Star Trek alphabet meme: Favourite species 

J - J'naii   

The J'naii are a genderless, androgynous race. However, occasionally, individuals are born who have urges for maleness or femaleness. This is considered a form of sickness by their government. Any individual suspected of having such gender identity can be taken into custody and a psychotectic therapy is used to change their gender identity to androgyny.
This resulted in a subculture forming inside J'naii society where the gender-oriented individuals search each other out in secret, to express themselves and their love for each other through the gender roles. This minority always lives in fear of being discovered. x

The J'naii appear in TNG “The Outcast”, where female identifying Soren and commander Riker fall in love. Jonathan Frakes would later criticize the decision to cast women in the roles of the J'naii, as a love affair shared between two men would have made the statement of the episode stronger. x

Gender and Identity in Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a well-respected genre of media ranging from invasion movies of the 1930s to the long running and in depth television series that is Star Trek. The genre is known for tackling hard issues and being a wonderful place to pick apart ideas that the greater society considers “normal.” Whether it’s a culture clash with aliens by way of relationships, hierarchies, religion, war, or…

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True Reflections - a short ST drabble

Several weeks ago, I had the idea for a Star Trek OC, a genderfluid J'naii [link for those interested]

not-the-hawkguys tasked me with writing a fic for them. And while it falls masivly short of the 10k word challenge, I think it makes a pretty decent character introduction.

For reference sake, the characters of Elnore Hawk is based on not-the-hawkguys, while Nelle (the central character) uses zie, zir, & zirself pronouns

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