So, I would concede to Jonsa just being my ‘crack ship’ if it weren’t for all the breadcrumbs that have been left and picked up by this fantastic fandom!….

❤️Jon literally being the hero Sansa wished for to take Janos Slynt’s head.

❤️The Ashford Theory.

❤️Joffrey being ‘no Aemon the Dragonknight’ and Jon shouting that he is during his childhood sparring sessions.

❤️Sansa ‘falling madly in love’ with Waymar Royce, who apparently looks like Jon.

❤️Jon thinking Sansa looked ‘Radiant’.

❤️Jenny of Oldstones imagery for Sansa and her Targaryen ‘Prince Of Dragonflies’.

❤️Sansa literally rebuilding Winterfell with Snow and a ‘Snow Knight’

❤️The whole ‘she thought she was in love with a Prince but he turns out to be a bastard’ reversal thing.

❤️They had really similar paths in terms of starting off naive (loving songs and tales of heroics etc) - only for their eyes to be brutally opened.

❤️Each of them wishing for children like their siblings.

❤️Neither of them being close to one another whilst growing up.

❤️Ygritte - red hair - asks Jon if he would bed his own sister - Jon would like to see her in a silk dress - Jon acknowledges that she’s ‘wildling to the bone’ and that they are essentially from two different worlds - claims to be part fish (lol).

❤️Sandor leaving Sansa a cloak ‘stained by blood and fire’.

❤️Sansa being afraid that no one will marry her for love - they only want her claim. Jon refuses to take her claim away from her when it’s presented to him on a platter.


❤️Jonnel Stark marrying Sansa Stark 😂

❤️Both of them being the only Stark kids that describe themselves as ‘the blood of Winterfell’.

❤️Bird imagery for both of them - little dove/little bird, crow.

❤️Sansa feeling Jon’s death with a Ghost-Wolf’s howl.


❤️The ‘rule of three’ - Jon has had two lovers (the first was never meant to be, and the second is going to hit a major R+L=J shaped roadblock). Sansa has been married twice, both without love. THIRD TIME’S THE CHARM!! 😁

❤️How a Targ Prince falling for a Stark girl started years of war and now a different Targ Prince and Stark girl could end it.


❤️Visual parallels with Ned & Cat.

❤️Ros being created especially for the show and being the woman that Jon nearly lost his V Card to - GRRM had a hand in creating the character - did he suggest that she should be a redhead?

❤️The blue Winter rose (symboling Jon) being present in the background (stained glass window) as Sandor cloaks Sansa in the throne room.

❤️Tyrion’s line on their wedding night “and now my watch begins”

❤️Sansa wearing Jon’s Cloak when she gets to CB - AND THEN ‘CLOAKING’ HIM RIGHT BACK!



❤️The tension in the subtext!

❤️Sansa grabbing Jon to get his attention - and it having a very clear effect on him.



….I’m sure that there’s more (feel free to add). INDIVIDUALLY some of these could be easily dismissed - but ALL OF THEM TOGETHER? I’m sold! 🤗❤️😋👍

anonymous asked:

How about Brianna is Brian after all - look like Jamie, behave like Jamie, proud of his mother, respects her … like his father - everything Frank´s not + at the end Brian had some suspicion, he is not Frank´s, of course. F didn´t die and Claire is forced by circumstances to reveal the truth about Jamie. How would those two men react? (Please be mad at Frank for the manipulation and psychical terror against Claire. I would really love to read Jamie (or his son) to smash Frank´s face for his behav

Note from Mod WTT

This is Part 1 of 4!

“Love, you need to calm down.” My mother cajoled in a failing attempt to abate my sudden fury.

“No, Mum, this is one time when I cannot calm down. All this time–” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, trying to not let my anger out on her. “Why?”

“Why did I wait this long to tell you, or why did I not fight Frank on his request?”

“Both. I need to understand why you didn’t even try to go back. Why you left in the first place. Christ, Mum! Does my father have any idea about me? Did you keep me a secret from him before you left him? Am I just as much of a secret as he was to me?”

She crossed the room, grabbing a glass of Scotch before making her way to the couch and gesturing for me to take a seat as well. I refused and began pacing the room.

