At this moment, Maggie Sawyer is stroking Alex's hair while Alex lays in her lap, telling her stories about when she and J'onn were fugitives

and Maggie falls in love with Alex all over again when she tells her how much she cherished the moments when their cover required J'onn to shape shift into a young child, because she liked taking care of him for once.

Alex talks until she drifts to sleep, and Maggie holds her safe from nightmares all night long.

I don’t make the rules.

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How Would I Describe Alex Fierro

Magnus: Alex Fierro is flawless

T.J.: She has shape shifting abilities and a garrote wire

Halfblood: I hear her hair is insured 10,000 red gold pieces

Mallory: I hear she does car commercials… in Asgard

Blitz: One time she met Sif…

Hearth: *signing* and she told her she was pretty

Samirah: One time she punched me in the face… It was awesome

Joker x Harley Quinn : Kiss the Ring

“Who do you belong to?” The Joker was behind her, his warm body so close. One hand was around her waist, the other held her hair back so his lips could be right on her. His hot breath on her ear, teeth skimming the sensitive skin. Harley closed her eyes, a moan escaping her lips. She rolled her head back until it hit his shoulder, arching her back, pushing her butt into his crotch, feeling him.

The Joker growled at her lack of response and then he was in front of her, Harley opened her eyes as his hands grasped her face tightly, making her look at him.

“Answer me.” He snarled, barring his teeth.

“You,” She said, “Only you, Mr. J.”  

Joker kept her eyes captive, his right hand abandoned her face and instead he held it up in front of her face. Confusion struck Harley’s features. She looked at his elegant fingers seeing the spade, diamond, and club tattoos. The third finger was missing a heart, that was on Harley’s cheek. Instead, on his third finger was a handsome gold ring, a big ring, almost stretching from his pinkie to his middle finger. The top of it had a ‘J’ shaped by diamonds. His favorite ring, the ring that was in front of her lips now.

Now Harley understood, he wanted her to kiss his ring. Punishing her for her hesitation just a moment ago. She knew what kissing the Joker’s ring meant. She’d seen him interrogate hundreds of people in her time with him. Every interrogation would end the same, the man would kiss Mr. J’s ring. They probably thought it was just odd behavior from an insane man but kissing Mr. J’s ring meant much more than just a kiss. It meant that he owned you. You were his. You would work for him, do business with him, make him money until either you messed up or he got bored and ended your life. It happened every time, like clockwork. Still they came to work for Joker because everyone knew that working for the Joker was always better than working against the Joker. Yes, Harley knew what kissing Mr. J’s ring meant and she wanted it.  Mr. J wanted to make sure that Harley was still his, that she always would be.

She would.

Harley went to kiss it but just as she moved the Joker stopped her with his hand that was still clutching her face.

“On your knees.” His voice was so guttural she barley recognized it. Harley smiled at him, biting her lip as she sunk down to her knees in front of him. She stared at him expectantly from the ground, the Joker held his hand back out, once again his ring was in front of her lips.

So Harley flicked her eyes up to him, smiling devilishly as she grasped his wrist. Harley kissed each of his five fingertips softly, leaving his ring finger last. She looked up at him as she kissed the ‘J’ ring. Running her lips against his skin, slowly down his finger until she was at the tip. Harley started by licking the leftover blood off his fingernail. Then, she wrapped her mouth around his finger, keeping her eyes on his. She pumped her lips up and down, closing her mouth tight around the tip and then going back down again. She licked, sucked, and kissed his finger as her other hand moving up and down his wrist suggestively.

The Joker didn’t make a sound, just stared at her. Why would you hesitate, Harl? Stupid, stupid, stupid. She released his finger from her mouth and moved her lips back up to his ring.

“Forever yours.” Harley whispered against his ‘J’ ring, looking up into his blue eyes.

They were hooded, dark.

“I’m sorry for hesitating, daddy,” She put on her most innocent voice, “You know what your purrs in my ear do to me.”

