j. k. huysmans

I learned long ago that there are no people interesting to know except saints, scoundrels, and cranks. They are the only persons whose conversation amounts to anything. Persons of good sense are necessarily dull, because they revolve over and over again the tedious topics of everyday life. They are the crowd, more or less intelligent, but they are the crowd, and they give me a pain.
—  Là-bas by J. K. Huysmans

“Indeed a lie is often more plausible than the truth. ‘Almost’ always. The truth, of course, is never very plausible.”

—from The Little Demon by Fyodor Sologub

Outre qu’elle a un goût de très ancien biscuit et une odeur fanée de très vieux livre, elle est le velours fluide des choses, la pluie fine mais sèche, qui anémie les teintes excessives et les tons bruts. Elle est aussi la pelure d’abandon, le voile d’oubli.
—  J-K. Huysmans, Là-bas