jérôme bigot


This just feel so vaguely transphobey I just can’t ugh nope okay dude I was born a guy, I identify as a guy, I was just assigned female at birth But yes I am trans


…. I love knowing last minute that some members of the step family will be coming at home tonight when my parents are away so /I/ will have to take care of them

… Between that and the election, if you hear me yell tonight please don’t mind me

i have a really disturbing 50+ classmate.

when my sister saw him, she told him to be aware because he looked viscid and a pervert. it seemed silly so i gave it no thought.

some time after that, though, one night, while everyone was getting ready to go home and no one was paying attention to him, he snapped a pic at the teacher. i’m not kidding you. i was looking and i thought he was taking a picture of some furniture (?) but he placed the focus thingy on the teacher. the male teacher. and then he smiled like he just managed to rob a bank unnoticed or like a 12 yo girl who got a snap of her crush—he didn’t notice that i noticed.

and tonight, i think i caught him in the act of taking a photo of me. i suddenly heard the snapping sound, and he started saying ‘this phone wow what is doing this is crazy’ like it was not his doing. i think he forgot to shut the sound off and he tried to snap a picture, but i slightly turned towards him so he stopped.

and when we got out of school, he started commenting about the fact i was letting my beard grow. to which i answered “wow, you must really look at me a lot,” and he started babbling excuses. he tried again to throw his jokes at me about how i seem confused because i keep changing look (?!) and i told him something along the lines of “you seem to think about this so much, are you going to think about it all night?” he kept asking why but i didn’t answer and finished it off with “well, i’ll be very wary from now on.”

goes to google how do you deal with a 50+ catholic pervert who creeps on you

The thing is that you CAN calmly explain to someone who is ignorant/hateful and change their opinion.

But how many times can you see the same ignorant/hateful crap and be calm and explain the same thing over and over?

At some point it is other people’s responsibility to educate themselves, not the job of minorities to constantly educate. 

I’m pretty sure my entire maternal extended family thinks I’m a lesbian which is…. a thing…. but as long as no one actually thinks I’m a heterosexual I’m good I guess


queer and tatted.
always running
my shadow.

but SHE
stopped chasing me
some time ago.

a tranny.
that’s something
i can be.

yet, i cannot bare
to stomach
what you’ll call me.

dare to call me
a woman…
or a faggot,
i’ll fuck you up real quick.

bet you thought you
were funny.

bet you thought you
were slick.

truth is,
you just make me sick.

imma be real for a sec &. say … appearances are a big part of deciding whether or not i like a character or not. i think it has something to do with me being an artist / very VERY visually inclined but if i don’t like how a character is presented / drawn / etc then i dont like them ?? i mean if i can look beyond their design &. adore them for their personality / background then that’s another story. but it’s all about the looks when making the initial decision if i like them or not.

So I started watching Ajin

and I can’t help but feel like Kei’s mother’s insistance that he not associate with Kaito is because Kai has Anime Protagonist Hair. 

Like, she’s seen this before. She KNOWS. And her son will be an upstanding citizen, not an Anime Protagonist Sidekick, getting dragged into other dimensions, yelling about teamwork from the sidelines. Her son is going to be a DOCTOR, not the guy who gets into a dangerous situation so that the Anime Protagonist can get Fired Up About Friendship.

Reblog if you believe gender fluidity exists

I got into an argument today after school between some people who were completely for transgender folk and support homosexuality to a full extent, but were completely throwing aside gender fluid people, and claiming they cannot exist.
I want to prove them wrong.

Edit: I showed them this post at 5,520 notes, had another heated argument, but managed to convince one of them that gender fluidity is an actual form of gender identity and they apologized. Two others are still mad at me, but I want to let all of you know how much this means to me, and how much help you all are. xx