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boy meets jhope’s body rolls


“Sarah J Maas left me the worst possible ending for both books…” 

“Friendly reminder that Rowaelin and Fehrhys are both separated…”

Can we stop acting like the endings of EOS and ACOMAF are THAT similar? These are 1000% different situations.

The ending to EOS is killing me because Aelin is locked up, in an iron coffin, alone and helpless, and Rowan is devastated and betrayed… it’s breaking my heart. 

But in ACOMAF, I know Rhys and Feyre are separated, but am I the only one who read this…

And so Tamlin unwittingly led the High Lady of the Night Court into the heart of his territory.

…and wanted to evil laugh out loud because Feyre is going to DESTROY Tamlin? 

I know Feyre and Rhys are separated. And Tamlin is a psycho. But seriously, he has no idea what is coming for him, and I love it.