I saw [this gorgeous piece] a few days ago and loved the pose so much that it ended up in my stress-relief sketches today ;v;

Empire of Storms Theory

The merchant Celaena met in The Assassin and the Dessert was Lysandra’s father. 

So in The Assassin and the Dessert, Celaena meets a mechant who sold twenty years of his life for some spider silk.

In Heir of Fire, Manon talks with a Stygian Spider who gloats about taking 20 years from a shape shifter merchant.

Lysandra’s mother wasn’t a shifter which meant it had to of come from her father.

in fair verona // romeo and juliet

i. the 2nd law (isolated system) - muse / ii. female robbery - the neightbourhood / iii. half life - sneaker pimps / iv. second son - i:ss soundtrack / v. brothers - the black keys / vi. we must be killers - mikky ekko / vii. undead - liquid cinema / viii. arabella - arctic monkeys / ix. double crossed - i:ss soundtrack / x. fitzpleasure - alt-j / xi. night of the hunter - 30 seconds to mars / xii. neptune - sleeping at last / xiii. lurk - the neighbourhood / xiv. love psalm - mary elizabeth mcglynn / xv. home - tlou soundtrack / xvi. this night - black lab / xvii. glory and gore - lorde / xviii. heart shaped box - dead sara



Lysandra’s story

“I used my abilities. Sometimes I was a human; sometimes i wore the skins of other street children with high standing in their packs; sometimes i became an alley cat or a rat or a gull. And then I learned that if I made myself prettier – if I made myself beautiful – when i begged for money, it came far faster. I was wearing one of those beautiful faces the day magic fell. And I’ve been stuck ever since.”
“And this is the form Arobynn spotted you in a few years later”

cute vegan food n snacks for chirebs!

I’ve seen some lists of ideas for cute chire food and the like for when you’re regressed, but not a whole lot for lil vegans like me! so here’s some stuff off the top of my head!

☆ pb&j (cut into fun shapes of course!)

☆ gogo squeeze pouches or other squeezable fruit/applesauce blends–I love the pedal pedal peach kind!

☆ earth balance cheez nips

☆ ants on a log!!

☆ bagel pizzas! with all kinds of fun toppings like tomato sauce, daiya cheez, n veggies cut into neat lil shapes

☆ chopped fruit in your fave cute bowl

☆ unbuttered popcorn with diy vegan seasonings! I like nooch on mine ~

☆ vegan mac n cheez–they make box varieties but it’s also easy to make a yummy cheez sauce yourself (or with a carer) using potatoes and carrots!

☆ vegan nuggets & french fries/tater tots

☆ veggie sticks and hummus or pb!

feel free to reblog with your own ideas!!

the-official-pentacorn  asked:

(Dunno if you answered these already but) 1, 18, 29 & 45 for the ask meme <3

> (did I say 45? I meant 44***)

Haha, got it, 45 doesn’t excist anyway 😂
And thanks for askinggg 😁

1. Any Scars?
Let’s see…

  •  I’ve got a small scar on my forehead where I once banged my head against the heater when I was two.
  • I’ve got a small, U/J-shaped scar on my left middlefinger where my brother once accidentally cut my finger with scissors
  • Got two small scars on my left index-finger and I have no Idea how I got those
  • Got a small scar close to my right knee, again, no idea how I got it
  • and a very narrow almost invisible scar on my belly where I once cut myself when I fell out of a tree😂
  • And I think that’s it…

18. Obsession?
Currently I am a little bit obsessed with lindsey stirlings album “brave enough” because I went to her concert this friday and it was really awesomeee. 
I also have a smol sims-obsession atm but I have no time to play it T-T

29. Worst Mistake?
Not starting my transition sooner. I should have contacted the hospital as soon as I even realised I might want to medically transition, even though I wasn’t sure or ready at the time, and not only when I was sure I wanted transition. Because now I’m 100% sure and ready but I still have to wait…

44. Selfie?

Made this one just for u (And a lot of other selfies but they all turned out terrible whoops)

ask me stuff 

Lysandra’s smile grew. “I like your fangs,” she said sweetly. 

Rowan gave a little grin that usually sent Aelin running. “Are you studying them so you can replicate them when you take my form, shape-shifter?”

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A couple of thoughts on tomorrow

I’m still thinking about this anon and their worries about tomorrow’s episode.

I’m obsessed with shipping supercat and upset this will never be cannon. The show will probably just have J'onn J'onzz shape shift into super girl, save the day in front of cat and kara, end of story line and my hopes and dreams :’(

I think it was @voidtorcher who originally brought up the rumor/theory that Cat’s presumed knowledge of Kara’s secret could be “reset” by J’onn J’onzz’s character. As soon as I heard that theory I was bummed because I knew it was probably gonna end up being true. It just feels typical of this genre.

But over the past few weeks I’ve come accept that if it happens, it’ll be a gift.

Not the same sort of gift as Cat knowing and snarking and sniping but protecting Kara’s secret. We’ve had plenty of that in fic and it is glorious and creative and beautiful.

But IF Cat’s knowledge is reset in tomorrow’s episode by seeing J’onzz-as-Supergirl/Kara, as I expect it probably will be, the gift is that we get to start over. We get to build to that revelation all over again, except this time there will be more weight and battle scars and late nights behind them when they get there. Cat might be absolutely furious when she finds out the truth next time - and think of how glorious and angsty and amazing that will be.

The show has taken some turns I didn’t expect, so maybe Cat will join the supersquad and everything will just march forward. But if it doesn’t, don’t worry. There is nothing Supercat writers can’t fix. :)