Snatched (1/2)

Joker x reader

Warnings: Kidnapping, Death, Swearing, Alcohol.

4643 Words

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   I listened to Michelle going on and on about how she was planning on sleeping with as many men as she could tonight, and her bedroom would be off bounds. I didn’t mind that she wasn’t here to meet anyone, since she didn’t need a relationship if she was planning on moving away.

Michelle showered, dressed and got ready in one part of the room and I was in the other, I wore a tight black dress, thin straps, and my arms were bare. The bottom of the dress came to just above my knees, leaving my legs bare. Slipping on a pair of black heels, finishing off my classic look and that was how I liked it, you could never go wrong with a little black dress. My hair was left down and it came to the middle of my shoulder, it was straight, I had attempted to curl it but it never held, even with a lot of products in it, it just hung loose. I turned to Michelle who was wearing an even shorter dress, it was tucked just under her backside, and it was strapless, and then she had to keep pulling it up, and then down, but she smiled and headed to the door, her hair was up and her makeup was done, she headed down and made sure everything was perfect.

Within the hour the house was full. I wasn’t even sure who was who, but it was loud and it was a brilliant night. I moved from room to room and some people stopped me, I knew a few and they introduced me to others they were with, I was enjoying myself. Who knew it was going to be short lived?

 Later into the night I knew that I had too much to drink and I was laughing with a bunch of people and one of them was a young man. He was cute enough and the fact that I didn’t care anymore helped. What was one night? We don’t have to swap names, or numbers. I could have one night and never see him again! Finally, the group moved outside to be by the pool, which might not have been such a good idea because they ended up jumping in. I stayed on the side and laughed at the others jumping in. The cute guy grabbed my hand and pulled me to one side, his other hand came up and rested on the side of my neck and he leaned down to kiss me and I kissed him back, he then grabbed my hand and pulled me further away from the others and towards a darkened place in the garden where we couldn’t be seen. It was somewhere near the wall that surrounded Michelle’s home. Once fully out of sight he pushed me up against the wall, his body pressed against mine, his head pushed into the side of my neck and I stupidly let him, his hand grasped my backside and then tried to move down and grab the bottom of my dress and tried to pull it up, “Sorry pal, this isn’t your lucky night,” A deep voice made us both stop and the guy turned to see a tall man standing beside him. “Fuck off pal, I ain’t sharing,” he turned back to me, and he didn’t look happy, “I wouldn’t touch the bitch with a dog catchers pole,” The new man snarled then he grabbed the cute guys tee shirt and pulled him away, then his hands moved up and wrapped around his head and twisted. I looked to the cute guy who was now lying on the floor, trying to make sense of what I was witnessing. His body laid crumpled and his head was at a different angle. The tall man made a grab for me and I managed to swat his hand away. I swore but not sure if it was out loud or in my head. If I had been sober I could have put up more of a fight but with all the drink it was making me sluggish. He came at me again and I managed to move out of his reach and tried to run back to the house, but he grabbed my hair and I was pulled back. He had pulled that hard I was flung backwards and I hit the wall. A bit dazed I felt that his hand was wrapped around my throat, he moved closer to me and he didn’t look happy, anger filled his eyes as his fingers tightened, "We need her alive boss,“ Another voice added from the dark. The man sighed and let go of my throat slightly, but not enough for me to slip out of the grip, but he pulled me forward and then pushed my head back. It was hard enough to hurt and to make me fall into the darkness with the thought I had seen him somewhere before, and I was sure he had green hair.