“He knew about you before even I did,” Mum said looking down into her glass.

“How–?” I started but was stopped with a gesture.

“If you want me to tell you this, you will ask questions later, understood?”

I nodded in agreement.

“Jamie kept track of things most men wouldn’t spare a single thought for, he was always thinking and observing those around him. In part, I think that’s what made him such a good hunter and leader. He knew what was coming and could think quick on his feet to find a solution.” She took a large swallow from the Scotch, swirling the last finger of liquid around nervously.

“You have to understand, that what I’m telling you didn’t take place in the world or country you know. I explained to you earlier that your father is from another time–I had gone back in time–and met him. This world held so many more dangers for everyone: famine, starvation, war, death, even the common cold would kill an entire family given the chance. Nothing was safe in Scotland, especially during the uprising.

Jamie and I… we had been trying to convince Charles Stuart to give up the foolish notion of an uprising, and in the process became the biggest outlaws to the English Crown. When the battle of Culloden was upon us, Jamie knew he was going to die, either by the sword and canon or at the end of an executioner’s noose. I swore to him that I would follow and that he was my home. I didn’t want to leave him or this life I had grown to love more dearly than anything in the world.”

Her eyes stared out unblinkingly, seeing a place, a time that only she could see. As she stared, the middle and ring fingers of her right hand rubbed back and forth over the odd ‘J’ shaped scar in her palm.

“When he told me that you were there, this miracle I hadn’t dared to dream of being real, he wanted to keep us safe. So I foolishly listened and went back.” Her eyes locked with mine, as her hand covered and squeezed mine. “I don’t regret a second of this life that I’ve lived because I’ve had you.”

“But you let… you let Frank pretend to raise me.”

“No, he loved you!”

“NO! He loved the idea of me. I always wondered how I looked the way I did, I chalked it up to latent genetics on yours or fa–Frank’s side. But that didn’t explain the sneers he’d give when he thought I wasn’t looking or the scoffing I heard when he thought I was asleep. Now that you’re telling me I have another father, one that I apparently am the spitting image of,” I protested pulling my hand free and gesturing to myself. “It all makes sense. Did you know that I thought I had a recurring nightmare for years, Mum?”

She shook her head, her hand reaching back out for me. I shook her off and stood up abruptly. “I thought this was a nightmare, a figment of my childish mind because I was the one who didn’t look like they belonged. It always was the same, Frank saying, ‘I’m trying but I can’t love you, you’re too much like him. Your mother can’t expect me to love something I can’t create.’ Then walking away. Now I understand I was hearing him talk to me while I was just on the edges of sleep, but had my eyes closed. This man whom you spent seventeen years beside hated me because I reminded him of someone. Someone he held with so much contempt he couldn’t see beyond the father for the sake of an innocent child.”


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headcanon that fahc Jeremy absolutely loves knives. like any size, shape, color. he stops Geoff at ammunation always to stare at the knives, his eyes always transfixed by them. Geoff rolls his eyes and throws a 20 at the cashier, always caving and Jeremy always leaves the store with a smile on his face and a knife in his hands. 

and then, he meets Ryan “I own 17 knives and that’s only at work” Haywood. And g o d Jeremy thinks he’s in love. not with Ryan, of course (he scoffs when Michael asks him that question), no no he’s in love with the knives Ryan twirls in his hands, the way he uses them so efficiently and delicately. the beauty of the throwing knives as they soar through the air. 

and of course, Ryan notices his lil j shaped shadow. and so he teaches him everything he can about knives. he buys the most expensive knives because they made him think of Jeremy. 

the battle buddies wrecking shit with switchblades and daggers. 

Joker x Harley Quinn : Kiss the Ring

“Who do you belong to?” The Joker was behind her, his warm body so close. One hand was around her waist, the other held her hair back so his lips could be right on her. His hot breath on her ear, teeth skimming the sensitive skin. Harley closed her eyes, a moan escaping her lips. She rolled her head back until it hit his shoulder, arching her back, pushing her butt into his crotch, feeling him.

The Joker growled at her lack of response and then he was in front of her, Harley opened her eyes as his hands grasped her face tightly, making her look at him.