Mr. J placed two hands on either side of her neck again, and pulled her to her feet. His face still hadn’t moved, he just stared. His lovely blue eyes locked on hers, mouth unmoving. Harley really messed up this time. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Slowly, she reached forward with her hands and touched his chest. He let her, that’s a good sign. She ran her hands down his solid chest, over the tattoos on his stomach. Her fingers dipping on his toned chest. Every time she touched him was like the first time all over again, every time she just wanted to wrap her arms around his body and stay close to his warm, strong chest. Every time her fingers ached to touch more, more, more of his skin. She was completely and utterly addicted to him.

Her hands moved up, one of her hands rested on his cheek. The other on his beating heart.

She frowned as his face stayed frozen, “C’mon puddin, you know I belong to you. My heart, my body, my soul, everything in me is yours. That’s always been true. Will always be true. Can’t you see how I’m yours?”  

In the blink of an eye, he had moved. His face on the side of hers, his cheek touching her cheek. His purrs back in her ear.

“You play a dangerous game, Harley Quinn.” He whispered against her ear, voice gravelly and low- just how she liked it.

Suddenly his hands traveled down her face until they gripped her upper arms. His fingertips feather soft trailed down her arms down until his fingers clutched hers. He brought her fingers up to his mouth, keeping his eyes on hers. Harley was finding it difficult to breath.

“You’re lucky I enjoy your dangerous games.” He whispered against her third finger on her right hand, her ring finger. Harley was now the one frozen, staring at him.

The Joker kissed her finger.

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Petit pétage de plomb, j'arrive pas à réviser alors j'ai mis Shape Of You avec mes écouteurs c'était BIEEEN vous auriez du me voir chanter et danser en lisant mon cours de probabilités conditionnelles du bon-heur.
Puis après y'a eu Photograph alors j'ai chanté en regardant le clip et j'ai sangloté pendant 5 minutes.
L'ascenseur émotionnel et le mal de ventre permanent. Vivement que ce soit fini ces conneries.

Peppermint Twist

This is Day 11 of my 12 Days of Christmas for @mysaintsasinner.  My topic today is Peppermint.

Holiday Fics 2016

Summary: You find Sam sucking on a peppermint in the library, and it leads to some inspired fun times.

warnings: fake blow job, oral (fem receiving), unprotected sexy times

word count: ~2800

Originally posted by frozen-delight

You walked into the bunker, hands full of groceries.  The boys were due home from a hunt today, so you figured you’d make them a nice welcome home meal.  

You passed Sam in the library (go figure), dropping the bag of snacks and candy you had purchased in front of him.  “Have a snack, Sam.  Dinner won’t be til a bit later,” you said as you passed.  “Oh, and don’t you dare eat anything healthy, live a little!”

Sam rolled his eyes, but you both heard Dean’s voice deeper into the bunker agree with a, “Hell yeah!” You laughed as you carried the other bags into the kitchen, unpacking and organizing the food.

An hour later you had a couple different pot pies in the oven, created specifically to the tastes of the two men in your life.  You had a fruit jello salad setting in the refrigerator (one of the only ways you could make Dean eat semi-healthy) and an apple pie fixed, ready to go in the oven an hour before you ate.

Satisfied with your work and ready to take a break while things continued cooking without you, you wandered to the library to see what Sam was up to.  What you saw stopped you dead in the doorway.

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Devil’s Backbone - Jason Todd x Reader

So this one is set in the Arkham Knight universe and is based on the Devil’s Backbone by The Civil Wars. I recommend listening to the song but it’s not required.

Prompt: Have you ever heard the song “Devil’s Backbone” by The Civil War? I was gushing over how fitting this song was for any love between Jason (or maybe Damien) and an s/o who might be struggling with how they love someone who’s a bit of a sinner. Especially when one of the lines of the song goes, “Oh Lord, oh Lord, what have I done? I’ve fallen for someone who’s nothing like you” (requested by @owlsfleur formally annalilynoistrum)

Oh Lord, what have I done?’ You asked yourself. You turned over in the bed to look at Jason’s sleeping form. You were so overcome with love and happiness when he showed up at your door one night after he died. You welcomed him back into your arms without question. You didn’t care what had happened to him you were just grateful he was alive and back in your life.

