Hier, j'avais mis ce nouveau sweet et quand je suis revenue du boulot, mon homme me dit qu'en plein soleil, on voit à travers ! C'est vrai ? Ils ont bien dû se marrer au travail (PS: j'avais pas de soutif) 😲😲😲

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Question, if you guys can answer, whats a good response to "i treat everyone equally/i hate everyone equally"? This one guy i was talking to was saying that he calls japanese people "j*ps" when not in school, and then went on to say that he wasnt racist because he hated everyone equally, and that he trated everyone equally bad. How do i counter that argument?

“Unimaginative comeback, still racist.”


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What would being stuck in traffic with J be like? Ps I love you and your writing ❤️

A/N: so I went my own way with this one & I’m so sorry if you hate it, love ❤️-

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Jared was able to take the Lamborghini home for the weekend in order to take his method acting to the next level and because he really wanted to take it for a late night spin.
I sat in the passenger seat of the luxurious ride and looked over and me green haired man, his jaw clenched as he sped down the open highway, occasionally letting out the laugh he had been trying to perfect.
I felt the car slow down quickly and as my eyes met the road again i was met with a pile up of traffic.
Jared rolled his head back and let out loud groan.

“Jared, you don’t need…” I place my hand on his arm.

He shoots me a look to tell me he’s just playing with his characters boundaries. The method acting as The Joker has taken quite a bit to get used to, everything changes to an extent but he still is there so he knows if he really needs to break character he will.
For this role it’s been fun, he’s witty and his sarcasm is at free reign, it’s always interesting to see how he brings himself into each role.
It’s also hard to not let certain things run off while he’s in these roles.
With The Joker, things are much more risqué than we usually are but I love it. I also have a hard time not letting myself get into my own character.
Like now.

Jared slams his hands on the steering wheel with a smile on his face he revs the engine. I slowly reach my hand over his lap and begin rubbing his dick.

“Ah, baby girl, you’re always ready to play!” He groans as he looks down at my hand.

“I just want to take your mind off this traffic, daddy.” I unfasten my seatbelt and position myself.

I unbutton his pants and pull his fully hard dick out, another groan is received as my hand wraps around him, giving him a few strokes before I place his tip between my lips.

“Don’t tease daddy, be a good little slut and I’ll make sure we make it home safely.” He shifts in his seat as I lower my mouth on him.

I slowly begin the motions, my tongue pressing against him as I slide him out of my mouth, only to slide him to the back of my throat again.
His hand is tangled in my hair and he lets out low groans with each movement, I can feel him holding back his want to thrust his hips as my mouth moves slowly.
I feel the car move slightly and I go a little faster, he gives a sharp inhale as I gag every so often trying to deep throat him in this position.
My hands wrap around the base of his dick and I love them with the rhythm of my mouth.

“Don’t stop! Prove to daddy you’re the perfect slut!” He purrs and groans as I use my tongue more and hollow my cheeks around him.

I can tell he’s getting closer by the grip he has on my hair and the more frequent groans. I keep my pace and use my hands more, reaching down and massaging over his balls he grips harder and moans louder.

“Fuck!” He whispers, quickly breaking character.

Within the next few seconds he tenses up and fills my mouth, I swallow with every twitch his dick gives off.
As I pull my mouth off him I give it one last suck, his breath shaky as he releases it.
I sit up and buckle up my seatbelt, I look in front of us and all the traffic is gone.
He adjust himself back in his pants with a grin on his face as he puts the car back in drive.

“Are you fucking kidding?” I laugh and wipe the sides of my mouth.

“I honestly don’t know which side of me enjoyed that more. I wasn’t going to try and ruin it either.” He smiles and speeds off.

My back hits the seat and I laugh again. He reaches his hand over to mine and locks our fingers together.
I watch the night sky as we speed through my LA or his Gotham.

Love Letters: Mr. & Mrs. Chilton 11 💞


Dear Freddy,

My darling, wonderful husband. You shouldn’t be surprised, of course I love you dear heart. You are my soulmate, and you make me so happy.

You are more than I could have ever hoped for in a partner, there is no one as special as you. No one who is more loving, more devoted, more right for me. And who is proud of me whatever I do.

Oh sweetheart, I miss you so very much I am trying not to cry. It is so hard to be away from you, even these few days. It is as though a part of me is missing.

I am so glad I will see you again tomorrow evening. I cannot wait to run into your arms, to have you hold me tight. To once again be dizzy from your sweet kisses, your gentle caresses. The way only you look at me, making me feel like a precious gem.

