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Here is all I've got!

Here are all the requests (smuts and one-shots). I know there’ve been many who were waiting for their request to show up on their dashboard but a little more patience.

Here are the upcoming imagines (including smuts) that I will be posting:

Scott McCall x Reader *smut*

Charles Xavier x Reader *smut*

Eric Coulter x Reader *smut*

Peter Hayes x Reader *smut*

Jerome Valeska x Reader *smut*

Illya Kuryakin x Reader *smut*

Michael Grey x Reader x Thomas Shelby *smut*

Thomas Shelby x Reader *smut*

Jace Wayland x Reader *smut*

Magnus Bane x Reader *smut*

Joker x Reader *smut*

Nick!Lucifer x Reader *smut*

Eobard Thawne x Reader *smut*

Finn Balor x Reader *smut*

Sami Zayn x Reader *smut*

Chris Jericho x Reader *smut*

Noam Dar x Reader *smut*

Luke Gallows x Reader *smut*

Logan Howlett x Reader *smut*

Lucifer Morningstar x Reader *one-shot*

Logan Howlett x Reader *one-shot*

As you can see, I’ve got a lot to write so collaborations are welcome! *gif*

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*curtsies* dearest duke, I went through your peter pan tag looking for guidance on how to tell what's actually a complete version of peter pan vs. an abridged children's version, and the only advice I found on that topic was "not bought in the childrens section" but mine was a gift that someone bought from a used book sale. Is there any way to know if it's abridged or not without actually reading the entire thing? Thank you so much x

*Curtsies* Believe it or not, “Don’t buy it in the children’s section” is actually pretty good advice. Because most copies you’re going to find that aren’t clearly children’s books aren’t going to be abridged. Here’s the thing: Peter Pan is not a long book. There’s really no reason to abridge it, unless you’re adapting it for children, and even then a lot of editors don’t bother. That being said, I have no idea if your particular copy is abridged. Does it say ‘abridged’ anywhere on it? If not, it probably isn’t.


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Last two commissions for @zoe-nirvana! And again, sort of doubles as a gift for @atopfourthwall, since the jokes are courtesy of his TSSM episode review. I was allowed to pick one of the jokes, and well

I couldn’t pass up JJJ drawing in crayon.

Thanks for commissioning me!