j. k. huysmans

The Portals To Satanic Knowledge Are Many

Never think that the only way of obtaining information on the Satanic and the path of Black Magick is restricted to factual volumes on the Occult ~ for years many of these have been written by those of the Right Hand Path or those who do not even believe in Satan such as Anton LaVey!

Satanism is a carnal and primal path, a path of instinct and intuitive knowledge, you can find shards of wisdom, keys to Infernal Practices, truths about the journey into Hell and secrets of the Black Arts in many places ~ fiction, art, poetry, music, film.  Better yet through Meditation or direct Communion with the Demons themselves.

I utilize all such portals to knowledge from an empathic point of view, a piece of art or music or a written description in a book can be absorbed and used as a door to other revelations in much the same way as the depictions upon Tarot Cards can lead one to revelations not always associated with a particular card ~ here we are speaking of Keys to Gateways, do not digest images, words etc rationally but with the intuitive part of the mind, allowing them to unlock the subconscious.

Within the very darkest unexplored regions of our subconscious mind lies the Gateway which leads to a nether realm, an abyssian sphere which is the macrocosm of our subconscious, between these realms lies the twin Gateway which leads to Hell.

This is how Possession occurs, the individual allows a certain aspect of their subconscious to surface ~ maybe a repressed desire, an aesthetic appreciation, the utilization of an object which is a natural portal such as the Ouija Board; whatever the trigger the Demonic entity enters the mind of the individual unseen through this Gate within the Subconscious.

This can be a gift for the Satanist seeking knowledge not readily found ~ through watching films such as The Ninth Gate, The Witch, The Blood On Satan’s Claw, As Above So Below and Frankenstein (particularly The Ninth Gate) ~ the artwork of the book Witches by Erica Jong and of the Artist Rosaleen Norton, the Black Magick novels of Dennis Wheatley and the Classic novel La~Bas by J K Huysmans not to mention certain Poems and pieces of music have all guided me through deeper portals following meditation to reveal lost practices and Black Arts long lost or buried in the Spiritual Archives of Hell!

As Satanists we are not conditioned or controlled as those who walk the Right Hand Path, we have access to powers and realms that such people will never understand and the ability to merge reality and fantasy and discover that these are merely concepts beyond which lie spheres of darkened wonder.

Open your mind ~ the words of Our Lord Satan and His Demonic Servitors speak to the mind that listens on the deeper levels and throughout all portals of communication!

I learned long ago that there are no people interesting to know except saints, scoundrels, and cranks. They are the only persons whose conversation amounts to anything. Persons of good sense are necessarily dull, because they revolve over and over again the tedious topics of everyday life. They are the crowd, more or less intelligent, but they are the crowd, and they give me a pain.
—  Là-bas by J. K. Huysmans
Outre qu’elle a un goût de très ancien biscuit et une odeur fanée de très vieux livre, elle est le velours fluide des choses, la pluie fine mais sèche, qui anémie les teintes excessives et les tons bruts. Elle est aussi la pelure d’abandon, le voile d’oubli.
—  J-K. Huysmans, Là-bas

“Indeed a lie is often more plausible than the truth. ‘Almost’ always. The truth, of course, is never very plausible.”

—from The Little Demon by Fyodor Sologub