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Character Studies: Plankton

Scorpio Sun:

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Maniacal and obsessive, Plankton is the epitome of a Scorpio gone wrong, he perfectly embodies each of the traits of the Scorpio archetype, in the worst ways possible. He is known for his compulsive tendencies regarding the success of his business rival, he cannot stop until he is forced to by an outside source, whether it be Spongebob, Mr. Krabs or the authorities. While he serves as a model for the underdeveloped Scorpio, he is a truly passionate and driven individual, and wholeheartedly commits to everything he does.

Gemini Moon:

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Having his Moon in Gemini, Plankton always proves himself to be witty and energetic, and is known for being someone who sticks out from the crowd. He is known for frequently coming up with unusual plans and changing his mind about them, as well as being emotionally manipulative to get his way. Though he’s detached from his feelings in reality, he behaves like he is a sensitive individual and uses his Mercury-ruled Moon’s charm to take advantage of others, and extort them for his own gain. He is naturally funny, and perceived as an intellectual by many of his fellow citizens, though many of them dislike him. 

Scorpio Rising:

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Observant and a deep thinker, Plankton spends every minute of his time obsessing over his life mission to ruin Mr. Krabs and take over the world. As a Scorpio Rising, Plankton is very good at manipulating and threatening people to do what he wants, since he is far more intelligent than most of the people in Bikini Bottom. Though he always resorts to committing acts of crime for his work, this is symbolic of the Scorpio Rising’s passionate and ambitious nature.

Scorpio Mercury:

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With his Mercury being ruled by Mars and Pluto, Plankton communicates in an aggressive and intense manner, oftentimes becoming frustrated when others aren’t following his ideas. He is highly intelligent and creative, but he feels he’s been screwed over, since he is educated but still isn’t as successful as his business rival. Plankton tends to be very obsessive about success and getting revenge on his former friend, he frequently designs elaborate plans to steal the Krabby Patty formula, hoping to ruin his competition in the process.

Capricorn Venus:

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Power-hungry and industrious, Plankton fantasizes about world control and world domination in addition to the Krabby Patty formula, and expresses it through different mediums such as construction, writing, or song. He is very selective with whom he admires and wants to surround himself with successful people, but he also has a soft spot for other fellow intellectuals and wants them to be happy. Though deep down he cares about others, he often hides that and almost always prioritizes his personal success over everything else.

Capricorn Mars:

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With his Mars in a Cardinal sign, Plankton strives to become a powerful and influential individual in his community, and actively works towards his goals. His plans are detailed and very elaborate, but he plays to his strengths and uses his experience and knowledge in the science and engineering fields to assist him in his fantastic endeavors. When his plans don’t work out, he always reconsiders his plans and refines his ideas in hopes that they will be successful one day.

TSInktober Day 31: Any character(s) (either from a fandom or OC) and what they would be dressed as for Halloween, and in the process of trick or treating for the evening, write a message of Happy Halloween!!

Why not end the month with the ULTIMATE CROSSOVER??!!

(Dipper and Mabel are PB&J, Star is Sailor Moon, Marco is a vampire, Wirt and Greg are in their normal outfits, Connie is Frankenstein and Steven is Frankenstein’s monster, Dib and Zim are in their normal attire, Phineas is Morty and Ferb is Rick)

A New Moon (Part 1)

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Part 1

Genre: Fluff/Angst


Pairing: Jimin x Reader

***WARNING: Violence, fantasy, language, pregnancy***

Anonymous asked:

(1) Hellooooo, I have an ideia for werewolf jimin! Maybe something with a y/n pregnant, fluff and a little bit of angst too. Oh and sorry for the bad english.

(2) Is it bad that I want to see Werewolf BTS get in a crazy battle against a group of rogues because of the OC? Haha

(3) Omg the werewolf stories are freaking amazing! Admin J would there be a story about a New Moon or a Solar Eclipse?? Thank you guys for all your stories~ 

After the blood moon, life was definitely different. The boys were different— wiser. You were different— stronger. They began to acknowledge you on a different level, equally, not as human to werewolf rather as being to being. But as you sat upon the piercingly cold tile of your bathroom floor, the sound of nothing but your frozen heart’s beats hammering through the air of your vacant apartment, you felt anything but strong. Trembling as you desperately tried to grip onto the object in your hands that you wished no more than to throw it out of the window, to forget its existence and have it erased entirely from your life, there was no strength to do so. Confusion. Fear. Happiness. All of these intense feelings shoved you around, screamed in your ears, not allowing you to think because fuck, how is this even possible.

How could you be pregnant with Park Jimin’s, your werewolf boyfriend’s, child?

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