j. m. coetze

Disgrace by J M Coetze

I loathed this book for its complacency and stagnation.  I had the same visceral response to Brave New World and it was only when the Matrix came out that I realised the ‘diamond mind’ (conscious awareness) was a practical response. 

In the same fashion 'Life of Pi’ (by Yann Martel) is a more useful book than Disgrace, and if you add the Earthsea series (A wizard of Earthsea if you can only read one), and Pirates of the Caribean 3 then you have 4 viewing points/ways of traction on this type of unawareness, and probably enough to box the compass if you put yourself in the mix also.  

Add in composting emotions/anything from the TIbetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche (Ch 4 and 12 if I remember rightly.  You feel whatever emotion/situation (for yourself or others) as deeply/completely as possible and breathe it in as deeply/completely as possible.  Then you exhale compassion.  Or something else if it seems more appropriate.  ie breathing in death and life out, or light out.  But compassion covers everything)

On the other hand BNW gave me enough that in a jam I didn’t see why I should commit suicide because others were ignorant and I didn’t have a voice, so I chose to break instead.  If ever I write a book I hope I will map my material to the point that it actually informs others enough to turn a double negative into a triple positive.

And humour.  I’d love to write something fun too.