“Mrs. Sarah J. Wilson, Bulls Gap, Tennessee. In addition to daily work around the home, she finds time to raise some cotton, carding and spinning it herself. She also does some hand-weaving.”, 10/22/1933

Series: Lewis Hine Photographs for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), 1933 - 1933Record Group 142: Records of the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1918 - 2000

March is Women’s History Month! Women have shaped this country’s history in more ways than we can count. Long before Rosie the Riveter joined the war effort in the 1940s, women earned wages to support themselves and their families. This series of posts celebrates the diversity of women’s labor, ranging from industry to agriculture to folklore and beyond.

In 1933, photographer Lewis Hine was hired to capture images of rural families who would be displaced by Tennessee Valley Authority construction projects. Here, Hine captured Sarah J. Wilson carding cotton that was raised on her land in Bulls Gap, Tennessee.

This month’s Women’s History series comes via Nora Sutton, one of our interns from the Department of State’s Virtual Student Foreign Service (VSFS) program. Nora is finishing her Master’s in Public History at West Virginia University this semester.

Lames? GuardianCorp? REALLY?!

So there are rumblings that Lena and James will, possibly, become a couple or something toward that end this season. Now, there’s only been two episodes aired thus far and, seemingly, only about 8 - 10 written so far, and there have been no confirmations from cast or crew other than James will get a love interest this season. I am no longer surprised by dumb decisions made by the CW, but this one would definitely be a very stupid decision on their part. 

Alright, first, let’s discuss optics. Currently, Katie McGrath’s performance as Lena has been one of the few universally praised parts of Season 2, and since SDCC, she has also been one of the few that has still been doing interviews. Outside of Melissa, she has seemed to become the go to person to interview. This is partially because the SG PR team realized what an asset they were wasting. She’s an experienced, charming actor who has the uncanny ability to be have both serious, meaningful answers paired along with a keen sense of humor that makes her rather endearing. (Seriously look up her interviews). As well, I’m guessing that she has probably been requested several times as she tends to trend on various social media sites even without having any social media accounts herself. Her popularity is in no small part because of the LGBTQIA+ fanbase she happens to have since her Merlin days. So, why would the SG writers decide to further piss off said fanbase by putting her character in a rushed, out of nowhere relationship with a male character? Not that it won’t happen at some point, but to do it after the SDCC debacle and with the sole single male character whose failed relationship with the show lead (who happens to be Lena’s best friend) has never been addressed (another point of contention among the SG fanbase). Again, it just seems like a really bad idea.

Outside of potential optics problem, the relationship, if it happens, makes no sense in the current narrative. James and Lena have had a total of, maybe, 5 minutes of interaction so far, and not even positive interaction. And, no I don’t count James’ supposed defense of Lena in episode 1 because that was tied to him defending CatCo against Morgan Edge, so not really an altruistic or friendly move. These two are at best civil antagonists, and, honestly, that’s all on James. He is the one with an issue that has not been actually resolved. First, his character has not explicitly, or even implicitly really, apologized to Lena for his role in her character assassination in Season 2 even after being proved wrong. Second, it is his ego that is being hurt/offended by Lena’s involvement when he could find some way of showing his worth or potential without being confrontational (also, Lena not using James’ experience is completely ooc that was obviously done for the sake of bullshit drama and cheap writing). So, at this point, these characters aren’t even friends, but will potentially become lovers by season’s end? 

Beyond that, why would Lena ever want to date James? No, seriously. I mean, yes, James is an attractive man, but so what? Canonically, the only confirmed love interest she’s had was a genius, millionaire, CEO/engineer who was trying to cure cancer. Comparatively Jack and James have nothing in common other than being not-white and having a name that starts with the letter “J.” Then the age gap between the characters (not the actors, the characters) is not excessive but still significant. Lena is 25 years old while James has to be, at best, in his mid thirties by now. I mean, he’s Clark’s friend and Lois’s contemporary and has won one of the most important awards in his competitive field, so I would put him at about 35 years. Once more, ten years is not a huge gap, but it would probably be of some concern as far as where they are in their lives, in particular if we consider the one good episode James had in Season 2 with Marcus and his focus on family. Furthermore, Lena just spent nearly a billion dollars to purchase CatCo. Is the brilliant, young, savvy, female CEO really going to start dating the former/interim CEO of the company she just bought after knowing him for a few weeks? Seriously? There is no conceivable way that someone who understands business and perception as much as Lena would risk that kind of maneuver, at least not for someone whom she doesn’t really have any connection or history with. 

(And for the few who will argue that I would have a different opinion if it was Kara, yes, I would. Context matters. While James and Lena have no history, connection, or even positive interaction, Kara and Lena have all that in spades and more. So, I believe Lena would, potentially, at least consider making a few riskier moves were Kara involved. She has in the past)

Truthfully, if the SG writers decide to go this route, it really just shows that they have no clue what to do with James as a character. I mean, a significant portion of the second episode was CatCo-centric and James was barely present. Hell, he was just there to antagonize Lena for supposed drama that was neither necessary or really present as Lena’s character never responded in kind, inadvertently making her seem the more mature and collected individual. He was completely wasted in Season 2, and the whole Guardian thing is pointless in the context of the Supergirl universe. Sure, it makes sense to have a superhero team when your main guy is just super fast or only shoots arrows really well, but not so much when she is the most powerful being on the planet and backed by the second/third most powerful being on the planet and a highly trained and funded government agency with years of experience. In light of all that, a dude in a tin suit really doesn’t work. 

