j. j


Seokjin: you’re holding me for ransom at $1000? I’m a princess lmao go higher

Namjoon: y’know where are we going as people? what’s the point of life? when-

Kidnappers: *sets namjoon free*

Kidnappers: *ties up yoongi*

Kidnappers: So here’s what we’re go- is- is he snoring????

Yoongi: ZZZZZZ

Hoseok: hii! Where are we going? what’re we doing? Is that a real gun? wh-

Jimin: *blinfolded wow jungkook i did say i wanted to try something new but-

Taehyung: hyungs? are you hazing me into the rap line? are we doing cyper Pt. 5?

Junkgkook: *blindfolded* wow jimin you did say you wanted to try something new but-