j's screenshots

So I’ve been watching Brave Police J-Decker and have been loving the shit out of it but I realized I’ve taken quite a few screenshots with observations and posted them on my twitter account (which you should totally follow), but not on here! So here goes. 

First, I noticed this little reference in episode one (and a couple others) to another famous robot police officer. 

Not to mention, I realized that Deckerd’s name is itself a reference to a sci-fi detective who may or may not be a robot himself. 

Then, there was this one episode where the bad guys concocted a gas that makes people believe really stupid things are cool, basically creating fads to make everyone look really stupid. 

Then it seems the group that subbed the show had some disagreement about one of the episode titles. 

Then in the same episode, we get one of the best explanations for a design element ever. 

Then I recently got to an episode where a panda grows to immense size (it’s that kind of show) and the show demonstrates an excellent self-awareness of its own nature. 

We also get the formation of a new religion which I’m sure many people would be into. 

Then, after they’ve gotten the panda to stop destroying the city, this 1994 anime semi-predicts the future of children’s media. 

And finally, McCrane has a really weird way of flirting. 

That’s all for now. last episode I watched was 20, so please no spoilers.