You took Jason to your bed night after night not even stopping to consider that he might have changed since he disappeared. Then one night after he had fallen asleep you had gone to get some water in your kitchen and you saw something shine from Jason’s bag. You knew you shouldn’t have invaded his personal items like that but something overcame you. You slowly unzipped the bag the remaining way and picked up what had caught your eye. You held the helmet up to the moonlight only to realize what it was that you were holding. You gasped in horror and let it slip from your fingers and clatter to the ground. You hands flew up to your mouth and tears started to fall down your cheeks as you backed away from the bag of evidence that damned your lover as the notorious Arkham Knight.

You’ve fallen in love with a man on the run.

There was no denying it. It was all there. The helmet, guns, gear, everything. There was no doubt in your mind about your discovery and you had been at a loss of what to do. The moral part of you screamed at you to tell somebody and run as far away as you could from him. He had caused so much grief and horror that dark Halloween night and the rational part of you knew he needed to be brought to justice. The part of you that loved this man more than anything, despite everything urged you to slip back into bed with him and pretend you didn’t see anything.

“Babe what are you doing up? Come back to bed.” Jason urged appearing in the doorway to the kitchen. His bag was concealed by the counter so he didn’t notice what you had discovered. You took a calming sip of water before turning towards him, brandishing a smile on your face.

“I was just getting some water, Jay. I’ll be there in a second.” You reassured smoothly hiding any anxiety and discomfort in your voice. He nodded and disappeared back into the bedroom. When he was gone you quickly shoved the helmet back into his bag and zipped it back up, hoping he wouldn’t notice it’s movement.

You slipped back under the covers after spending some time recomposing yourself in the kitchen. To him nothing was wrong but you mind was spinning a mile a minute and you were conflicted. He pulled you into his arms but instead of cuddling further into them like you usually might have you were unresponsive.

Your sudden distance didn’t phase him too much as he quickly fell asleep, your heat comforting him back into slumber. You couldn’t fall back asleep. Not now.

‘Oh lord, what do I do?’ You asked yourself staring intently at your lover’s face. Unconsciously your hand trailed up to rest against his cheek, your fingers softly ghosting over the ‘J’ shaped scar on his cheek. You couldn’t imagine the amount of pain he must have gone through. You’ve seen the scars covering his entire body but this one clearly meant something. This was someone’s brand.

You didn’t ask about his scars and he never offered to share their origins with you. Now that you knew what you knew you believed that whatever devil’s backbone that had caused Jason’s scars is what led him to be what he is. You wanted to believe that there wasn’t wrong or a right that he could choose when he became the Knight.

Jason always only did what he had to do and you want desperately to believe that the creation of the Arkham Knight must have applied to that rule. When you knew Jason before he had always been a good man. Such goodness couldn’t be perverted that deeply. You were convinced that somewhere under the pain that created the Knight there was still that kind good boy that you had fallen in love with.

You decided looking at Jason’s innocent sleeping form that you weren’t going to give up on him. You were going to stand by his side no matter what. You resigned yourself that you’d take all the burden and blame, you’d swallow the shame if it meant that Jason could stay in your life.

You realized that you don’t care if he’s guilty. Jason’s good even if he’s done bad and he’s all that you’ve got in this world. You weren’t about to give up on him. Not now, not ever.

‘Oh lord, oh lord, I’m begging you! Please don’t take that sinner from me.’ You pleaded. A solitary tear slipping down your cheek and you wrapped your arms around Jason’s naked torso pulling his warm body to yours.

Don’t take this sinner from me.’

Seiko Kimura Wig Tutorial

Many people have been requesting a tutorial for this wig ever since I suggested making one after posting my photos online. I’m very happy and thankful for all the positive feedback on my wig and cosplay. This is my very first tutorial for anything, I hope it is clear and helpful. I’m also in the process of creating a YouTube video version of this tutorial. So with that, let’s get started on the tutorial! (under the cut) 

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cute vegan food n snacks for chirebs!

