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Does Sarah J Maas not come to the UK anymore? She did a US tour for ACOWAR and now dates have just been announced for a US Tower of Dawn tour, as well. Meanwhile, those of us on the other side of the Atlantic are sitting here like:

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Lup finds, like, a gun. Like a big oldschool tommy gun. And she just points it up at the sky and just, like, unloads it. 

Just screaming like-


She literally finds another gun and, like, does it-

Count the shells! GRATATATATA

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This isn't really a question, just a comment. Jon and Sansa certainly have one of the more unexpected relationships in the show. I will say from reading the books prior to season 6 I always thought Daenerys' third betrayal/love/fire deal would be Tyrion betraying her to save Jaime but starting to think it'll be Jon who is her last treason, they'll hook up but he'll choose Sansa or his family as a whole over her....