“Answer me.” He snarled, barring his teeth.

“You,” She said, “Only you, Mr. J.”  

Joker kept her eyes captive, his right hand abandoned her face and instead he held it up in front of her face. Confusion struck Harley’s features. She looked at his elegant fingers seeing the spade, diamond, and club tattoos. The third finger was missing a heart, that was on Harley’s cheek. Instead, on his third finger was a handsome gold ring, a big ring, almost stretching from his pinkie to his middle finger. The top of it had a ‘J’ shaped by diamonds. His favorite ring, the ring that was in front of her lips now.

Now Harley understood, he wanted her to kiss his ring. Punishing her for her hesitation just a moment ago. She knew what kissing the Joker’s ring meant. She’d seen him interrogate hundreds of people in her time with him. Every interrogation would end the same, the man would kiss Mr. J’s ring. They probably thought it was just odd behavior from an insane man but kissing Mr. J’s ring meant much more than just a kiss. It meant that he owned you. You were his. You would work for him, do business with him, make him money until either you messed up or he got bored and ended your life. It happened every time, like clockwork. Still they came to work for Joker because everyone knew that working for the Joker was always better than working against the Joker. Yes, Harley knew what kissing Mr. J’s ring meant and she wanted it.  Mr. J wanted to make sure that Harley was still his, that she always would be.

She would.

Harley went to kiss it but just as she moved the Joker stopped her with his hand that was still clutching her face.

“On your knees.” His voice was so guttural she barley recognized it. Harley smiled at him, biting her lip as she sunk down to her knees in front of him. She stared at him expectantly from the ground, the Joker held his hand back out, once again his ring was in front of her lips.

So Harley flicked her eyes up to him, smiling devilishly as she grasped his wrist. Harley kissed each of his five fingertips softly, leaving his ring finger last. She looked up at him as she kissed the ‘J’ ring. Running her lips against his skin, slowly down his finger until she was at the tip. Harley started by licking the leftover blood off his fingernail. Then, she wrapped her mouth around his finger, keeping her eyes on his. She pumped her lips up and down, closing her mouth tight around the tip and then going back down again. She licked, sucked, and kissed his finger as her other hand moving up and down his wrist suggestively.

The Joker didn’t make a sound, just stared at her. Why would you hesitate, Harl? Stupid, stupid, stupid. She released his finger from her mouth and moved her lips back up to his ring.

“Forever yours.” Harley whispered against his ‘J’ ring, looking up into his blue eyes.

They were hooded, dark.

“I’m sorry for hesitating, daddy,” She put on her most innocent voice, “You know what your purrs in my ear do to me.”

Mr. J placed two hands on either side of her neck again, and pulled her to her feet. His face still hadn’t moved, he just stared. His lovely blue eyes locked on hers, mouth unmoving. Harley really messed up this time. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Slowly, she reached forward with her hands and touched his chest. He let her, that’s a good sign. She ran her hands down his solid chest, over the tattoos on his stomach. Her fingers dipping on his toned chest. Every time she touched him was like the first time all over again, every time she just wanted to wrap her arms around his body and stay close to his warm, strong chest. Every time her fingers ached to touch more, more, more of his skin. She was completely and utterly addicted to him.

Her hands moved up, one of her hands rested on his cheek. The other on his beating heart.

She frowned as his face stayed frozen, “C’mon puddin, you know I belong to you. My heart, my body, my soul, everything in me is yours. That’s always been true. Will always be true. Can’t you see how I’m yours?”  

In the blink of an eye, he had moved. His face on the side of hers, his cheek touching her cheek. His purrs back in her ear.

“You play a dangerous game, Harley Quinn.” He whispered against her ear, voice gravelly and low- just how she liked it.

Suddenly his hands traveled down her face until they gripped her upper arms. His fingertips feather soft trailed down her arms down until his fingers clutched hers. He brought her fingers up to his mouth, keeping his eyes on hers. Harley was finding it difficult to breath.

“You’re lucky I enjoy your dangerous games.” He whispered against her third finger on her right hand, her ring finger. Harley was now the one frozen, staring at him.

The Joker kissed her finger.

Thanks for reading! 