I suppose you are right, but I hate getting so upset. Dear heart I am so blessed to have you to comfort me, when before I had no hand to hold, no sweet voice calming me. I know with you by my side I will be okay, no matter what. My darling prince.

And you know I will always take care of you too sweetheart. You are everything.

I am sure Cheval misses me too, and is making sure you are alright too. She loves us both darling.

I am going to try and sleep, although I am so anxious to see you, my heart can’t seem to slow down. It feels as though it has been months not a week. I ache to be with you again. Tomorrow cannot come soon enough.

All of my love, J.

Ps: Get ready to be tackled at the airport. I may not be able to contain my excitement. I love you so much Freddy.

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The book, I mean. How was it?

It’s a well-written book that should be on the Must Read list of anyone interested in Japanese literature. Did I enjoy it? No. It’s a bleak book. When it comes to existentialist angst, I prefer other authors: Camus, Sartre, Dostoevsky, T.S. Eliot, Kafka, Rilke, Hesse, J.M. Coetzee, etc.

PS: We’re talking about No Longer Human by Osamu Dazai, in case you’re interested.

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Quand mon seul talent c’est de savoir faire des muffins plutôt bons, et que la seule personne que je séduis c’est le vigile du Monoprix du coin.

On est pas sorti d’affaire croyez-moi.
(PS 1 : j’ai eu des baskets ultra super méga belles pour mon anniversaire et c’est génial et j’adore mes potes, et j’ai aussi eu un sweat avec marqué “feminist” dessus alors clairement je me sens plus)
(PS 2 : je sais aussi faire des tartes aux poireaux et au fromage donc épousez-moi)
(PS 3 : frenchpatate est mignon et je compte bien le prouver, et d’ailleurs flash info : il est impossible de se photographier dans un miroir entièrement sans avoir l’air débile, si vous pensez le contraire prouvez-le moi)

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Pour les "soft summer prompts" j'aimerais bien que tu fasses "Fireworks" parce que BH et AM devant un feu d'artifice fkfkfkdkzkzozoxj ps : j'adore ton blog, tout ce que tu fais les prompts/montages/etc chb.. J'ADORE, MERCI! ❤

Aaawwww merci ! Ca fait vraiment plaisir, c’est trop chou !! Bon, cette requête revient avec insistance :

Et comme je viens d’avoir une idée, allons-y !

Pour la première fois depuis longtemps, ils avaient pu passer le 14 Juillet ensemble, sans rendez-vous, sans présence à une célébration officielle quelconque, sans contraintes.

La journée avait commencée par une grasse matinée suivit d'un petit déjeuner au lit avec des tartines bleues, de confiture de myrtilles, blanc, du beurre salé, et rouge, de confiture de fraises, des croissant avec du jus de fruit de la coopérative de la ville et, bien sûr, du café et du thé, leurs deux boissons favorites.

Sur la place du village et sur la pelouse du terrain de foot communal, quelques festivités faisaient vivre cette journée de fête aux habitants et ils prirent part, excités comme des enfants à la fête foraine. Ils étaient ensuite allé au restaurant, un établissement familial et à la bonne franquette que le Bressan adorait et que le Breton avait découvert avec tout autant d'appréciation et d'appétit.

Puis ils étaient rentrés, repus d'un repas bon et copieux. Ils s'étaient lus des poèmes, avaient regardé un peu la télé et avait fait une sieste, l'un contre l'autre, laissant le chant des oiseaux les bercer.

Ils étaient désormais là, dans la pénombre, à pique-niquer au sommet du Mont Beuvray, dans l'embrasure de l'ouverture de leur tente. C'était Arnaud qui avait eu l'idée. Il savait que la vue était imprenable de là-haut et qu'ils pourraient observer les feux d'artifice de la fête nationale sans personne autour, simplement eux.

Ils regardaient l'horizon, la nuit se lever, jouaient aux cartes, lisaient ou, tout simplement, discutaient en attendant l'arrivée de ces explosifs multicolores dans le ciel.

L'air s'était adoucit, et Benoît entra dans la tente pour fouiller dans ses affaires avant d'attraper un pull. Quand il reprit sa place, le Bourguignon plaça instinctivement un bras autour des épaules du plus jeune, le ramenant à lui et à sa chaleur corporelle. En embrassant son front, il remarqua une inscription sur le pull de son amant :

I Love Frangy ?

