I Don’t Mean It Pt 3

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The guys still don’t really know whats up, but Namjoon is starting to catch on. Whats going to happen at dinner? Are you going to confront Tae?

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BTS-Reaction to their girlfriend having restless leg

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Rap Monster:
He would find it annoying at first but he would learn that you couldn’t help it and would try to sooth you when you would move next to him in the middle of the night. He would leave small kisses on your hair and rub your sides.

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Suga: It would kind of scare him at first when you explained why you would move like that without giving any warning. He would ask if it hurt and if there was anything he could do to help.

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Jin: He would get annoyed when you couldn’t keep still one night after a long day of rehearsals and he would wake you up and tell you to stop moving. Once you told him you have no control of it he would immediately apologize for getting annoyed.

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V: He would be like Suga. Scared at first and asking a million questions. He would look up all over the internet on how he could help you.

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J-Hope: He would be startled awake by you moving harshly next to him one night. “Babe? Are you okay?” he would ask quietly and shake you gently til you woke up. You explained what happened and he pulled you into his arms and held you til you both fell back to sleep.

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Jimin: He would be okay with it. Yes, granted it would get annoying some nights because it would happen more than once and he would just get up and sleep on the mini sofa in your shared bedroom, but that wouldn’t last long because he would miss you next to him.

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Jungkook: He would be on his phone texting J-Hope when you would kick him suddenly. “Ow! (Y/N), why di-” he wouldn’t finnish becAuse he would see you still asleep and your leg still twitching. “Y/N, wake up baby.” he would say causing you to stir awake. “Did I kick you?” you would ask feeling ashamed. “Yeah, but it’s okay sweetheart, I know you can’t help it.” he would pull you close and kiss your forehead.

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I didn’t know much about RLS so I looked it up. Sorry it’s not my best work but I truly did try I hope you like it Anon!

The Meet Up

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Words: 3904

Pairings: hoseok x reader

Genre: fluff

Summary: You’re a beauty guru on Youtube and at one of your meet ups a special someone pays a visit

AN: Hey guys!! Sorry this is so long but I just got super into this story and i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it

Emma’s POV:

“Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video, tune in next week for a whole new video and I’ll see you guys soon! Peace!!”

You turn off your camera and put all your equipment back into the closet in your studio. You were a beauty guru on Youtube and have been for 5 years now almost hitting 2 million subscribers. You loved your life, it couldn’t be any better with all the support and love you’ve been getting from family and friends online and off. You cleaned off your desk from the makeup you were just reviewing and separate them into two piles. The stuff you loved and are keeping and the stuff that didn’t work out for you and that you’re giving away. Normally the stuff you didn’t keep went to your two best friends Madelyn and Christian. If they didn’t like it you’d donate it to a women’s shelter in town. As you were cleaning up you got a call from your manager. Your phone was in the other room so you sprinted to go pick it up.

“H….H…Hello” You said catching your breath.

“God Emma, you need to start running some more.” Your manager Abigail said.

“Yes, I know I know.” You said. Abigail was your second mother, she made sure you were eating, doing work, taking care of yourself and having fun.

“Just a reminder that you have a meetup tonight at Sephora.” She said. Your face turned bright red in excitement and a smile widened across your face.

“I know!! I’m so excited!!!” You yelled in the phone.

“I know you are, so am I. Just be ready by 4:30, the car comes at 5.” Abigail said. You looked at the clock and it was 12pm giving you enough time to get ready and eat some lunch.

“Okay, thanks for calling! See ya soon girly!” You said.

“See ya!” Abigail said before she hung up. You immediately turn on a spotify playlist to get you pumped up. You started dancing around your apartment working up a sweat. You didn’t need to run, you just needed to jump around to old One Direction songs. You made your way into your kitchen and pulled out some leftovers from last night’s dinner with your friends and threw it into a microwave. A song you didn’t recognize came on your playlist, you walk over to your phone to see what it is.

“MAMA?,” You said not recognizing the artist or the song, “hmm, it’s still a bop.” You said keeping it on and dancing around to it more. More and More of the same artist came on so you finally decided to google them and learn more. You grabbed your laptop and plopped down on your couch looking up the artist BTS. Suddenly, 7 boys popped up on your computer all dressed in nice suits.

“Hot damn.” You thought to yourself. These boys were very nice to look at. You decided to start watching some of their music videos as you were getting ready for your event. You found yourself getting sucked into their world watching all the live shows and dance videos and random videos. They caught you and you weren’t struggling to get out.

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