My favorite relationship in the show is the parabatai relationship between Alec and Jace. Obviously Alec has his things going on and Jace has his things going on, so it’s tough for the two of them to come together so I’m hoping in the future that we don’t forget about the importance of that relationship because I really do think it’s written even in the books as the most profound relationship within this world, this unbreakable bond that’s for life. So hopefully we get to focus on that a little bit more in the future.
—  Dominic Sherwood about Jace and Alec relationship (x)
"Black hair and blue eyes are my favourite combination" - Magnus Bane

- William Herondale
- Dorian Havilliard
- Maven Calore
- Rhysand

… Same Magnus same.

  • Friends: Hey, you want to go out tonight?
  • Me: I can't. I have a date.
  • [Four hours later]
  • Me: *opens new book and pats it slowly.* I am ready to love you.
For ARMYs as a whole
  • I'm not even a RapMon stan but man honestly we don't appreciate this man enough. Have we forgotten that without the genius that is Kim Namjoon, we wouldn't have a Bangtan? The only one who's been there from the start, the most dedicated one, who very well and very easily could have left too.
  • And have we forgotten what a tough year he's had? Yes all of Bangtan has, but especially Kim Namjoon? The Red Bullet in NYC? The death threats? The false allegations of plagiarism? The hate from some bat shit crazy nutters (can't call them Exo-L's, no one who truly loves Kai would act like this) just because he had accidentally posted a meme of Kai (news flash fucktards, mistakes happen. And where did the meme come from, if not from fans who made it jfc)?
  • My point is that so much has happened and our LeaderMon has handled it all with a grace and calm that I admire and yet I find that we ARMYs don't show our love enough. How is it that that 10 minutes into Jin and Tae's respective birthdays and we ARMYs can get their birthday hashtag trending, that we can get #GetWellSoonSUGAandV trending but I have yet to see an influx of GetWellSoonRapMon messages?
  • What I'm getting at here is that can we please do something about this? Can we have like a fan project thingie like I dunno, maybe a RapMon appreciation week like we had for Jin? Something please??

The Supernova & The Dark Star  [ ]

Homeless - Marina Kaye, Arrival of the Birds & Transformation - The Cinematic Orchestra, Breathe Me - Sia, King And Lionheart - Of Monster And Men, Indigo Puff (Layla Rework) - Sundara Karma, Soap - Melanie Martinez, Addicted To Love (Robert Palmer Re Imagination) - Until The Ribbon Breaks, Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys, I Found - Amber Run, All I need - Radiohead, Crystalised - The Xx, Until We Bleed - Kleerup With Lykke Li, Angels - The Xx


Got these cute Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices and Throne of Glass (+ Rowan) magnetic bookmarks from Etsy. They’re great quality and so adorable, I love them. :)