Camp Velaris ~ Chapter four

When we arrived at Archery, Azriel was already there setting up. Rhys was still wearing his smug expression.

I couldn’t wait to wipe it off him.

“Nervous, Feyre darling?” Rhys drawled as we stood off to the side.

“In your dreams.”

After all the kids had gone, Rhys went first. We each had five arrows, so the first person to get at least three in the centre –or near to it- won.

Luckily, he missed the mark completely with his first arrow, hitting the white. The second missed the board completely. Unluckily for me, his third hit the red, only a short distance away from the centre. His fourth and fifth arrows hit the yellow centre, albeit near the edges of it.

“Good luck, darling.” He said to him as I passed him.

I only smirked at him.

“Do you need any help?” Azriel asked me from where he was standing, near me but not too close.

“I think I’ll be okay.” I replied.

His brows furrowed but he stepped back a little more.

It had been a few years since I had last done this, but as I picked up the bow I remembered everything my father had taught me: how far back you should pull the arrow, how you should stand, how much force you use.

I released my first arrow. It hit the blue.

Not exactly the centre, but good enough.

My second one was closer; it landed on the red.

The third one hit the yellow. So did my fourth.

The fifth hit the centre directly.

I turned around to find Rhys smiling at me. With surprise -and maybe a little respect?- in his eyes.

Walking back to where he was standing, I gave him a little mock curtsey.

“You win this round, Feyre darling. But we have rope climbing next. First one to the top wins.”

It became a competition of sorts between Rhys and I. About a week into it, he came up with the prize he would get if he won.

A date with me.

Rhys had said it jokingly enough when he’s told me, but I still wasn’t sure if he’d meant it or not.

Not that I wanted to go on a date with him anyway.

I hadn’t picked my prize yet, but I know I want to beat him.

The first activity of the day was canoeing; something I still hadn’t gotten any better at despite this being my third or fourth lesson. Rhys, of course, was a natural, something he could not stop proving to me. It wasn’t that Azriel, who had been patiently teaching me as well as the kids, wasn’t a good teacher. It was the fact that I lacked any sort of the skill needed for sports to do with water.

I had just climbed into my canoe –which took a good few minutes- when Rhys was there, bobbing along next to me, perfectly at ease on the water.

“Having trouble there, Feyre darling?” He asked, coming to a stop beside me.

It was just us two helping the Court of Dreams today, as it was Mor and Amren’s day off. Mine and Rhys’ was tomorrow.

“I’m fine, thank you.” I scowled at him.

Though, to be fair, I was stuck. Even though I was moving my paddles, my canoe seemed content in staying still in the water.

“Seriously, I could give you a push.”

“’I’m just taking a little rest.”

“You’ve been taking a rest for five minutes.”

So maybe I hadn’t been so subtle. But still. Canoeing was hard!

Well, for me. Not for the kids who are rushing around, splashing each other playfully with their paddles. We had paired up with the Summer Court today, so there was twice as many kids. Tarquin, the councillor for the Summer court, made canoeing look effortless. He was even better than Rhys and Azriel at it.

“Fine then.” A pause as Rhys turned his canoe around and paddled until he was behind me. “Thank you.”

“Anytime, darling.” He replied as he pushed the back of my canoe with one of his paddles so I was moved nearer towards the centre of the lake, away from the banks.
I turned around to Rhys, but he was gone. I spotted him with a gaggle of kids, who were all showing him how good they’d gotten.

Rhys was a natural with the kids. It was clear to see why they hero-worshipped him. He had now joined in on their game of splashing one another, and the kids delighted in attempting to soak him. Rhys caught me watching them and smiled at me. My traitorous cheeks heated and I turned around.

I saw Azriel rowing around on the opposite end of the lake and went to go to him. Well, attempted to. I may have accidently bumped into the banks once or twice, and I may have nearly crashed into a camper, but eventually I reached him.

“You’re getting better.” Was all Azriel said to me when he saw that I had appeared next to him. “It took you less time to get here than yesterday.” His mouth twitched into something that was almost a smile.

“That was probably due to the fact I didn’t fall in the water today.”