  I woke with a sore head, the first thing I thought about was how much did I have to drink? My head was thumping. I tried to lower my arms as they were stiff with being in the same position. However, I moved to pull them down but something stopped me as they wouldn’t move, frowning I opened my eyes and winced at the light, my eyes hurt more than my head, but I tilted my head back and looked to my wrists, they had thick metal manacles around them, and were fasted to the wall above my head. I pulled but it only ended up hurting my wrists. I moved to turn over so I could get a better pull, but as I moved my feet I felt the same restraint. I managed to look down and seen both of my ankles were fastened with the same thing as my wrists. Now the panic started to set in.  Then the events of last night hit me. The guy that was kissing me was dead, his head was turned around so he had to be dead.  "Oh, my father is going to kill you!” I screamed and thrashed around on the bed, but I only resulted in hurting myself even more. I stopped and looked round the room, there was nothing but a half a wall near the corner, there was a camera in the corner and it was pointing in my direction so I flipped them the finger.  "Wait till you come in here pal and I am going to kick your ass,“ I yelled at the camera, my anger grew and I tried to pull at the chains again. I gave in when my skin began to rub and eventually bleed. My shoes were gone and with all the thrashing my dress had ridden up. My throat was dry and sore from shouting. 

  "Will you stop,” A deep voice came from my left so I turned my head. A tall man with a red smile, pale skin and green hair stood there, his arms were folded, I could see the guns in the holders but my anger didn’t fade

  “No, not until you let me go,” I snapped at him,

 "Not until I get what I want,“ He growled out and I glared back at him,

  "Let me off this bed and I will give you something,” I rattled the chains and he smirked,

  “Get comfortable Miss (YLN), you are going to be here a while,” he made a move to leave, "I need to pee, you have to give me that, you cannot expect me to lie in my own filth,“ I shouted and he stopped and moved to the end of the bed, he looked as though he was thinking about it but the he smirked,  "Oh you fucking arsehole!” I struggled again, if I could just get my feet free I would kick that smug look off his face. He shook his head and walked out. “You might want to watch your language to the man who now controls your life,” He said as the door closed. “You don’t control me, and you never will!” I screamed and took my anger out on myself mostly by pulling at the chains which in turn dug into my skin, “Let me go,” I howled.

   "She isn’t going to give in,“ Frost looked up to his boss, then back to the screen, watching as the girl screamed and thrashed around the bed.

  "Luckily there is no one around to hear her scream then,” Mister J sighed, he could see the blood on her arms and ankles when he walked in.

  “When do we let her father know?” Frost sighed.

  “Give it a few days, let him stew,” Mister J placed a hand on Frosts shoulder then turned and walked out of the room.  "Seriously you lot are going to regret me being here, I will make your lives miserable,“ I laid my head down and closed my eyes, my head still hurt and I wanted to sleep, but I wasn’t going to give in, I couldn’t! What if they did something when I was asleep, there was a hissing noise and I tried to look round the room. "Oh, you bastards,” I rolled her eyes and groaned inwardly, there was a small jet of gas coming out of the wall on my right, then another hiss and another bit of gas on my left, I struggled to keep my eyes open, and I fell into a sleep.

I woke and my arms were down by my side, I jumped up and shivered. My hands and one of my ankles were free. I  was able to get off the bed and I took advantage, but as soon as I stood up I almost fell over, the whole entire room began spin, my hand shot out and steadied myself against the wall, I wanted to be sick, I hoped the wall in the corner of the room was hiding a toilet, and then I sighed with relief as I threw myself down to the toilet and threw up everything my stomach had left in it, then I fell back against the cold tiles, in this half of the room where the toilet was the walls and floor were tiled, then it was painted concrete for the rest of the room. There was a noise of metal grating on metal and I flinched, I leaned to the side to look around the wall and saw a tray with food on it being pushed into the room. I stood up and moved to it. There was some sort of mush, it was a grey in colour and there was a piece of bread and a glass of water. I removed the glass and then I picked up the tray and threw it across the room. I sat against the door and sipped on the water, my hand moved up and touched the back of my head, there was still a slight bump and it hurt, then I looked to the huge manacle that was still around my ankle, it was huge, the marks on my wrists and ankle from the others were rubbed raw and there was dried blood on my skin, they were going to leave a few scars when they finally healed.  The other end of the chain ended at a hole in the floor, the chain moved in and out as I moved round the room, but as I tried to pull more up it locked into place. So, choking my guard was out, I thought.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been here, but I had received five meals, three of them had made it across the room but I kept the water. By time the fourth was delivered I was so hungry, I gave it a try, and it was disgusting and I pushed it away. The fifth meal wasn’t any better and so I suffered through it, if they thought that they were going to break me then they were mistaken. I washed my mouth out with the water, but my teeth now felt furry as I hadn’t been able to brush them since I got here, and then there was a shower, I felt dirty and grimy.