I’ve seen some lists of ideas for cute chire food and the like for when you’re regressed, but not a whole lot for lil vegans like me! so here’s some stuff off the top of my head!

☆ pb&j (cut into fun shapes of course!)

☆ gogo squeeze pouches or other squeezable fruit/applesauce blends–I love the pedal pedal peach kind!

☆ earth balance cheez nips

☆ ants on a log!!

☆ bagel pizzas! with all kinds of fun toppings like tomato sauce, daiya cheez, n veggies cut into neat lil shapes

☆ chopped fruit in your fave cute bowl

☆ unbuttered popcorn with diy vegan seasonings! I like nooch on mine ~

☆ vegan mac n cheez–they make box varieties but it’s also easy to make a yummy cheez sauce yourself (or with a carer) using potatoes and carrots!

☆ vegan nuggets & french fries/tater tots

☆ veggie sticks and hummus or pb!

feel free to reblog with your own ideas!!

yourlocalwendigo  asked:

hi its me the anon from before telling you how much I love LW but out of hiding this time!! I wanted to ask you how you keep your character designs (especially Lysander's antlers) so consistent?? It's kind of amazing and I wanna be able to do it

Hello!! :D 

Well I did lots of studies of real antlers first! I found a pretty good reference photo of deer antlers at a TON of different angles (http://xeiart.deviantart.com/art/Different-Angles-of-a-Deer-Skull-371299574) and then I just drew them a bunch.

I tried breaking them down into basic parts:

Lys’ antlers have 6 points (3 on each), the stem?? I guess?? is sort of a capital J shape and then the horizontal point is another J that comes out of the bottom of the first J. That’s as simple as I could get it, and then after that it was easier to imagine them at different angles. :v 

I hope this helps!

i was tagged by @kyvber, @quillpete and @amidqlas (thank u!!!)

rules: list 10 songs you’re currently vibing on and tag 10 people!

  1. africa- toto
  2. believer- imagine dragons
  3. bushes of love- badlipreading (IT’S A FUCKIN BANGER OK)
  4. gravity- sara bareilles
  5. down under- men at work
  6. tessellate- alt-j
  7. shape of you- ed sheeran
  8. shooting star- bag raiders
  9. glitter and gold- barns courtney
  10. my house- pvris

i’ll tag: @autisticarchieandrews, @geichang, @darthvcder, @leviathan, @snoji, @legohlas, @schntgai, @jedihighcouncil and @stripperanakin (none of u have to do it if u don’t want to ofc!)

Dearest (Joker x reader) 8

Y/N’s curiosity got the better of her when she went exploring by herself in an old insane asylum. Little did she know of the murderous psychopath lurking in the shadows, obsessed and determined to break her and make her his.

Warning; smut and violence 

Chapter 8

Adrenaline was pumping through my veins as my puddin hit the gas and my body was thrown back in my seat. ‘’OOOh-ho-ho HA HA’’ his maniacal laughter filled the streets as we sped through Gotham City. When he stopped the car outside of his club, a bouncer walked up and opened the door for me. I got out, in my golden glory, wrapping my arm around Mister j’s waist and rested my head on his shoulder as we walked in.

All eyes were on us. Strippers, gangsters, bartenders and mob-bosses turned their heads as we walked past them. My pudding had gotten all dressed up for the occasion. White shirt, buttoned down and his golden cane. ‘’Listen cupcake, why don’t you go dance for me, while daddy takes care of business.’’ He held my chin with his fingers and stroked my lower lip with his thumb. ‘’Sure thing, Mistah J’’ I smiled and walked over to the bar.

Once everyone saw whom I belonged to, they practically bowed in my presence. Frost had told me that Mister J only visited his club for business meetings or for pleasure. So once he made an appearance, everyone made sure the club was in the best shape. Mister J didn’t just kill people who vexed him or owed him money. Sometimes he would slit some random poor bastard’s throat just for fun. He fed on the thrill of the kill.