So yesterday hadn’t been my greatest sporting moment. However the kids seemed to enjoy my failure.

“Probably.” Another twitch of his lips. “You just need to work on what you do with your paddles. Make a J shape with them in the water. Like this.” He demonstrated putting the paddle so it was next to him, then sweeping it out towards the bow of the boat, effectively making a J shape.

It took a few tries, but eventually I had gotten the hang of it. I could move without having to stop or hitting the banks, at least.

I didn’t notice that Rhys had come to join us until I heard him say to Azriel, “Come on Az. You can’t be letting her beat me at this after the ass kicking I got at archery.”

“Jealous, Rhys? Scared I’ll beat you?” I replied, splashing him a little with a paddle.

“Not in the slightest. I just really want to see you fall in the water again. And claim my prize.” He smirked at me.

This time I really splashed him.

He chased me all around the lake, trying to get me back.

We both fell into the lake that day.
After we had dried off and eaten lunch, it was time for our rock climbing session, with Cassian as our instructor. It was just the Court of Dreams this time. Cassian was great with the kids, reassuring them that they were fine if they got scared of the height, or patiently teaching them what to do if they forgot.

“Having a go, Feyre?” Cassian asked me when the final camper had climbed down the rock climbing wall.

“I’m alright, thanks.” Climbing was also not my forte.

“Come on, don’t be a baby.”

I turned a pleading look to Rhys, who was sat on a nearby bench, basking in the sun like a cat. He only shrugged.

He didn’t have to go on the rock climbing wall, not since he had hurt himself by falling off it a few years ago. He could just sit here, in the sunshine, watching me with those purple eyes.

“Fine.” I muttered, not wanting to be seen as a chicken. Especially not by the kids who were paying attention to the conversation.

I walked over to Cassian, who began strapping me into a harness which had an elastic rope joined to it that was attached to the wall. If I fell, I wouldn’t crash onto the ground.
It almost made me wonder how Rhys had fallen off it completely.

After Cassian put chalk onto my hands to keep them dry and explained which footholds were the best to stand on, I began to climb up the wall. I began to enjoy it, getting used to the pattern of it. I soon reached the top. I told myself to not look that, for that would surely freak me out.

“Good, Feyre! Now slowly climb down.” That was Cassian’s voice. Christ, it seemed so far away.

Stop it, Feyre. You’re probably not even that far up. If a bunch of thirteen year olds can do this, then so can you.

So I began to climb down, taking my time.

I had reached the bottom before I knew it, and Cassian was instantly there, taking my harness off.

Well, whaddya know. Feyre Archeron is not completely shit at rock climbing.

I went to sit on the bench beside Rhys, as Cassian was now busy with the campers who now wanted a second go climbing.

“What can I say? You’re a natural darling.” Rhys said to me.

“Why don’t you try it? Hasn’t it been a few years since you fell? Your leg is fine now.”

“I’d rather not…” A pause, “Risk it again.”

“I see.” I replied, though I didn’t.

“So I guess that’s two sports I can now kick your ass at.” I said, in an attempt to lighten the mood.

“I suppose it is.” He responded with a smile.

Boyfriend! au - Kino

k i know technically these are all boyfriend aus but like half involve college including this one so i mean i aint sorry but if u want a separate/different college au for any member just lemme know. enjoy :)

Originally posted by kinorth

(also even tho wooseok my man im obsessed with the way kino talks he seems so smart?? lemme know if im not the only one lmao)

  • Ok so this is gonna be another au set in a college setting cuz 1 thats my age range (along with kino) and 2 its simple & u meet literally anyone and everyone lol
  • Alrighty so obvs Kino would be involved with dancing
  • Ok so Kino actually has gained some popularity due to the fact he has been involved with being a background dancer for MVs and even on stage once or twice
  • And he doesnt think its a big deal since its been for only semi-famous people
  • But he still accepts the compliments and praise given to him when someone mentions it he aint shy lol
  • Even tho kino is cool, he still busts out dancing at any chance he can get (esp if people ask)
  • He will be hanging out with pentagon and when someone calls out to kino they’re all like oh shit cuz theyre with him so often they know whats gonna happen next
  • It’s usually something like “hey kino! I saw your last competition on twitter and I thought your moves were really good !!”
  • So passionate af kino is like, “which ones? This one? Or this one?” as he dances out basically his whole routine as pentagon sigh
  • Other than that tho he cool af
  • Despite all this, Kino stays humble & majors in kindergarten/elementary education
  • He just loves kids even tho he has a history of being roasted by them lmao

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Some Morpheus tests!

