jérôme boateng

Signs as Bayern footballers
  • Aries: Joshua Kimmich
  • Taurus: Jérôme Boateng
  • Gemini: Arjen Robben
  • Cancer: Thomas Müller
  • Leo: Manuel Neuer
  • Virgo: Philipp Lahm
  • Libra: Franck Ribéry
  • Scorpio: Satandowski
  • Sagittarius: Mats Hummels
  • Capricorn: Xabi Alonso
  • Aquarius: Douglas Costa
  • Pisces: David Alaba

Q: Like your brother, you had a choice of playing for Germany or Ghana, your father’s homeland. He chose Ghana, you Germany. Why?

A: For me, it was Germany from Day 1. It is where I grew up, played for the youth teams. I do feel my African side, but I’ve always wanted to play for Germany. Every player must know for himself, you can’t look in their heads. Some maybe have more feelings for the country where they were born or where they’re more comfortable, like myself. To me, it only made sense to play for Germany.


thought it was a good idea to share this video of jerome talking about his teammates