j. karma

Non è vero che le cose passano. Non passano mai.
Sei tu che, ad un certo punto, ci passi davanti sorridendo.
—  Enzo Molise

My little brother has a 0’ Nnode in Virgo. His ascendent is 29’ Leo.

My brother experienced a lunar return on 4/28/2017. This means that transiting Nnode and Transiting Snode were at 0’ Virgo and 0’ Pisces, respectively.

Retrograde Pluto was atop his natal vertex as well, which is considered a karmic point.

On this day, my brother was hiking in Colorado. He was climbing the face of a boulder when it collapsed. He was heading towards the ground, which was inclined at about 55’ and filled with rubble. He fell 20 feet onto rock and debree.

My brother spent his life watching survival shows. In his panic of falling, he remembered how a few parkour classes had taught him to properly fall.

He landed on his right foot, curled, and rolled. He avoided pronounced damage to his torso, brain, spine, arms, and internal organs.

His foot was not so lucky. It essentially exploded. It twisted laterally from the incline and bones exposed through the side. He knew that the adrenaline was masking his pain, so he acted quickly. He raised his leg and made a tourniquet from his belt, as there was a good deal of bleeding.

Saving some of the details of this experience, he ended up waiting six hours. It began to snow. A rescue team found him after some friends went to get help. They put him on a stretcher and passed him down a line until he reached the Medical Helicopter. He was flown to a hospital.

He may not be able to keep his foot.

Pisces- the ruler of feet. South node return. A taste of the past to push you towards the future.

He has always bonded with me spiritually, and expressed a belief that we all have soul missions and “chose” our fates. I think that has eased him some in this time.

With an upcoming lunar return, I feel very humbled and contemplative. I wish him healing, but I wanted to share this interesting occurrence.

He is okay, but in a great deal of physical pain. He has nightmares of natural disaster. He is very dependent on everyone around him, especially my mother. He does not like putting others out. He is limited in mobility and forced to stay inside with an elevated foot.

Karma in the Vedic tradition, especially in regards to the nodes, is not spoken about with the delight of western astrology. Karma is difficult, because we often need to struggle to learn and grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do not use this text to aid your fears, but to accept the painful trials of life. We are all facing discovery and self-understanding. I wish all of your soul-missions to be completed without active interruption.


È quello che non ti uccide,comincia solo a romperti i coglioni.
—  Enzo Molise