I bounced off the bed as the door opened and the green haired man walked in. He pulled a face as if he could smell something, and I stood with my hands on my hips and glared at him. “Time to talk to you father Miss (YLN),” he stood there with his hands in his pockets, he looked so relaxed, I nodded and walked round the bed slowly my head down. I had to make him believe I had given in and as I got closer I launched myself at him, at first he was surprised and he tried to catch my wrists as I tried to hit him, then I tried scratching his face, my feet were involved as I managed to kick him in the knee and he grunted, but then my leg was pulled out from beneath me, and I had to hop a few steps but then I fell, the chain was retracting back into the hole pulling me back with it. “NO!” I yelled and tried to find a handhold, my fingers made it to the doorframe and I pulled, my body stretched as I was in a tug of war, but the chain were winning as the tension on my ankle grew, my fingers slipped and I tried to hold on, my nails dug in and one of them broke off, I let out a cry and my fingers slipped. I noticed as I was pulled back that he was straighten out his clothes and glaring at me.  “We will try that again some other day,” He moved to grab the door handle as I cradled my hand to my chest, willing the pain in my nail to go away, it throbbed with every heartbeat,

  “I hate you, and when I get out of this room I am going to kill you!” I screamed as the door closed,

Only when the door was firmly locked did the chain loosen and I could move again. I looked down to my nail and half of it was gone and it was bleeding. I wanted to stick it in my mouth, but my fingers were grubby. I was going to get an infection in the open wound! I moved to the glass of water and dipped my finger into it, sighing as the cold water soothed it. I shuffled back to the bed with my wounded pride and leaned back against it, resting my head back onto the thin mattress, then I threw the glass with a yell of anger. Pulling my knees up and resting my head on them I refused to give into the tears, even though I wanted to sob my heart out, just to give in and cry until I couldn’t do it anymore.

It was a few days later the door opened again and he stood there and looked at me, “Are you going to behave this time?” He asked and I stood from the bed and pulled myself up to full height and squared my shoulders, “Of course,” I tilted my head and he stepped in. I could tell he didn’t trust me, but those blue eyes watched me,

  “Hands,” He said as he moved to stand in front of me and I held my hands out, he fastened handcuffs on and then kneeled and unfastened the chain on my ankle but left on the manacle. He grabbed the top of my arm and walked me out, I wondered why he would bother doing this himself I knew this man had many men to do his work for him.

Outside there was a long corridor and there were doors, about six doors on either side, and then there was one at the end, I realised there was no way out of here, even if I got out of the room I still had to get out of here and there was a finger print scanner at the end for this door, but once the door was opened I was in another world. The room on the outside was like a palace, high ceilings, stone pillars, huge paintings, marble floors, side tables against the walls, and it went on forever. He pulled me through this room and turned to another corridor, this one was full of windows down one side and I looked out, there was nothing as it was pitch black outside, “Look all you want Miss (YLN), but there is no getting away, not unless I let you go,” He said gruffly and his fingers tightened on my arm.

  “What leave here? A gorgeous place like this? I might never want to leave! You have been so welcoming!” I gave him a bright smile and he frowned at me, but his grip tightened as he continued to pull me.

We ended up in another room and I looked around. It was almost empty except for chains hanging from the ceiling and the computer at the other end of the room on a table, and there was a huge cabinet filled with knifes, whips and other things that looked as though they could skin me alive. “Hands up now,” He moved me to under the chains, “Oh honey I don’t think I’m ready to step up our relationship to this level,” I pulled at my arms but he was so much stronger than I was, and my handcuffs were fastened, my arms were pulled above my head and I was on my tiptoes, “Hey could you bring them down slightly, make them a bit more comfortable?” I tried to move my head round so I could see him, but he had moved to the computer and was pushing buttons, then came my father’s voice and something inside of me wanted to cry and break down and cry for my daddy to save me. He pulled the table closer to me and I could see my father’s face in the screen, I tried to smile and a few tears fell.  “Oh, my sweet thing, are you all right?” he moved a little closer to the screen, “This is the worse place I have been to, and I have stayed at Uncle Gordon’s! The food is disgusting they really should sack the chef. And I would love a shower, but not sure if they have any,” I tried to shrug but I couldn’t move.

