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a little late in posting a film schedual this year, but better late than not at all - six already in and their posts follow presently…

November 1st: Lady in the Lake - Robert Montgomery, 1946

November 2nd: Fast and the Furious - Roger Corman, 1955

November 3rd: One Way Passage - Tay Garnet, 1932

November 4th: They Drive by Night - Raoul Walsh, 1940

November 5th: Secret Behind the Door - Fritz Lang, 1947

November 6th: Fairwell My Lovely - Dick Richards, 1975

November 7th: Caught - Max Ophuls, 1949

November 8th: The Spiral Staircase - David O Selznick, 1945

November 9th: Murder My Sweet - Edward Dmytryk, 1945

November 10th: Cape Fear - J. Lee Thompson, 1961

November 11th: Womans Prison - Lewis Seiler, 1955

November 12th: The Letter - William Wyler, 1940

November 13th: The House on 92nd Street - Henry Hathaway, 1945

November 14th: Ministry of Fear - Fritz Lang, 1944

November 15th: Night Editor - Henry Levin, 1946

November 16th: The Clouded Yellow - Ralph Thomas, 1950

November 17th: The Man I Love - Raoul Walsh, 1947

November 18th: The Big Steal - Don Siegel, 1949

November 19th: Illegal - Lewis Allen, 1955

November 20th: They Live by Night - Nicholas Ray, 1948

November 21st: Side Street - Anthony Mann, 1949

November 22nd: Bad for Each Other - Irving Rapper, 1953

November 23rd: The Glass Wall - Maxwell Shane, 1953

November 24th: Act of Violence - Fred Zinnermann, 1948

November 25th: Mystery Street - John Sturges, 1950

November 26th: Over-Exposed - Lewis Seiler, 1956

November 27th: One Girls Confession - Hugo Haas, 1953

November 28th: Panic in the Streets - Elia Kazan, 1950

November 29th: The Killer that Stalked New York - Earl McEvoy, 1950

November 30th: Naked City - Jules Dassin, 1948

Random headcanon (clown baby edition)

Joker and Harley learned not to stand too close to Batman while holding the baby because he always ends up chewing on Batman’s cape


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAbaY35FN-A)



Thank you so much!

I have a headcanon that Joker has naturally curly hair (like, reeaaallllyyy curly if he’s just washed it or whatever) but he thinks it makes him look less intimidating so there’s a shit ton of product in it to try and smooth it down.

(Also Bruce thinks it’s adorable and on one occasion hides all of J’s hair product, but gives it back after J steals his cape and cowl right before his evening patrol)

It takes J’onn J’onzz a couple hours to understand that he’s in an alternative universe. He came to this Earth to save Kara after all. He will not lose her. He can’t. He has lost so many already. So, he focuses all of his Martian abilities and all of his thoughts on saving her like iron fillings on a magnet.

It isn’t until after they manage to capture Music Meister that he knows. J’onn turns off his coms because Cisco will not stop whooping and hollering about just how awesome he is. So, he’s left alone in the clouds with the sound of his billowing cape. 

J’onn sighs in relief, shoulders sagging. They’re one step closer to saving Kara. And Barry. He shuts his eyes, pacing his breaths, thinking about how this is his everyday. Bad guys. Good guys. Saving his friends. Saving the world. He tilts his head upwards, rubbing his neck. When’s the last time he took a day off? He would’ve liked to spend it with M’gann. He opens his eyes.

Above him stretches a twinkling universe brimming with life. More life than even a Martian could comprehend. And then it hits him. That beautiful mark. It shines between Venus and the Moon. 

The guilt comes first. How could he have forgotten? He had been without his kind for centuries. He had long stopped entertaining the idea of survivors. Of course, his dreams were always filled with them. And of her. Her. And her.

Then, a thought. “GO!” It’s his own voice. Wait, no, his wife’s. His daughters’. Voices from the past. All telling him to fly the fastest he’s ever flown because damn it there is home. There is home. It’s time to come home, J’onn. He tries to feel for them. His mind shoots through the lonely darkness above like a lost child crying out in a busy store. Please. Let me find you. Or, better yet, Come. Find. Me.

And then, he hears it.

“Hey, uh, J’onn. You there? It’s, uh, me, Cisco. I noticed your coms got turned off. You all right? Do you need help? Your reception is really weak, by the way. J’onn?”

J’onn opens his eyes. He didn’t realize he had closed them. Or how watery they were. 

He didn’t realize how far he was from the clouds or how close the moon was now. How far away Earth had become. How his frame that was always so strong and so sturdy was shaking like he was back There. Starving. Disease-ridden. Because despite his hope (hope he’s learned to remember from Kara and Alex) he could never stop his fear.

He takes a second. He sniffs and rubs his eyes.

“I’m here.” He impresses himself. Then again, being honest about his feelings has never been his strong suit.

“Good, J’onn. Are you lost? We need you back here, man.”

“Yeah, sorry. Just, uh… was taking a detour. How’s Kara?”

“Better if we can figure out a way to get Music Meister to talk.”

“Oh, he’ll talk,” his voice rumbles in that threatening baritone he’s so famous for. And, then, lighter. “I’ll meet you back at Star Labs.”

And J’onn turns off his coms again. He stares back at that beautiful red. Desire, fear and hope all coagulating in his throat begging to be hacked up. He hears those voices. His mind begs to search.

And he’s left there. Suspended in space. Wanting to be found. 


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A series of playlists to match the vibes of 6 characters in the comic Crossings by @alexa-eve

Desperate // Simon Claude: (8tracks) (Spotify)

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Glowstick // Llewellyn: (8tracks) (Spotify)

Orange // Tristran Coppers: (8tracks) (Spotify)

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OBEY. // Daemeon: (8tracks) (Spotify)

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