Immediate personal criticism:
-Raise cheekbones
-Go for a more genuine cel-shade (this will also keep your whites whiter)
-lower eyebrows (cover real brows?)
-Snot-trail should be J-shaped, that line is too straight
-Less make up next time, start with eyes

Peppermint Twist

This is Day 11 of my 12 Days of Christmas for @mysaintsasinner.  My topic today is Peppermint.

Holiday Fics 2016

Summary: You find Sam sucking on a peppermint in the library, and it leads to some inspired fun times.

warnings: fake blow job, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sexy times

word count: ~2800

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You walked into the bunker, hands full of groceries.  The boys were due home from a hunt today, so you figured you’d make them a nice welcome home meal.  

You passed Sam in the library (go figure), dropping the bag of snacks and candy you had purchased in front of him.  “Have a snack, Sam.  Dinner won’t be til a bit later,” you said as you passed.  “Oh, and don’t you dare eat anything healthy, live a little!”

Sam rolled his eyes, but you both heard Dean’s voice deeper into the bunker agree with a, “Hell yeah!” You laughed as you carried the other bags into the kitchen, unpacking and organizing the food.

An hour later you had a couple different pot pies in the oven, created specifically to the tastes of the two men in your life.  You had a fruit jello salad setting in the refrigerator (one of the only ways you could make Dean eat semi-healthy) and an apple pie fixed, ready to go in the oven an hour before you ate.

Satisfied with your work and ready to take a break while things continued cooking without you, you wandered to the library to see what Sam was up to.  What you saw stopped you dead in the doorway.

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The Good Old Days

Always a child at heart
Sometimes acting too mature for my friends
Instead of snaping friends
I sometimes would want to read a book while sipping on coffee by the window
The birds will sing
The sun with shine
You could smell breakfast being cooked
On Sunday mornings
Acting like a 7 year old in a 15 year Olds body though
I would put on my cape
Pretending to fly
Then yelling
To infiniti and beyond
Trying to escape reality
Ready to help woody and buzz save planet earth from any zombies trying to attack
Waking up on Saturday mornings at 8:00am
Just to hear the joy in Spongebobs laughter and plankton trying to take over the krust krab
Witch we all know will never happen
Soon enough youll see me jumping on couches
yelling all sorts of things
Youll think im speaking some type of unknown lauguage
Youll be confused and think im weird and funny
Ill yell things like
Joker and Harley are trying to hurt me
In my head im batman’s sidekick only trying to help Gotham city
Eating pb&j for lunch
shaped in triangles
Thinking of fluffy unicorns
And the yummy taste of cotton candy
And the way how it melts in my mouth
Although sometimes eating too much candy were my stomach would start to ach
But in the end it was really all worth it
I mean
As a 7 year old I would think
No school
No homework
But then it was time for reality
Time to put away my cape and be the 15 year old I am today
Back to middle school
Time to worrie about my social life and not zombies anymore
But just know
I will be back soon to continue to join buzz and woody to fight the rest of the zombies down on planet earth.
I will continue to help batman destroy all villins trying to harm Gotham city.
Our work was not finished.
Maybe not right now
At this vary moment
But i will soon enough put my cape back on and continue being a hero

Seiko Kimura Wig Tutorial

Many people have been requesting a tutorial for this wig ever since I suggested making one after posting my photos online. I’m very happy and thankful for all the positive feedback on my wig and cosplay. This is my very first tutorial for anything, I hope it is clear and helpful. I’m also in the process of creating a YouTube video version of this tutorial. So with that, let’s get started on the tutorial! (under the cut) 

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Devil’s Backbone - Jason Todd x Reader

So this one is set in the Arkham Knight universe and is based on the Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars. I recommend listening to the song but it’s not required.