If one of the intents this season is to make CatCo relevant again, then use the Pulitzer Prize wining journalist CEO. Hell, make James the buffer or middle man that covers Kara with Lena when she is constantly having to leave for Supergirl stuff. That would cause drama and probably be pretty amusing with James having to come up with more and more ridiculous excuses or Lena getting jealous (either from a romantic standpoint or from a platonic friend vies) of the relationship James and Kara seem to have and confronting one or both about it. Build the world with James investigating stories or even discussing the assignment of certain stories to his staff that leave Easter eggs or hints at the bigger world beyond the characters. There is just so much that the writers could do that would cost nothing and not be about bullshit, and mostly unwanted, romantic drama that would make James a relevant character once more. I kind of feel sorry for the character and the actor that plays him because of what happened with moving to the CW.

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Hi!! How big of a age gap do you think each member would date? Thank you!! Loving your blog btw💕

hello! again this is purely my opinion, so here goes.

Jin: I think he’d go for a younger girl, probably at least 2 years younger? The biggest gap he’d be okay with would probably be around 6 years, because any younger than that it’d be really awkward.

Suga: I see Yoongi definitely going for a younger girl. Someone who is more than 5 years younger than him. I don’t know why, I just feel he’d go for someone a lot younger. 5 years at the minimum, and perhaps 7 years at maximum?

Rap Monster: Namjoon could go both ways. But I don’t think there would be a very large age gap between him and his s/o, maybe around 3 years maximum? I don’t see him going for anyone 5 years younger/older and beyond, he’d probably be uncomfortable with the gap.

J-Hope: I believe Hoseok would end up with a younger girl as well. Pretty similar to Yoongi and Jin, I’d say. 2 years minimum, 6 years maximum.

Jimin: I think Jimin would be okay with both older and younger girls. Although he seems like he’d end up with a noona, I think he may end up with a younger girl who behaves like a noona as well. For him, the gap would probably be 5 years at maximum, for both older and younger.

V: I feel Taehyung would go for a younger girl, honestly. I don’t know why, but I feel pretty strongly for this? Taehyung totally seems like someone who’d end up with a ‘00 liner, I don’t know why. It just seems that way. But he’d be okay with dating someone his age, I suppose. but i imagine him ending up with someone 5 years younger than him idc

Jungkook: The members as well as Jungkook all said he’d end up with a noona, but I think he’d actually date someone younger than him. Jungkook is still young now, maybe that’s why he perceives a noona would suit him better, but as he gets along with age, I think he’d end up going for someone younger. Ideally, around 3-4 years younger.

my opinions can be totally wrong so meh i gave it a shot.

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Do you know of any fics where one of them is in highschool, while the other is in college/out of school? (no drastically big age gaps) thanks! ^^

These requests’ gonna end me one day you guys 

  • Atlas - there an age gap but nothing dramatic imo

check the high school / uni / college / age gap tags maybe ^^

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Unlike previous generations, millennials don’t need nor want three wardrobes: wear to work, recreation and going out. The casualization of the workplace has ostensibly shrunk their closet and their apparel spending when compared to the prior generation. The millennials dress more individualistically and are less likely to conform and buy into a current trend, making it tougher for apparel retailers to offer product that appeals to them… the priorities of the millennial consumer are much more focused on technology (the smart phone!) and experiences (travel and dining out), further heightening the shift in spending away from apparel.

Richard Jaffe, a business analyst at Stifel, as quoted in this Buzzfeed piece on the struggles of retailers like the Gap and J. Crew. The theory goes that most people (not just millennials) now want either luxury, aspirational stuff or fast fashion, and that the youth don’t care as much about dressing to fit in (although I think the crowds at cheap, on-trend clothing sources like H+M refute that a little).

As a borderline millennial with a desk job, I still pretty clearly demarcate my work clothing, my chillin’ clothing, and going out clothing. How about you?


Bts: You (their gf) have to go back to England because you were there for a gap year

J-Hope: J-Hope would be a bit more than upset. He would probably try to see if he could come with you, but once hee couldn’t, he’d give you everything he could so you two could talk, then sadly tell/wave bye to you.

“Um, I guess I woun’t be ablee to seee you for a while. Bye, I guess.”

Jimin: Jimin would take your goodbye the wrong way, really. He would pack all of his things and begin to roll it out to where you were, exclaiming that he was ready to go on the ‘trip.’

“Jagiya! I’m ready to go!”

Jin: Jin would be super upset at the fact that you had to leave. He would’ve gotten really attatched to you while you were there, and would have a bit of trouble holding back his feelings.

“I’m gonna miss you, Jagiya. Is there any way you can stay longer? Or we can meet up….?”

Jungkook: Jungkook would be a little upset that you didn’t tell him you were there on a gap year, and would lecture you about for a bit before telling you goodbye and that he’ll talk to you soon.

“I wish you would’ve told me earlier. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so sad if you had. Bye, Jagiya. I love you. I’ll talk to you tonight.

Rap Monster: Rap Mon would be a little upset, but try to see a way to where you two could meet again soon. He would let you go without a problem, but he would still be kind of unhappy.

“Okay, I guess. I’ll try to find a way we can see again. Bye. I love you.”

Suga: Suga would be upset about the idea of it that he would think you were joking, and walk away shaking his head and laughing, though he would know that you weren’t joking, and he would deal with it later.

“Nice one, Jagiya. So funny.”

V: V would be a little more than upset about it, but would force himself to smile so that when you went home, the most recent memory with him would be one of him smiling.

“I hope you have a safe trip home, Jagiya. I love you.”