Newt Scamander Imagines

Based on this post, it’s just the first part, I’ll make several of these, so stay tuned.

Part 1: Making Plans for tonight:

You locked your flat door as you made your regular walk to the Ministry of Magic where you worked. And as you walked down the stairs, and towards the main door, you felt rather peculiar that day. You knew something was going to happen, but you couldn’t figure out what, and didn’t give it much thought. As soon as you walked out of the building, you saw your neighbour, Newt Scamander. You saw him across the street, leaving his flat building.

“Oh, he’s back” You muttered to yourself, thinking how it had been almost a month since you last saw him and assumed he was away doing research as he regularly did.

He spotted you and waved at you shyly. You smiled and waved back at him, thinking how cute he was. And as you resumed your way to work, he called your name, echoing on the street. You turned around, as saw him lightly jogging towards you. You fixed your blue and silver scarf, playing with the strings at the end of your scarf.

“Hey Y/ N” He sighed. “H-how are you?”

“Hello, Newt. I’m good, thank you. How are you? It has been a while since I last saw you aroun‘ere”  you smiled back at him.

“Oh, you see, here and there. But I’m good, thanks.” He spoke quickly. “Good, really good. Hey, Y/N can I ask you something?” He looked quite agitated that morning, and felt a bit worried for him.

“Sure, Newt” You noticed how his cheeks began turning bright pink, as he looked at the floor nervously.

“I was wondering…” He began, holding his Hufflepuff scarf, twisting it. “I was wondering if may-maybe” He took a deep breath, and shut his eyes closed. “If maybe you wanted to have dinner with me tonight” He blurted, his face turning bright red.

You stared at him in awe, feeling so heart warmed by his clumsy, shy self. You couldn’t help but smile and giggle.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” You asked, covering your mouth with mouth your hands, trying to hide your excitement.

He looked at you but moved his eyes to his boots at once. He inhaled loudly, and muttered a low “yes” hesitantly, still looking at his feet. You smiled at him.

“I would love to” You answered, as he looked back at you, smiling shyly. “How about 6-ish? When I’m back from work”

He nodded excitedly, and bowed gently.

“Yes, yes. Of course. 6 is good. I-I’ll be there” He muttered. “Thanks Y/N”

“Thank you, Newt” You answered. “I have to go now, but I’ll see you tonight” Your voice was soft, as he looked at you once more and nodded.

“Sure, I’ll see you tonight. Good bye, now” He muttered, turning around and walking back to his flat building.

You watched him walk across the street, smiling to yourself, thinking that you were going to have dinner with Newt Scamander tonight. You turned around, heading to the Ministry, when Newt called your name. You turned around, and saw Newt, standing in the middle of the street, still with his cheeks all blushed.

“I-I…” He began “You look really cute with your scarf!” He shouted, complimenting your scarf. “Please, wear it, tonight. If you want, of course!”

You looked down at it, and smiled. Then, looked up at him again, and giggled.

“Of course I will! Thank you, Newt! I really like yours!” You answered back at him, as he grabbed his scarf and began twisting it again. He smiled shyly, and waved at you, as he continued his way back to his flat.