Empire of Storms Theory

The merchant Celaena met in The Assassin and the Dessert was Lysandra’s father. 

So in The Assassin and the Dessert, Celaena meets a mechant who sold twenty years of his life for some spider silk.

In Heir of Fire, Manon talks with a Stygian Spider who gloats about taking 20 years from a shape shifter merchant.

Lysandra’s mother wasn’t a shifter which meant it had to of come from her father.


Edward J. Woolsey - Specimens of Fancy Turning (Executed on the Hand or Foot Lathe with Geometric, Oval, and Eccentric Chucks, and Elliptical Cutting Frame), 1869.


Lysandra’s story

“I used my abilities. Sometimes I was a human; sometimes i wore the skins of other street children with high standing in their packs; sometimes i became an alley cat or a rat or a gull. And then I learned that if I made myself prettier – if I made myself beautiful – when i begged for money, it came far faster. I was wearing one of those beautiful faces the day magic fell. And I’ve been stuck ever since.”
“And this is the form Arobynn spotted you in a few years later”

in fair verona // romeo and juliet

i. the 2nd law (isolated system) - muse / ii. female robbery - the neightbourhood / iii. half life - sneaker pimps / iv. second son - i:ss soundtrack / v. brothers - the black keys / vi. we must be killers - mikky ekko / vii. undead - liquid cinema / viii. arabella - arctic monkeys / ix. double crossed - i:ss soundtrack / x. fitzpleasure - alt-j / xi. night of the hunter - 30 seconds to mars / xii. neptune - sleeping at last / xiii. lurk - the neighbourhood / xiv. love psalm - mary elizabeth mcglynn / xv. home - tlou soundtrack / xvi. this night - black lab / xvii. glory and gore - lorde / xviii. heart shaped box - dead sara


cute vegan food n snacks for chirebs!

I’ve seen some lists of ideas for cute chire food and the like for when you’re regressed, but not a whole lot for lil vegans like me! so here’s some stuff off the top of my head!

☆ pb&j (cut into fun shapes of course!)

☆ gogo squeeze pouches or other squeezable fruit/applesauce blends–I love the pedal pedal peach kind!

☆ earth balance cheez nips

☆ ants on a log!!

☆ bagel pizzas! with all kinds of fun toppings like tomato sauce, daiya cheez, n veggies cut into neat lil shapes

☆ chopped fruit in your fave cute bowl

☆ unbuttered popcorn with diy vegan seasonings! I like nooch on mine ~

☆ vegan mac n cheez–they make box varieties but it’s also easy to make a yummy cheez sauce yourself (or with a carer) using potatoes and carrots!

☆ vegan nuggets & french fries/tater tots

☆ veggie sticks and hummus or pb!

feel free to reblog with your own ideas!!