I love how Naoki figured out Kotoko was pregnant even before she did.

After they -uh, you know-, the moonlight breaks through the clouds and shines directly on Kotoko’s belly and he realizes/hopes this means she’s pregnant. :’)
And then later when he keeps asking her if she’s all right, he looked kind of disappointed that she didn’t seem to be showing any signs and then, bam, she faints and behold, they’re going to have a baby.

Excuse me, I’m in a bit of emotional fangirl craze right now. These fictional pregnancies do things to me.

Just started watching a show on Netflix called “Samurai Gourmet” and it is so good! At first, I thought it was going to be a documentary style show, kinda like the shows on food network, but I was so wrong!

It plays out like a J-Drama but starring this adorable 60-year-old man trying to enjoy his retirement with his cute wife and finds the simplest things like the taste of ramen noodles, or cold beer in the middle of the day, like heaven on earth. All the while, imagining if he could be bold and fearless like this ronin samurai, standing up for himself and taking charge of his new life.

The HD quality on the food imagery is mouth-watering. Now I want to go out and eat all the Japanese food! How did they make plain white rice looks so delicious??!!! This show is so wonderful and wholesome! I highly recommend it!


Kin-chan breaks the news to a stunned Naoki that he’s jealous of Keita hanging around Kotoko.

I really love Kin-chan! Give him all the love <3 added brownie points for pointing out to Naoki what a blubber head he’s being.