  “Are they hurting you?”

  “Only with the food,” I gave him half a smile and I heard a growl from Joker.

  “You want her back, you have something I want, and now I have something you want,” Joker slammed his hand down on the table and the monitor shook.

  “You will give her back Joker, I will hunt down every one of you, for every hair on her head that you touch I will kill one of you,” my father snarled into the camera on his side.

  “You go dad,” I cheered “Do nails count?“ I called out and received a glare from Joker, his hands ran through his hair and he looked to be taking in a deep breath.  "You brought this on yourself,” He straightened and walked to the cabinet and pulled out something I couldn’t see, but I felt it and heard it as there was a lash across my back, and I heard the crack of the whip, my body jumped and I let out a cry. The next one landed on the back of her leg, there wasn’t much pain to it, but more the noise and the touch,

  “Joker I swear I am not kidding, leave her alone,” my father shouted,

  “Where is it?” Joker shouted and I lifted my head, had my father taken something belonging to Joker, who was crazy enough to do that, then there was another crack and I felt that one, the man with the whip was getting angrier,

  “I will kill you,” my father shouted,

  “Not before I do,” I said through clenched teeth,

  “Every mark will be given tenfold back to you,” my father shouted, spit covered the camera and Joker stopped and came around to the front,

  “Do you still have it?” Joker sounded relieved, all the tension left his body,

  “Not for much longer, I will remove a part of her for every day you have my daughter,” my father leaned forward and switched the monitor off Joker screamed and grabbed the computer and threw it across the room, I tried flinching as he grabbed the table and threw that as well, then he turned to me and my eyes widened. I didn’t want his rage, and he came to stand in front of me, his hand came up and grabbed my chin, holding my head in one place, “If he hurts her, I will kill you!” his voice was low and menacing, his eyes were dark and deadly, and I swallowed, he meant every word.  “W..wh…who,” I stuttered,

  “I am not telling you anything, you are going back to your room, if he does what he says he is going to do, then I will remove from you what he took from her,” He reached up and unchained me and my arms dropped,

  “Why not just give him what he wants, to get her back,” I let him pull me out of the room, and I stumbled slightly, but he pulled me back to my feet,

  “Enough, this is none of your business,” he snapped and continued to pull me, his grip wasn’t as tight as before and I pulled free and ran. I had no idea which way to go, but I went, I turned my head trying to find somewhere to run to, I looked behind me to see if he was following, but he wasn’t and for a moment I thought I might be able to escape. There was the front door, it had to be the front door, it was a huge wooden thing that I might have expected to see more in a castle than in this kind of house. I grabbed the huge round metal handle and pulled, it didn’t budge an inch, my feet dug in and I pulled with everything I had, still nothing, there was no lock, or it looked like it didn’t need a lock, turning I saw him just casually walking towards me, like he didn’t have a care in the world. “Have you had enough,” He asked bored with the whole thing,

  “If you could just open it and give me a five-minute head start,” I shrugged and he started laughing but he kept on walking, “I don’t think so, now enough with the games come on,” He held his hand out and I looked round and seen a table beside the door and it had several objects on it. I moved to it and picked the first thing up, it looked like marble and had a pointy end, so I threw it. He dodged that one but by the time he focused on me again I had thrown something else and it had hit him, he flinched and then when he looked at me again I was throwing something else. “God dammit woman,” He hissed and came at me through the missiles. I had kept one in my hand and I lashed out with it, he managed to stop my arm that held the object. “Damn woman these things were expensive” He was too busy keeping an eye on my arms that he held and wasn’t expecting the knee and I landed it straight on target and he groaned and dropped away from me. When he was down the object I had been holding now came down on the back of his head, and he slipped into the darkness for a moment, and I was worried that I had hurt him, rolling my eyes I stepped over him and tried to find another way out of the house. I ran through the corridors, not taking time to look at anything. I didn’t care what I was passing, I just wanted out, or a phone, even a phone would be good.

