supergirl season 1 appreciation week
day 3: why you love season 1

When you first came to live with us, my parents told me that you would be sad and fragile, having just lost your world, your parents, friends. But you never let that loss diminish your light. 

You’ve always had the heart of a hero, Kara, way before you put on that “S”.

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Mom I rewatched the season 1 ep where Jeremiah asks J'onn to take care of Alex and Kara and now I can't stop thinking about J'onn shapeshifting into some random person in the street or a kid at school to watch over the Danvers and make sure they were okay, I'm crying I love my space dad so much

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Im sorry, im a big fan of the whole “soul-manifesting-as-an-animal-companion-that-reflects-who-you-truely-are” thing.

Kara Danvers- Golden Retriever
Alex Danvers- European Badger (Delmi)
Hank Henshaw/J'onn- Polar Bear (Kahlan)
Winn Schott- Begal (Alliria)
Maggie Sawyer- Peregrine Falcon (Haniel)
Lena Luthor- Snow Leopard (Styrkur)
James Olsen- Artic Fox (Karasi)
Cat Grant- Golden Eagle (Koa)
Clark Kent- German Shepherd (Orzora)

(Can you believe I even named their daemons wow. Procrastination at it’s finest)

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HC that Sanvers are forced to take time off after the daxamite attack so they can deal with everything traumatic that happened over the past few months. They wake up the first morning and can't figure out what to do so they grab their guns for the shooting range but Kara is outside the door like "no You're supposed to be taking care of yourself" and that's how Sanvers end up in a self care class taught by their friends/family only to learn that J'onn is the only one who knows what self care is.

All of them need to do this tbh yes yes yes.

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joe, quentin, and j'onn: "what led us to this exact moment"

“I still need to understand what led us to this exact moment,” Joe said, dragging an unconscious, 3 year old Barry (clothed in his now mini-sized Flash outfit) and tucking him in next to the tiny Cisco and Iris. 

“I’ve learned a long time ago that it’s better to not ask questions,” Quentin said, grabbing the small (snoring) Oliver and dropping him onto the Star Labs bed. 

J’Onn jumped up, trying to grab the floating, sleeping Kara and put her back into the bed, and nodded, adding, “Just assume it’s metas or aliens - but for now - Professor Stein, we need your expertise, so can you help us?” 

The child looked up at the men, determination in his eyes. “Of course,” Stein said, munching on an animal cracker. “Right after nap time.” 

Send me a character + prompt and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic

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Mom i have this hc that when Alex is not saying anything and with this lost look in her eyes J'onn would read her mind bc what if smth is bothering her and that way he can say smth nice as the dad he is. so one day he does it again and Alex is thinking about Maggie and her laugh and her dimples and her abs and her mouth and just about Maggie and that's how Space Dad learns to stop reading his daughter's mind and how in love she is

And then there’s the time she’s thinking about cutting that laugh off with a kiss, the time she’s thinking about feeling that mouth on her chest, the time she’s thinking about her own tongue tracing those abs, and poor Space Dad has never wished so hard that Alex would think more quietly, dammit.

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Rating: Explicit
Words: 5908
Chapters: ½
Summary: “It’s not like they weren’t having sex. Lena was extremely satisfied when it came to the bedroom in almost every sense. Almost. Kara would touch her, and love her, and worship her. She used to count her orgasms and now, she really couldn’t keep up. Kara’s focus was entirely on her, and her pleasure. But Kara wouldn’t let Lena return the favour.” 


Lena recruits the help of Alex to dampen Kara’s powers enough to finally touch her.

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Act III of Surface by @ofendlesswonder is live!

Previously on SGVS:

“I’m a good person. I save people, I don’t deserve this.”

Oh Kara. Oh sweetheart. Hungover Kara is perfectly captured here by @supergaysupercat! Please show her some love in her tumblr ask box or on Ao3!

And now a preview of Act III:

Maggie was catching up on paperwork at the precinct when her phone rang, and she smiled at the name emblazoned across the screen, accepting the call and cradling the phone between her cheek and shoulder as she continued typing on her ancient computer.

“Danvers!” She must’ve said the name with a little too much enthusiasm, because her latest babysitter gave Maggie a look from the desk opposite hers, raising an eyebrow in interest. Maggie rolled her eyes and turned away before adding, “I thought you forgot all about me.”

She hadn’t heard from Alex since she’d gotten her security clearance at the DEO, despite the apology drinks she’d promised her. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing – she was terrified Cadmus would find out about that clearance and her new association with Supergirl, and maybe a little distance was what Maggie needed to clear her head and get over her growing feelings for this woman.

Not that it was working, considering the number of times Maggie’s thumb had hovered over Alex’s name in her contacts the past few days.

“Forget about a girl like you? Never,” Alex said, and how was Maggie supposed to stay away when Alex’s voice was enough to brighten her day?

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