People always shoot down my ideas and I’m sick of it. Two sentences in and everyone’s already shouting, “What the fuck that’s illegal,” or, “You can’t do that,” let me talk dear god!
—  Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, as if she acutally told people her ideas
  • Yurio: Oh, Pork Cutlet Bowl? He's an idiot, never like hi- (trips) (thousand of pictures of Yuuri fall out of his jacket)
  • Yurio: fuck these aren't- they aren't mine I just (is picking them up frantically) fucking just listen I'm holding them
  • Yurio: (trips again) fuck no listen I'm holding them for a friend- liSTEN
Feyre FINALLY Getting Rid of Tamlin:

Feyre: *reveals she’s been acting as a spy in the Spring Court for the Night Court*
Tamlin: I don’t understand why you could ever want to be with Rhysand over me! I know you love me!
Tamlin: That’s not true! I know you do!

People really like to be mad about shit before reading books

Let’s clear some things up about Mor and the Hybern royalty twins 




1. Some people are mad at Sarah for “suddenly” making Mor gay because they think there wasn’t enough “hinting” of it in ACOMAF. I’m here to tell you that if Mor didn’t want anyone to know that she was gay then Feyre wouldn’t have seen any hints. THE BOOKS ARE IN FEYRE’S POINT OF VIEW NOT MOR’S. Mor clearly didn’t want to tell anyone she was gay and wanted everyone to believe she was in fact interested in men. It’s impossible for Sarah to give hints about Mor because Feyre wouldn’t have noticed any. Do y’all understand what I’m trying to say? We have no idea what Mor was thinking, we only see the story through Feyre’s eyes. People don’t have to hint at their sexuality for it to be fucking valid. Although I am a bit disappointed with how Mor’s story ties at the end, I do hope we get to see more about her in the next few books related to these 3 since Feyre’s story is over after ACOWAR. I’m gonna be really sad if we don’t get to see where Mor story goes after ACOWAR.

2. If you’re mad because your ship sunk, i’m not sorry. The story is more than a ship.

3. AS FOR THE HYBERN ROYALTY TWINS and the whole “Sarah wrote that the twins might be asexual therefore they have no souls because they feel no passion” WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS LOL The entire paragraph was taken out of context. CLEARLY Sarah was referring to the fact that they have no souls because they serve the king of Hybern and help him with his crazy plan of destroying the humans. Which is true, the twins truly behave like they have no feelings at all and act very cruel towards others. This explains why Feyre said they had no souls. Them possibly being asexual has no correlation to them being referred as having no soul. I mean for fuck’s sake they killed 3 young teens just because Feyre told them not to. What else is Feyre supposed to think apart from the fact that they’re horrible? 

ACOTAR domestic headcanons

Ok here’s a list of domestic Nessian and Feysand headcanons because Sarah and I have spent like an hour just shooting headcanons back and forth and we’re both dead with feels at this point. Okay so just imagine:

- Feyre yelling at Rhys for leaving his socks on the floor and the cap off the toothpaste

-  Nesta bitching at Cassian every time he leaves shit laying around. “So you can command the night courts armies but you can’t be bothered to mow the lawn.”

-  Rhys and Feyre fighting about what movie to see. He wants to watch The Notebook for the 100th time. Because Feyre darling if she’s a bird he’s a bird. And Feyre just eye rolling for days. Rhys would totally watch the notebook and make love eyes at Feyre throughout the whole thing and recite every memorable quote to her

-  Nessian arguing about the heating because Nesta’s cold all the time and always has freezing hands and feet and would need the heating to be on high and Cassian would forever be a living breathing furnace and would keep wearing progressively less clothes and sweating his bat ass off as she turns the heating on higher

-  Cassian would get up in Nesta’s face too. “I train warriors all day and come home and cook dinner the least you could do is dry the damn dishes.”

- Cassian being quite tidy because of the discipline he’s had to learn while being in the illyrian camps and nesta being a bit messy and leaving stuff lying around because she’s had people cleaning up after her

- we all know Cassian would definitely cook every night because Nesta is probably able to burn water. He’d come back to the house half burnt down and she’d just scowl at him like it’s his fault she tried to cook.

-  Cassian never having lived with a woman forgetting to put the seat down.

-  Nesta would be a total disaster around the house though. She would learn how to do different chores but cooking would always be something she just can’t crack and she would just left him do it. But just imagine Cassian who’s had to do all this all his life teaching her how to do the laundry and how to properly keep a fire burning in the fireplace because she’s never done that stuff around the house before and she would get frustrated that she’s getting everything wrong and she would feel bad because she’d realise how difficult all of that is and how she’d always let Feyre do it before and he would just tease her to make her snap out of it like ‘the spoiled princess couldn’t get her nails dirty could she?’

-  The laundry she’d be constantly doing because they only ever seem to wear leather.

-  Azriel would just be telling Cassian everything Nesta destroys while he’s away. I hope you didn’t love that shirt because she shrank it. Good news she learned to make spaghetti. Bad news you need a new pot. Az and Amren would have little get togethers sharing secrets but they’d both act like they’re not gossiping cause they’re too cool to enjoy gossip but they’re actually living for the drama

-  imagine Nesta trying to surprise Cass with food when she accepts the mating bond and maybe she wants to make a big thing and she tries to cook or bake something and it’s just this massive fail and she’s close to tears and he’s so moved that he just takes a bite of the thing and eats it with a straight face and she’s hopeful that maybe it’s not that bad like ‘how is it?’ and cass just deadpans 'absolutely horrible, sweetheart’ but he swallows it anyway

-  And it will be his favorite food too because she asked Rhys. He’ll spend the first week of their mating bond having food poisoning.  He just shows up at the camp looking like he’s been through the war. Rhys will be like haha you must have been busy. Cassian just stares out and says I have food poisoning. She tried so hard to cook I couldn’t not eat it.

-  Elain would be like make him a flower crown Lucien loves it when I do that. He’s an army commander Elain I can’t just make him a flower crown. Nesta later: Umm here Elain helped me make this for you. He’d just look at it like it’s wonderful because she tried but has no idea what to do with it.

- So imagine Nesta Grumpypants Archeron with a mess of a flowercrown where half of the flowers are actually weeds but Elain’s too nice to say anything to her and Nesta just shoves it towards Cass and mumbles ‘hereyougoimadeyouathing’ and when he doesn’t answer immediabtely she’s just like ‘itsstupiditwaselainsideayoucanjustthrowitaway’.  And Cass would put it on just to find out there’s poison ivy or something in it. (ps if anyone wants to draw this, you would make @spelt09 very happy)

-  when they finally have sex Nesta’s going to be super freaked out. He’s gonna have to talk her through it. Constantly asking if she’s okay and if he’s hurting her. i’m always down for kinky nesta but her first time she would probably be freaked out of her mind and i can almost imagine her bracing herself and being like 'just do it’ and cass is like 'sweetheart it doesn’t have to be like that’ and just takes it slow and kisses her and maybe gives her a massage until she relaxes and is extra careful to her every reaction

- Nesta probably doesn’t really get how to flirt without attacking it’s never something she’s had to deal with and she doesn’t like / know how to be vulnerable and actually say nice things to him . The moment they go out in Velaris and girls start hitting on him she’ll probably start mentally comparing herself to them and be insecure.

- Cass is probably the rose petals, candles, and mood music kinda guy just to break the ice and give her something to laugh about. He’s definitely got 'moves’ that he uses just to get into girls’ pants (picture Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love he totally does the Dirty Dancing lift on bar hookups and him in a man bun humming along to Time of My Life) but when it’s someone he actually cares about he’d be so romantic