 ‘’Whatcha having, miss?’’ the bartender asked me, a friendly smile on his face. I clicked my tongue and tapped my fingers on the surface of the bar. ‘’You got mimosas?’’ my eyes lit up. ‘’Of course, miss and of course it’s-uh on the house.’’ He stuttered a bit and turned around to fix me my drink. I wonder what it’s like to work for Mister J. Hah!, poor fools, they had to be scared out of their minds. Spill a drink, bang, you’re dead. Play a song the boss doesn’t like, bang, you’re dead. I looked over to a separate section of the club. My pudding sat there with his cane in his right hand, gripping and squeezing it as he threw glances at me. 5 or 8 men had just walked in and was headed towards the room Mister J sat in. They had to be the ones he was doing business with.

I started feeling a little out of place. I had never really been to a real big club before, especially not one like this. Without Mister J by my side, I wasn’t really sure what to do while he was handling business. Should I walk around and mingle, or just sit here and admire him? I refuse to dance before I’m a little tipsy. ‘’Here you go, beautiful’’ Mister Bartender said as he handed me my drink. ‘’Thanks’’ I chirped and spun around on the red barstool. The strippers wore black and golden animal masks and grinded on each other like wild animals.

Taking a sip of my drink whilst looking over at my puddin, I noticed the three strippers in the room. I felt a little knot form in my chest as I looked at them bending over and grinding on their poles in basically nothing. He wasn’t paying that much attention to them but I still saw him throwing them glances once in a while, which he wasn’t throwing in my direction anymore. I waved at the bartender with my finger and ordered three shots of tequila.

I knew he was probably used to having cheap girls throwing themselves over him all the time, plus he had probably fucked every girl he had working for him, but I still couldn’t help feeling a little jealous. He was my puddin. I grabbed one after one of the shot glasses of tequila, placed the rim at my lips and threw my head back. Swallowing and scrunching my nose, I slammed the flat of my hand on the bar and cursed under my breath. Let’s do it.

I got up and walked up the little staircase that led to the stage in the center of the room where the strippers were. When they noticed, they all made way for me and humbly smiled as they let me grab a hold of the golden pole in the middle. I felt the alcohol stinging in my throat and burning in my stomach.

I grabbed the pole and threw myself around it, sliding down as I teasingly spread my legs before I arched my back and slid up again. The others stood in silence for about three seconds, and then they looked at each other and smirked. They joined in and I felt the beat of the music flow through my body. Looking over, I saw that Mister J had caught up on what was happening, and had his eyes glued on my body. I slid down the pole, slowly, while shaking my hips, my eyes locked on his.

One of his potential business clients was talking to him, but he didn’t take his eyes of me. I grabbed one of the male dancers and pushed his back to the pole. I grabbed his neck and dropped down to my knees, ran my hands up his legs, ass out and body swaying to the beat. I could see Mister J’s eyes filled with lust as he enviously glared at me. I was pushing his limits.

As I continued throughout the song, if felt a few drops of sweat form on my forehead. I let completely go of myself and danced my heart out. It could have been the tequila, or the rush of his eyes on me, but I was feeling every inch of myself. When the song ended I stepped off the stage and started wandering around, chatting to employees and other criminals.

In the corner of my eye, I saw four men staring at me with lustful eyes as they started walking in my direction. One of them grabbed my hips and placed his arms around my torso. ‘’And who might you be, hotness? Haven’t seen you around before.’’ I chuckled and smiled at the three others, standing in front of me. ‘’That’s for me to know and you to wonder’’ I smirked as I tried to remove myself from his grip and keep walking. But he tightened his grip, forcing me to stay put between his arms. One of the other ones walked up and lifted my chin up with his finger as he smiled. ‘’You’re a pretty little thing aren’t you.’’ ‘’How about you come play with us a little, huh sweetheart?’’ the third joined in. They obviously hadn’t been here long enough to register who I came here with.

