Everyone’s classic mode ending picture is like of funny or cool pictures they can do like:

Ness has his whole gang and that’s awESOME LOOK AT THem.


Villager and Isabelle casually fishing up Jörmungandr and subsequently ending the world as we know it.

Richter getting roasted by Vince.

But then there’s Wii Fit Trainer’s picture:


Day 107: Jormungandr (Request)

Rating Loki’s children from least fave to most fave:

Vale and Narfe- only mentioned in ragnarök story. appear to have been human shaped before being forced to fight to death shaped like wolves. who the hell even are these guys? guts of one of them bind Loki. negative. least fave.

Sleipner- is horse. fine and all. has 8 legs. but still a horse. neutral feelings towards sleipner.

Fenrir- brash gigantic monster wolf. has a bad personality. is the ancestor of all wolves though which is good. Fenrir is op of all wolves pedigree tree. is also a lil dumb. vaguely positive towards Fenrir

Hel- now we are getting somewhere! godess of death. has her own realm in Helheim. very chill death god tbh. might look spooky (body is half dead) but is tbh not the worst place to end up in the afterlife. Her halls have an eternal feast. minus points for the plates and eating utensils in Hels Halls being named starvation, plague and crop failure and such like. I now you are goth Hel but please

Jörmungandr (midgårdsormen)- I can not praise jörmungandr enough. There has never, and never will be, such a great earth encircled gigantic serpent. Everyday jörmungandr protect us humans from accidentally crossing the borders of midgård. important job! outside of midgård, midgård is the name of the realm were humans lives, are many realms, like utgård, that are dangerous for humans. I love our great serpent protector. constantly include him on my runestones. best gigantic snake ever. also, jörmungandr is not known for his smarts, so he poses no real threath to humans. best Loki child ever. five stars out five stars.  

Hail Loki Hail Loptr! Hail to the Mischief maker! Hail to the Blood Brother of Odin! Hail to you, friend to Thor! Hail to you, husband of Sigyn and Angraboda!

Loki help us to laugh. Help us to laugh at ourselves and at life! Help us to speak the truth even when people aren’t ready for it or do not want to hear it! Help us to recognize the chaos in life and in our lives! Help us to not let the chaos in our lives rule us but to use it to our advantage! Hail Loki!

Hail Hel! Hail to you, Mother Hel! Hail to the daughter of Loki. Hail to you, Mistress of Helheim!

Mother Hel welcome in our recently departed friends and family! Help give them the rest they have earned! Hel help us to recognize that our loved ones are not gone but they are cared for & waiting for us! Hel, you teach us that the afterlife is not a bad place. Help guide our actions so we can lead a good life in right action so we may see our ancestors and loved ones when it is our time to cross that threshold! Hail Hel!

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