Vea: “It’s funny here.”
Safael: “Funny?
Really? From all the words funny?”
Vea: “Hey, what’s wrong with it?”
Safael: “Well, I would use completely different word…”
Vea: “Which is?”
Safael: “Uh, well I’d call it…”

“…the time when I want to kiss you but I’m not confident enough to do so…”

Safael: “…Ok, funny is nice.”
Vea: “Nice? You’re calling funny
nice? Really? From all the words nice?”
Safael: “Stop teasing with me.”
Vea: “Because what?”

Because you both were lying on the ground, face to face, close and too close, touching yours hands… and whispering “I **** you” in your thoughts while looking deep into each other’s eyes.

Safael: “Because you don’t want to know what I’d do if…”
Vea: “If blah blah blah. Just
show me, silly.”

He raised a brow. Show her? She did wanted him to show her? Alright then, he’s going to totally show her.


The interior of the house looked rather old though it wasn’t run-down. There were all kinds of clutter everywhere - small creatures from all around the world, old lamps, potions and the most important - books. The eye could catch manuals, volumes, books of magic, scripts… everything lying everywhere. The one who was living here had to be Sixamian. It was obvious that he had typical for them love for science and lust for knowledge.

Vivilly: “I haven’t expected him to be such a bookworm… And to know all those languages. What it is?”, she opened one of the books lying near her. “I can’t even recognize one letter!”
Nathanny: “It’s in old Sixamian speech. It was used while war to communicate and sent orders in a way that Nifl’aminas couldn’t read. It was our cipher to not get caught.”
Krystyn: “But in the end Sixamians capitulated and now are Nilfl’amians’ servants… We all know this story too well.”
, there was a nute of grief in his voice.
Primrose: “Yeah, this is a story of how all the nations became
Krystyn: “Well, maybe some God of war leagued with Nilfl’viiael to help her create the most powerful race?”
Vivilly: “There is no such God!”
, she hissed.
Krystyn: “
How do you know? Nobody knows how many gods are here. We don’t even know how many of them died.”
Vivilly: “Uh, you’ve got a point. We don’t know much about them. I have no idea why nobody wanted to know more about them, to study their history.”
Nathanny: “Because gods and religion vary
too much from science. You should be glad that you’ve got a chance to learn about anything. If not Sixamians nobody would even know how many planets we have.”
Primrose: “Maybe you’re right but why you’ve never wanted to proof how many gods are here then? Or even
what are they?”
Nathanny: “Because it’s magic and there is one very known rule for all Sixiamians -
we accept sorcery, don’t touch it.”

Sonreir cada vez me cuesta mas, solo estoy seria y callada porque no quiero que nadie me diga nada, que nadie me pregunte si estoy bien porque me pondria a llorar frente a alguien y no quiero llorar frente a nadie mas y demostrar que soy debil.
—  Sonrisa-loca-gatito