j crew pants

Barry spends all week during one cycle working on a chemical mixture that would help the cotton-like creatures of this cycles planet stop overheating. He determines that they need a decolorizing agent to make them a lighter color that doesn’t attract sunlight and is harmless. However, since there’s only so much solution and a lot of civilians, the mixture is super potent.

Halfway through completing the mixture he spills a drop on his pants. He watches in fascination as it rapidly spreads across his pants turning them close to pure white instead of blue denim. It wasn’t really an inconvenience but it helped him discover that it had a funky smell so that’s cool.

He decides to take a lunch break and meets the others in the large open-concept kitchen lounge area of the Starblaster. Smelling fantasy stir-fry, he meets Taako, Lup, and Davenport talking and sits by Lup on the loveseat. Adjusting himself before looking at the group, he gets comfortable when all conversation suddenly drops.

“Barrold what the FUCK,”

Taako is the first to speak out of the slack jawed crew members on the couches. Lup’s expression is a strange spread of confusion, shock and interest; Davenport looks concerned; and Taakos expression can only be described as terror and a splash of rage.

“What’s wrong? I don’t-“

Everyone begins speaking rapidly and all at once.


“Is he sick?? Do humans do that?” Davenport has begun to panic looking at his crewmate. “Magnus and Lucretia never changed colors of their apparel when they were sick, but this is so unheard of for Barry! Barry, are you okay??”

“Babe are you okay? What happened?” Lup is the only one hiding her emotions for the most part. She still holds this deep concern in her eyes, but it’s for Barry’s well being.

“-Guys I really don’t even know how to respond to this, this is because my pants color?” He takes another look down at his ensamble. He’s now sporting his signature white shirt and red robe, but now with a pair of pure white jeans.

“YOUR FUCKING NAME IS BLUEJEANS, YOU WEAR BLUE JEANS, AND I KNOW YOU THINK ITS HOT WHEN MY SISTER WEARS DENIM. ARE YOU SICK, BARROLD?” Taako is practically climbing over the coffee table now in front of where Barry and Lup are sitting, right in Barry’s face. If he didn’t know any better he’d say he was close enough to see small tears welling up in Taakos eyes.

Davenport runs out of the room to get the resident cleric and the other humans, maybe they know how to help him.

Lup goes to hug Taako to calm him down as he whimpers about personal brand and how you don’t BREAK something like that Lulu, how could he break that it’s his own name! It’s like the easiest thing to not fuck up something must be wrong!

At this point Barry gets the message. For decades the crew had gotten so accustomed to Barry and his blue denim pants that it was jarring to see an outfit change. Frankly he was a little offended.

He could have contemplated his closet choices for longer if it wasn’t for Magnus barreling through the door and squeezing him, blubbering something about him being sick and how he’d help him get better if it was the last thing he did. Barry couldn’t have been more done with this situation as the whole room ran around with every member of the ship. Merle cast some spell on him that made him black out and it was three minute before anyone heard him snoring.

mrawesome365  asked:

I went on a limb and bought a pair of J Crew navy corduroy pants. Google images isn't helping out much. It's a new fabric for me so I'm not sure how to compliment it. Thanks!

Another great buy! With fall approaching wear them with a chunky shawl sweater. Maybe a beanie? Depends on what you have in your wardrobe. I like these options: