death, freedom, isolation and meaninglessness. Death is an inevitable occurrence. Freedom, in an existential sense, refers to the absence of external structure. That is, humans do not enter a world which is inherently structured. We must give the world a structure which we ourselves create. Isolation recognizes that no matter how close we become to another person, a gap always remains, and we are nonetheless alone. Meaninglessness stems from the first three. If we must die, if we construct our own world, and if each of us is ultimately alone, then what meaning does life have?

I wanna have a hang out type of friend. Someone i can go places with and shop at a regular pace.

Preferably She likes sweets and coffee/tea and Mexican food.
Also, lgbt…for the convo sake.
Also, older for wisdom
Also, we can stare at buildings and art just to express their beauty.
Likes jazz and classic music.
Adores gay men.
Doesn’t think i should change or be better.
Warm and kind