j’ai tué ma mère


Francois & … ‘J’ai tué ma mère’ director Xavier Dolan:

- My name is Xavier Dolan and I have a role I would like to offer you in my first film. Would you like to come for a coffee with me? - No.

François Arnaud laughs while describing the anecdote in a café in Outrement. “Xavier looked about 12 years old. I didn’t know who he was or what he wanted from me, so yes it’s true, I refused to go for a coffee with him.” The story could have stopped there, but along with Xavier Dolan’s stubborness and François Arnaud’s intuition, a few days later François received the script for J’ai tué ma mère. “When I read Xavier’s script, I wanted to launch into it straight away. It was original, well written, trippy (…) As for the rest, I said to myself that if ever this film got made, only around 45 people would go and see it. I didn’t imagine the encredible buzz that would arise around this film.“ [x]