I looked over to my pudding to check if he had noticed what was happening, but he wasn’t there anymore. Neither was any of his business associates or henchmen. The strippers were backing away from the stage and into a backroom and this was when I noticed that there were barely any people left in the club. Uh-oh.

‘’GENTLEMEN!’’ Mister J exclaimed, as he appeared, walking towards us with his gun in his hand. UH-OH. The four men froze, their eyes wide with fear as they saw who was talking to them. ‘’Are you bothering, this nice young lady?’’ he asked, with his hands open and his eyebrows raised. ‘’Uhm- No! no, of course not Mister J, we would never. We were-uh just uhm making sure she wasn’t alone.’’ On of them stuttered, his eyes glued to his feet.

‘’Are they bothering you, dollface?’’ Mister J looked at me, waving his gun around. I decided to join the fun and play his little game. I pouted and blinked at him like a little child. ‘’A little’’ I said with a baby-voice. ‘’Aawwe’’ he pouted as he looked at his innocent little queen. Then he quickly raised his gun and fired four shots, all in their stomach. They all fell to the ground like little dominos and I walked over to my pudding, slung my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek with one foot up in joy.

He was about to say something when one of the men started groaning in pain and grabbed his stomach, rolling over to the side and looked up at us with pleading eyes. Mister J rolled his eyes at the man and looked at me. He took my hand and placed the gun in my small palm. Then he slithered behind me and grabbed my hips. ‘’Finish him, little one’’ he murmured as while he nibbled on my earlobe. I raised my arm, took my aim and pulled the trigger. My heart skipped a beat when I felt the gun go off in my hands.

Mister J growled loudly as he pushed me roughly against the wall and attacked my lips with his. He bit, sucked and licked my neck as he grabbed my ass with all the force he had in his body. Both of our bodies were filled with adrenaline and lust and we needed to touch each other. ‘’Daddyy?’’ I asked as his grills bit down on my neck. He mumbled a small mmm in reply, too focused on pleasing me to chitchat. ‘’Thank you for saving me from those pigs’’ I sighed, barely getting the words out because of the pleasure of his touch.

Mister J stopped and looked at me with his crazy dark eyes. ‘’They touched what belongs to me. I should’ve ripped their faces off.’’ He angrily growled as he pressed his crotch against mine. ‘’I wanna thank you, daddy’’ I said softly and suggestively as I ran my hand down his chest and grabbed his itching crotch. Mister J growled as his chest rose heavily. Before I had time to react, he grabbed my arm hand dragged me with him to his private room.

I pushed him down on the couch and bowed down. Placing my fingers on his knees, I slowly pushed his legs open and squeezed his thigh. ‘’You want me?’’ I teased and ran my hand up and down his thigh.

He shot me a deadly glare as I got on my knees and put my fingers under his chin. ‘’I’m all yours’’ I said seductively while grabbing his hard cock through his tight pants. Mister J grabbed my hair and pushed my head down as he unzipped his pants and looked at me. I pulled them down and locked my fingers around his cock. Then I licked the bottom of his shaft and all the way up to his head. I used my tongue to circle it and flicked it on his tip. He groaned and threw his head back in frustration. ‘’Don’t tease me.’’

I grabbed his cock and placed my lips at his head as I took all of him into my mouth. He sighed and stroked my hair. I started bobbing my head up and down, faster each time. I loved feeling him writhe under my touch. He was bucking his hips up, pulling strands of my hair, growling and purring as I pleased him. ‘’Such a good little girl’’ he groaned breathlessly.

I grabbed one of his balls and squeezed it gently while I kept sucking his cock. I felt him twitch in my mouth as he pulled my hair tighter. ‘’Daddy’s gonna cum, baby’’ he growled. I looked up at him. ‘’Yeeah?’’ I asked as my eyes met his. This was enough to send him over the edge. He growled loudly and threw his head back, his grip on my hair loosened as I felt the warm liquid fill my mouth. I got up and sat in his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck. Breathlessly, he planted tiny kisses from my chest up to my forehead and held me. ‘’Let’s go home, doll.’’