“Je l'ai acheté à la boutique de souvenirs de l'office du tourisme. Il te plaît ?”

“Evidemment. Rien ne me fait plus plaisir de savoir que tu aimes les lieux qui me sont chers.”

Il prit sa main et entrelaça ses doigts aux siens.

“Tant que je suis avec toi, n'importe où me va.”

Ils se sourirent, frôlant leur nez de droite à gauche. C'est à ce moment-là, perdu dans leurs gestes d'affection, qu'ils entendirent les premières explosions célestes. Ils tournèrent la tête pour regarder le ballet aérien et coloré. Sourires aux lèvres, leurs têtes emboîtées l'une contre l'autre, leurs bras tout autour d'eux, dans un cocon aimant et réconfortant, chaleureux. De mémoire, ils ne se rappelaient plus un 14 Juillet aussi heureux et serein.

cast of original Castle paras

(…as in, the ones my brain created by itself, not the ones who i adopted from existing fiction or real life, unless the para has become so developed independently from their source that they now better suit my Castle than where they authentically came from. when necessary to include them in the casting, i elected to replace their names with a title associated with them in capital letters, such as EMPEROR, and occasionally included the first letter of their name, such as EMPEROR’S SON, J.)

(ps: some paras’ names are repeated. this was done on purpose, as many paras belong in multiple categories.)

(pps: the names get blurrier as you read lower, as many of the minor paras don’t have names or have changing names. a (?) next to a name indicates the para does not have any consistent or coherent name yet. when someone says their name, in my head it comes out garbled, like speaking underwater or shouting over loud wind. instead i get a sensation of a name, like a blend of colors and feelings, but that may be due to my synesthesia.)

MAIN PARAS (aka the full SquadTM):

anika ashbourne / aunikah ashbourne / angelica ashbourne / sparr / christopher dare / alexandra thorne / arista jane sparks / jace / dashen / aidan 

RIDERS (aka Baby Squad):

renesmee ride / ashton ride / everlyn ride / arden / dael / rose / blue moon / day / terra / ambelaine / ambra (also called amber)


jesse thorne / serafina lyons-thorne / jason “bluejay” thorne / aria thorne / miles thorne / iris thorne / taylor thorne / clara / ambra (also called amber) / anika ashbourne / aunikah ashbourne / angelica ashbourne / alexandra ash-thorne / aviva thorne / henry 


h(?) lyons / e(?) lyons / john lyons / serafina lyons / annabelle (also spelled anabel) lyons


david dare / am(?) dare / christopher dare / ray / alexis


aryan sparks / aviva sparks / avan james sparks / aaron jade sparks / arista jane sparks / andrew sparks / jackson sparks 




DELLS, C / Nevera / DELLS, F / Nevien / Rose / Ember (doesn’t actually exist) / DELLS, N / DELLS, B / DELLS, G / Clara


david(? or daniel?) / grace / thalia / georgia (also called quest) / nico / d(?) / ad(?) / miranda / lucy (also called leyla) / anne (also called anna) / mary / declan / astrid 

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Notre premier amour nous manquera toujours (malheureusement) quoiqu'on fasse quoiqu'on vive, peu importe avec qui on sera, cette personne nous manquera jusqu'à la fin des temps. Ca ne nous empêche pas d'aimer à nouveau de vivre avec une autre personne et même de créer encore plus avec elle. Tu sais un jour ça va s'atténuer un petit peu, et ça deviendra respirable ce manque. Et tu n'y pensera presque plus. Ps: J'aime beaucoup ton blog et tes écrits. Je te souhaite d'être pleinement heureuse.

Je te remercie pour ce beau message. Je sais bien que notre premier amour nous manquera toujours et que ça finira par passer. Aujourd’hui, elle me manque parce qu’il y a des choses que je faisais seulement avec elle et que j’ne fais plus aujourd’hui, c’est un tout qui me manque. Mais pourtant, j’ai quand même réussi à trouver une autre personne et ressentir à nouveau des sentiments, être de nouveau heureuse. A chaque nouvelle relation, on aime la personne d’un nouvel amour, ce sera jamais plus ou moins fort. C’est différent. Grâce à cette personne qui me rend heureuse, j’ai réussi à vivre avec ça, avec ce manque. Le manque est devenu supportable, même si des fois, la nostalgie reprend le dessus. 

Ps: Je te souhaite aussi le bonheur. Qui es-tu ?