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Acotar in poems

There once was a lord named Rhys

He wanted to bring Prythian peace

But then there was a war

He became the General’s whore

And sacrificed it all for his homies

There once was a human named Feyre

Her hunting skills might scare ya

She was taken by the fae

For their freedom, she was the way

And in the end she beat Amarantha

The human was turned into fae

In the spring manor she was to stay

He locked her inside

Blinded by pride

But she was saved and taken away

She was saved by the High Lord of Night

The untouched city was a sight

She decided to stay

That they were mates, he didn’t say

But soon it was all set right

The couple ruled the Night Court

She was high lady, not consort

They won the war

Now Hybern’s no more

To make such a long story short

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