This was like a maze, I moved through room after room, corridors on top of corridors, there in front of me was glass doors, it was a large room filled with bookcases and a large wooden desk, on there was a laptop. I moved over to it and flicked it on keeping an eye on the door. I swore as I seen the screen on the laptop asking for the password. I wanted to throw it! But I stood up and headed to the glass doors, before I could even get my hand on the handle my hair was grabbed and I was pulled backwards, my feet left the floor and I moved through the air and hit the bookcases, then crumpled to the floor. Pushing myself into a sitting position I looked up to him, there was blood on the front of his shirt from where I had hit the back of his head and it had dripped down when he fell, and it looked so much redder than usual against his pale skin

 "Bad head?“ I smiled and he looked so angry,

  "It hurt, but it will heal, you can’t get out Miss (YLN),” He moved to me and I lashed out with my hands and feet,

  “You will say anything to stop me from trying,” I squirmed as he grabbed my ankle and pulled me further into the middle of the room, he then managed to sit astride me, he grabbed me wrists and pinned them above my head, and he lowered down so his face was inches from mine, “Trust me sweetheart there is nothing outside of this house for you, there is nothing,”

  “And I don’t believe you! You just want to keep me all for yourself,” I tried to squirm free and he grinned, 

  “Oh, keep moving baby girl,” he laughed, his blue eyes bore into mine. "I want your father to give me what I want,“ His body moved down mine, and he separated my legs with his, I knew he would see the fear in my eyes now as he pressed himself against me,

  "Just let me go,” I whispered and I tried too hard to stop the tears, but one escaped from the corner of my eye and rolled down into my hair,

  “As soon as your father co-operates,” his eyes moved over my face, and then down to my throat, he let out a growl and got up abruptly and pulled me up.

  “What happens if he doesn’t?” I pulled back and he sighed,

  “You don’t want to know,” He snatched back at my arm and pulled me out of the room, and took me back down to the cell. He pushed me in and then moved to the chain and fastened me back up,

  “Could you at least let me have a shower?” I moved to sit on the bed and stared up at him. He looked down and seen the softness in her eyes, gone was the hardness, I was trying so hard to keep the walls up, 

  “What do you say Baby girl,” he came to me, his hand cupped my chin, I stared into his eyes. he had leaned down so closely now, “Please,” I whispered and he closed his eyes and breathed in deeply.

  “Good girl, but you will have to behave,” He stood up and walked out.


For those on a tight budget- Super cheap vegan recipes ideas

Here’s ideas for food on a budget

Breakfast - peanut butter on toast, beans on toast, oats with soy milk with peanut butter or jam, tofu scramble, cereal bars made from oats and bananas.

Lunch - chickpea, vegan Mayo and spring onion sandwich, broccoli quesadilla (made using hummus or vegan cheese) pasta with mayo spinach and spring onion, pb + j sandwich

Dinner - chickpea stew, stirfry with broccoli and bell pepper, peanut butter chickpea curry, black bean chilli,.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fpeFWwVMuE)

Bruce Springsteen , John Stewart, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Ray Romano auction off all kinds of stuff.

These people. 

In case you weren’t aware, this one is all happening today! : West End’s Junky Comics is host to an exhibition of underground comic art from long running Brisbane anthology Phatsville Comix beginning on Sunday 16th August.

The exhibition will feature select pages of original art from the comic which has been running for 13 years and 19 issues.  The official opening of the exhibition is at 4pm on Sunday 16th August, and the work will remain available to view throughout August.
An accompanying publication featuring the work will be available for purchase at the store.  
Ben Sea, J-Stew, Glenn “Bad Teeth” Manders and Giles will show their work alongside other talented creators from Australia’s comics scene including Ben Hutchings, Glenno Smith, Jase Harper and Dean Rankine.