I nodded and got up, got off him and walked out of the room. In the main room stood frost in all of his glory, trying his best to hide the smirk that was on his face. I giggled as I walked past him and out the front door. Weird. Mister J’s Lamborghini wasn’t there. I was about to turn around and walk back inside when I felt a soggy cloth cover my mouth. It burned my lips and once I inhaled, everything went black.

Superheroes: BTS edition

what will bts do or react if they get superpowers?*lol*it’s up to what kind of superpowers you wanna put to every member but sure to make it a hillarious and ridicilous one xD

- eunheeex0tics

Note: I’m always encouraging rather unique questions! So, hit me with your best shot and I will hit you back! … digitally. haha. 

Jin: Invisibility

“So, uh… you just want me to leave BTS? Is that it? How do you expect me to be the visual if they can’t even see me?!” He’d be really sad with his superpower but once he realizes he can eat everything and get fat because they can’t see him—he’ll be content.

Jin: “I swear, I’m here! I’m the one creating waves on Yoongi’s stomach! It’s all me!!!”

Suga: Mind Control

Shuts everybody up. “God dam* it. Shut the fuc* up. Nobody cares if you have fuc*ing superpowers.” Controls their minds to shut the BTS member’s mouth to get some peace and quiet.

Suga: “I’m gonna need you to stop, Jungkook.” *activates superpower*

J-Hope: Shape shifting

Everybody stares at him shift into a curvy sexy woman. They all murmur the same thing, “Lucky bastar*.” J-Hope would put it to full use—dancing to all the Kpop girl group songs and possibly having a double debut!

*J-Hope’s new debut group. Can you guess which one he is?

Rapmon: never having to brush his teeth again

“Well, at least I won’t have any toothpaste stains around my mouth anymore when shooting, anymore…” Rapmon looks at himself in the mirror with a pink toothbrush in his mouth. “Not again! I don’t need to brush my teeth! Wish i had the ability to have perfect hair, too.“

Jimin: Cloning

Jimin 1: “Jungkook- ah~”

Jimin 2: “How can you be so cute, Jungkook?!”

Jimin 3: “I love you, Jungkook!”

Jimin 4: “Which of us do you love the most, Jungkook?!”

Jimin 5: “Pick me! I’m sexy!”

Jimin 6: “No, Pick me! I can dance better!”

Jimin 7: “… Wait. What about Suga hyung?”

Jimin 1-7: “Suga hyung!!!!” Goes and attacks him.

* (Original Jimin and Jungkook)

V: Breathing underwater

V puts a cup of water to his mouth and just breaths in and out, enjoying his new talent.

Jungkook: Ability to fart and make others fart at any given time.

“JUNGKOOK! DID YOU FART AGAIN?!” Jungkook giggles, making the other members fart to the tune of “For you.”

“STOP IT, JUNGKOOK!” They scream, holding tightly unto their vibrating buttholes to keep from the explosive gas release.

Jungkook shrugs his shoulders and smiles, “I can’t help it. It’s just the superpower God has graciously blessed me with.”

(Jungkook gets a beating later; it’s either that or they all sit on his face while farting.)

For @just-your-average-cactus

J: Just Breathe-Shapes & Colors
U: Underclass Hero-Sum 41
S: Saturday-Fall Out Boy
T: Today-Smashing Pumpkins

Y: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 1-The Flaming Lips
O: Ordinary World-Green Day
U: Upside Down-Jack Johnson
R: R.I.P.-3OH!3

A: Alice Childress-Ben Folds Five
V: Victoria Day-Derrival
E: Electric Fell-MGMT
R: Rebecca-Summer At Shatter Creek
A: Atlas-Man Overboard
G: Give Me One Good Reason-blink-182
E: Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)-New Politics

C: Cemetary Weather-Isles & Glaciers
A: A Car, A Torch, A Dream-Twenty One Pilots
C: Calm Before The Storm-Fall Out Boy
T: To All Of You-Syd Matters
U: Unforgivable-Hawthorne Heights
S: Still (Reprise)-Ben Folds