when your parents burst into your room like they’re trying to find you cheating on them with another set of parents 

Cassian & Rhysand Sparing:
  • *Rhysand and Cassian sword fighting in the training room, while Azriel watches on the side sharpening a blade*
  • Cassian:*deflects a blow Rhysand made to his left* You know Rhys, though it's not great Feyre got taken by Tamlin... *Thrusts his sword towards Rhysand who deflects it with ease*... A plus is that we do get to spend more time... *twists and blocks another blow to his left* ...with you not sitting around like a needy loverboy.
  • Azriel:*Looks up from sharpening his sword and shakes his head at Cassian*
  • Rhysand:*knocks Cassian's sword out of his hands and pins him by the neck to the wall*
  • Rhysand:TAKE IT BACK NOW.
  • Cassian:Did I touch too deep at loverboy's heart?
  • Rhysand:*Nostrils flare and eyes harden as he releases Cassian*
  • Rhysand:*Throws Cassian's sword at him*
  • Cassian:*catches it by the hilt*
  • Rhysand:Lets spar again and you'll soon learn what a "loverboy" will do in defense of his MATE.
  • Azriel:*sets down his sword to watch* This outta be interesting...