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Because sometimes I gotta take a break from screaming into the political void. And because this app has redefined comedy to me.

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Maeterlinck + YNWA

So…while looking at the second set of YNWA concept pictures, I noticed some things which seem to have interesting connections…

1. The word on Taehyung’s shirt:

If you look at the word, it says Aveugle which I recognized as the French word for blind. Of course knowing Bighit, I’m assuming this is no coincidence, that we can only see this word. I was curious as to whether this had further significance…and of course after doing a bit of searching, I stumbled across this: Les Aveugles, an old, famous play written by a celebrated writer named Maurice Maeterlinck. It is a play that is considered to be responsible for a genre of writing known as Symbolism where the viewers/readers can interpret dialogues and the storyline on their own. Sound familiar fellow ARMYs? AKA story of our lives lol But more importantly, it is a play about the human condition and the idea of hope. The play can also be read as a fable of a society lost without a God to guide them and care for them. (c)

2. The Bee on J-Hope’s jacket

After looking a bit further, I saw that this writer had also written several other works. One that caught my attention was Les Vies des Abeilles aka The Life of Bees. The Life of Bees is considered another philosophical work. Though it talks about bees (makes sense given the title lol), it’s more about the human world. In it, he basically encourages humans to better themselves and how freedom has become limited as society has grown. Again it’s interesting since this theme is somewhat related to Demian and would seem like an idea that BTS would like to convey. 

Again this is all speculation, none of this could be true. But since I thought it might make sense, I decided to share :)

today on This Day... a Stan™ was born’t’th.. 👌🏽💇🏽💖

this goes owt 2 tú, yew.. my Number One (stan) @computer-blues 

i.. jus wanna say… happy birthday to  Jackie, Jackeen, Jacque, new jackie swing, hoorav SHRIMO eVt sanwich III, jacks(’t’th’est’d),jak, #1 gazebo pic stan, inventor of drinking wine with straws, AND thee queen of crashing non-existing cars. 

i lov you lots n i’m kinda crying rn bc (i’m laffin real hord) i had to go thru The Group Chat to find some of these eyeconic names/titles..

um… don’t do nothin too crazy and don’t get too l*t, ya hear

anyway here’s one of my fav Jack Drags