guys guys okay hear me out

amnesiac!lance with a twist

i have like this vague idea, so what if something happened and lance woke up with amnesia, except the thing is, he remembers everyone else, but not who he actually is. and like, yeah he remembers everyone else but not who they are to him. like hunk is the brilliant engineer + chef, pidge is the super scientist who disguised herself as a boy to hack into the garrison, shiro’s the guy from the kerberos mission who disappeared, keith is the best pilot of his garrison, and so forth, but he doesn’t remember who these people are to him. he doesn’t remember that hunk is his best friend, or that pidge is practically his little sister, or that shiro is his hero, or that keith is his,,,,rival,,,guy,,,person. and he doesn’t know who he is, like at all. he doesn’t remember where he came from, or his family, or anything like that. he doesn’t really recall how he was before the incident, so his personality changes drastically, and he also doesn’t remember being crazy insecure like he was, because he doesn’t even remember what made him so insecure. and just imagine him slowly regaining his memories, but kinda pretending he’s not, because when he starts remembering who he is, he starts remembering how miserable he was and all the bad things he thought about himself and all the times he’d ‘screwed up’ and all the times his teammates had brushed him off and said mean things to him. and his teammates are being so nice and patient and understanding with him now, but it’s only because they think he doesn’t remember anything and they don’t wanna freak him out/overwhelm him. so he pretends he doesn’t remember anything because he doesn’t want things to go back to the way they were and he doesn’t wanna feel useless again

i could probably expand on this if y'all wanted but anyway yeah you’re welcome