j horse

If he doesn’t like being called J Horse,

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Don’t ever call him that

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He’s a beautiful man

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It literally feels like the sun is shining

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When he smiles

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Its radiant and soothing

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So can we please

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Love our Sunshine a little more?

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Let Jung Hoseok’s nickname be Sunshine?

The 9 o’clock Horses

Grandma used to tell us, when my sister and I were kids. That if we were not in bed before 9. The horses would come and take us away. 

There is very little info about them but I believe it’s a folk tale originating from Leistershire and is related to curfew threats to child labourers in the industrial era of Britain. 



What is one thing that makes J-hope’s girlfriend stand out the most?

namjoon: her laugh

yoongi: she laughs JUST LIKE HOSEOK and its so loud and strange that I feel like they are the same person

hoseok:  ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

jungkook: no, it’s her puns…she’s worse than hoseok hyung


taehyung: she’s a duplicate of j-hope, it’s a nightmare

jimin: she’s also a happy virus, so it’s always sunshine and light when they are both together 

seokjin: she always wants to help me cook and it just reminds me a lot of hoseok

hoseok: -batting his eyelashes and cupping his face cutely-

BTS scenario: Touching their dick in public


“Baby.Stop.” “Ahh!” “God, no ,keep going.”


“If you want to spent the rest of the night with a vibrator shoved up your pussy, you can gladly continue.”


“I want you as bad, but this is not the right place.” “Baby, don’t test my patience.”


“Babygirl, we both know what will happen if you don’t stop right now.”


“Continue. I don’t mind fucking you here infront of everyone.” “I’ll rip off your panties and make you scream my name.”


“Two can play that game ;)”


“Such a naughty girl.”  “I didn’t even touch you and you’re already dripping wet.”

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So I was watching BTS in Knowing Brothers and something caught my eye…

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When the AUA crew was trying to figure out each of the members nicknames, Hobi said how he hated his being “J-Horse”. He actually asked for a new one and it somehow broke my heart.

I’m aware it all started out as a simple joke but I feel like it’s something that is afecting his self-esteem in a lot of ways (we always talk about other members feelings but neglect Hobi a lot). We’ve known how he doesn’t feel as much appreciated as the other members and he is somehow taken for granted (take as an example all of those V Live mishaps in which he gets asked about the other members and his expresion turns into a puppy that just got kicked)

But I also know there are a lot of ARMYs that care for him and love him to dead. I know they would do anything to make him happy and feel good with himself so here’s what I suggest: as a fandom we call Hopie a “Sunshine”, but he might not be fully aware of it. Let’s keep that as his official nickname, let’s tone down the horse jokes and mean comments and give this ray of sunshine the love he actually deserves.

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*Sorry for the rant, I will forever protect my sunshine no matter what and do as much as I can to make him happy*

BTS reacting to you being hairy/ not shaved

“You’re not little and innocent anymore.”
“It won’t hinder me from eating you out.”

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“I’d rather deal with hair than this awful irritation bumps from shaving.”
“Let’s keep it that way.”

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“I didn’t expect you to look that sexy, Jagiya.”
“Let’s see what I can find in that little jungle of yours.”

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“It’s good to see what you really are - a woman.”
“You’re the sexiest when you’re comfortable with your body.”

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“I’m comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with, baby.”
“You look gorgeous.”

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“I love you going all natural.”
“Please never shave again.”

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“It makes you look more feminine.”
“This is such a turn on.”

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