and so overly messed up and it’s goal was to elevate Lois and Clark? Like really? Without compromise? So no matter who, when,   what and how ? DC has to lump these 2 together and if you don’t buy it or care…then you’re a fake fan, I guess? I mean Jurgens did say so.

Sorry, I can’t begin to even say how stupid this whole thing is.

Good story telling is fairly simple. It’s about consistency, a good plot, good development and a meaningful payoff. Not jumping the shark to pander to one fandom.

Lois and Clark is not love triumphing. It’s about trying to dictate to fans what they should believe. It is about manipulating a story so badly they are willing to dump on good origins and history. It all feels very self masturbatory. 

Love. It’s a word that is often bandied about. But it means different things to people. 

Let me say, in many books I read Diana and Clark, be they friends or lovers their love has been a love that never preened nor pimped itself. It was always selfless and sacrificing and mostly they stayed true to themselves. It was never about his or her comfort. They never stood by and allowed shit to happen to other people because they saw themselves as some superior symbol that defines the universe. They did their duty by each other and the earth.

And before people try to say Injustice. That guy’s love for his  wife was so dependent it is unhealthy. If you love someone, they should make you a better man.No matter what. A testament to their love is you being the best you can be especially in the face of adversity and loss. Superman is not the only man that loses a family in the DCU. Martian Manhunter and his cousin Kara lost more and they don’t become tyrants. So did being with Lois really help him? Don’t dump his douchebag behavior on the woman. Tom Taylor tries to do that just to pimp clois again. So lazy. 

Superman has tried to change the course of the earth/time to bring Lois back never caring about the consequence to history, people etc. He was willing to give it all up to have sex with her. Reeve movies.

He was willing to muscle in on a good decent man who was a father to his child. Superman Returns.

He drops everything to save Lois, a woman he knows all of 2 yrs but can’t save his own mother.Leaves Wonder Woman in the lurch in a deadly battle to go save Lois. Kills a man for her in Africa and Lois found it quite cute. Fact Jimmy Olsen getting shot in the face seemed to be like an aphrodisiac  

He was willing to kill for Lois if anyone harms her but Diana? Willing to condemn and judge her for Max Lord because she tried to save him and Lois and everyone’s life from him!

He stands by and allows the shit to hit the fan just to play happy family. He’s not unhappy , disillusioned, or angry. He just has to be told the obvious to step up and be a hero.

Now they not only kill one but 2 timelines so they could pet themselves on the back on how great they are. 

My definition of love must surely be different. 

Clois can keep their love. I don’t grudge them a place in the multiverse. Reality is they have many places. Clark and Diana only had one in canon, now they can’t even have that. It was stolen. If clois has to be a law in the multiverse then I am glad to be illegal. Love is not what you say but what you do. Clark and Diana embodied this. No imp acting the writers’ mouthpiece is going to dictate to me.

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Hi J! My new grad school just sent me an email and addressed me as Sawyer and I just feel so amazing and on top of the world right now. I'm also waiting on my first binder to get here in the mail and contemplating new haircuts (I'm think baby!Leo from Titanic)! I just wanted to thank you again for helping me get up the courage to accept myself and beginning to live my life the way I need to. Thank you so so much for all your support. You are an amazing human being and I love you. Much love <3

I am screaming inside with happiness this is amazing you are amazing holy shit Sawyer I am so fucking proud of you and happy for you like omg omg omg omg omg yessssss I love you so much!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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