Prompt: Have you ever heard the song “Devil’s Backbone” by The Civil War? I was gushing over how fitting this song was for any love between Jason (or maybe Damien) and an s/o who might be struggling with how they love someone who’s a bit of a sinner. Especially when one of the lines of the song goes, “Oh Lord, oh Lord, what have I done? I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you” (requested by @owlsfleur formally annalilynoistrum)

Oh Lord, what have I done?’ You asked yourself. You turned over in the bed to look at Jason’s sleeping form. You were so overcome with love and happiness when he showed up at your door one night after he died. You welcomed him back into your arms without question. You didn’t care what had happened to him you were just grateful he was alive and back in your life.

You took Jason to your bed night after night not even stopping to consider that he might have changed since he disappeared. Then one night after he had fallen asleep you had gone to get some water in your kitchen and you saw something shine from Jason’s bag. You knew you shouldn’t have invaded his personal items like that but something overcame you. You slowly unzipped the bag the remaining way and picked up what had caught your eye. You held the helmet up to the moonlight only to realize what it was that you were holding. You gasped in horror and let it slip from your fingers and clatter to the ground. You hands flew up to your mouth and tears started to fall down your cheeks as you backed away from the bag of evidence that damned your lover as the notorious Arkham Knight.

You’ve fallen in love with a man on the run.

There was no denying it. It was all there. The helmet, guns, gear, everything. There was no doubt in your mind about your discovery and you had been at a loss of what to do. The moral part of you screamed at you to tell somebody and run as far away as you could from him. He had caused so much grief and horror that dark Halloween night and the rational part of you knew he needed to be brought to justice. The part of you that loved this man more than anything, despite everything urged you to slip back into bed with him and pretend you didn’t see anything.

“Babe what are you doing up? Come back to bed.” Jason urged appearing in the doorway to the kitchen. His bag was concealed by the counter so he didn’t notice what you had discovered. You took a calming sip of water before turning towards him, brandishing a smile on your face.

“I was just getting some water, Jay. I’ll be there in a second.” You reassured smoothly hiding any anxiety and discomfort in your voice. He nodded and disappeared back into the bedroom. When he was gone you quickly shoved the helmet back into his bag and zipped it back up, hoping he wouldn’t notice it’s movement.

You slipped back under the covers after spending some time recomposing yourself in the kitchen. To him nothing was wrong but you mind was spinning a mile a minute and you were conflicted. He pulled you into his arms but instead of cuddling further into them like you usually might have you were unresponsive.

Your sudden distance didn’t phase him too much as he quickly fell asleep, your heat comforting him back into slumber. You couldn’t fall back asleep. Not now.

‘Oh lord, what do I do?’ You asked yourself staring intently at your lover’s face. Unconsciously your hand trailed up to rest against his cheek, your fingers softly ghosting over the ‘J’ shaped scar on his cheek. You couldn’t imagine the amount of pain he must have gone through. You’ve seen the scars covering his entire body but this one clearly meant something. This was someone’s brand.

You didn’t ask about his scars and he never offered to share their origins with you. Now that you knew what you knew you believed that whatever devil’s backbone that had caused Jason’s scars is what led him to be what he is. You wanted to believe that there wasn’t wrong or a right that he could choose when he became the Knight.

Jason always only did what he had to do and you want desperately to believe that the creation of the Arkham Knight must have applied to that rule. When you knew Jason before he had always been a good man. Such goodness couldn’t be perverted that deeply. You were convinced that somewhere under the pain that created the Knight there was still that kind good boy that you had fallen in love with.

You decided looking at Jason’s innocent sleeping form that you weren’t going to give up on him. You were going to stand by his side no matter what. You resigned yourself that you’d take all the burden and blame, you’d swallow the shame if it meant that Jason could stay in your life.

You realized that you don’t care if he’s guilty. Jason’s good even if he’s done bad and he’s all that you’ve got in this world. You weren’t about to give up on him. Not now, not ever.

‘Oh lord, oh lord, I’m begging you! Please don’t take that sinner from me.’ You pleaded. A solitary tear slipping down your cheek and you wrapped your arms around Jason’s naked torso pulling his warm body to yours.

Don’t take this sinner from me.’