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Have you visited Ometepe Island in Nicaragua…global UNESCO Heritage Landmark island citation reads, “Ometepe Islands proves that man can live with nature without destroying nature”…the Nicaraguan culture has lived on Ometepe for 10,000 years, lots of cultural history since Ometepe was a Nahuatl spiritual site" notes J Ronald Reed Author of Craftsmanship Revival, Henry Holt, New York, USA…Reed owns investment property in Nicaragua

The Garage As Art

“People think the modern garage as a design element on the front of the house is new…but in fact people had the same problem in the 17th century…they owned horse drawn carriages “ says J Ronald Reed and he continues, “the art of designing the stable entry of a Villa as well as a garage door for our modern homes remains a special art form”.

modern lifestyle design solutions for a tropical vacation second home…a laid back, relaxed environment in a zone that is summer all year…Nicaragua and Cost Rica with 84 degree average daily temperature…“lots of beaches and over 6 million wildlife parks for hiking as well as rain forest National Parks to discover pristine nature tourism” says J Ronald Reed Author of Authentic Craftsmenship In Interior Design published by Simon & Schuster in Lodon…

DIYRemodel, Home…inspiration interior, “using a art wall…this is a good example of how to hide a walk in closet when you have a limited space that is narrow and long”, says J Ronald Reed, author of “Revival in Craftsmanship In Interior Designer” (Henry Holt NYC)…

“I first used this technique in a small apartment in Paris of Glorya Kaufman…and this is how I hide the entrance to the bathroom and closets…by combining two small, narrow, but long rooms into a extra long luxury suite”…

Dance Foundation gives $6 Million to Alvin Ailey Ballet School…Kids at Risk Out-Reach Programs

Glorya Kaufman, Carolyn B. Baker and J. Ronald Reed, the three founding members of the 501C3 Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation are in New York to attending the Gala Opening Night celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Alvin Alley Ballet company, dancer Hope Bonkin is standing next to Reed.

“Everyone gets caught up in the elitism of the ballet company, without the summer camps I would never have promoted the gift idea”, says Reed, he continuous, “ I saw Alvin Ailey dance when I was 15 years old …and I never forgot the experience…a farm boy from Northern California…it was an awakening”.   

“This gift for educational outreach funding is a dream-of-a-lifetime come true for me” states Reed.

DO YOU AGREE WITH REED?  That charity foundations should give to Community Educational Youth Programs and not elite and expensive Ballet presentations at city owned Music Centers?

Do You Advocate Education for Skid Row Kids at Risk?

Founding members of the 501C3 "Glorya Kaufman Dance Foundation“ above are J. Ronald Reed and Glorya Kaufman at the Inner City Arts School…being honored by City Artcofounder Bob Bates…of the awesome skid row art center recently visited  A gift of 1 Million to created the Glorya Kaufman Dance Studio.

"This represents a "20 year dream” states Reed, who began donating to Inner City Arts 20 years ago while he had offices in Downtown Los Angeles.  Reed is an advocate of using art, music, and dance movement for inner city youth and heis a recient of Los Angeles City Award of Excellence awarded by Los Angeles Conservancy.

Do you believe that free music, dance and art are good learning tools for kids at risk?  

? Do you have any ideas about educational help for youth?

Handcrafted Art Deco style entry designed by J Ronald Reed.  Reed is a member of the Art Deco Society International and was recently honored by the London Art Deco Society for discovering an unknown Art Deco Historic District within Granada, Nicaragua and 16th Century Colonial UNESCO world heritage landmark city.  

The Art Deco Society London is to publish photographs and assist Reed in publishing a Walking Tour Route that identifies both Art Deco Districts in Granada.  The findings are to be presented at the World Congress being held in 2013 in Havana, Cuba which is the focus of restoration efforts for Art Deco structures in the Caribbean and Central America.

Restoration finished of the historic ceiling artwork at the Virginia Robinson Gardens Estate in Beverly Hills, a California State Cultural Landmark…

The gardens are open to the public by staff from Los Angeles County Arboretum and The Friends of Virginia Robinson Garden Estate of Beverly Hills…restoration project completed by J Ronald Reed and Juan Sequeira Salas co-owners of the restoration company.

Do you love this Pavilion?

“Dario Hotel in colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua is a private residence converted into a small boutique hotel” says J Ronald Reed, a specialist in historic restoration, “the corridors, salons, rooms and gardens are all original.  You can stay at the Dario and genuinely enjoy the rich colonial Bohemian history of this city…where the Caribbean Pirates once inhabited.”

Granada is a UNESCO Heritage Landmark that is a lake port city on Lake Granada which stretches 110 miles and opens into the San Juan River where there are more than 6 Million acres of protected wildlife reserves for exploration.

Nicaragua is a major naturalism tourism location, adventure tourism like Puma Grater on Mt. Mombacho, a wildlife reserve set aside as a breeding grounds for Puma leopards…“located only 20 Kilometers from my home in Granada”, states Reed.

Fantasy Fashion Styles; Avant Garde is Theatrical and Flamboyant

Avant Garde fantasy fashion styles are an artistic rebellion (reaction) against existing political, social systems and traditional styles…experimental art in fashion. 

Just as Bohemian styles have surged in popularity as global banking and government corruption becomes headline news…

Bohemian style trends represent another form of “fantasy” fashion …worn by rebels of existing traditional styles…as a social comment of rejection of existing political systems and traditions…

Both Avant Garde and Bohemian fashion styles rely on theatrical and flamboyant edginess…Avant Garde is isolated by its structural qualities of experimentalism…white Bohemian styles relies on mix and match deconstruction of traditional fashion styles and a rejection of restriction of the traditional systems…

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J Ronald Reed and Juan O Sequeira-Salas:  restoration of the rotunda at the historic Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.  

Reed and Sequeira were presented with a California Heritage Honor Award as well as a Los Angeles Preservation Honor Award.  

The historic structure in listed on the National Register of Historic Places and listed as a Historic Cultural Landmark Building of the City of Los Angeles.  Have you gone to see the huge Dinosaur collection at the Museum?