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Ok so @littlestpersimmon has my all time favorite fam jam art style. Like I dare anyone to disagree with me when I say their stuff is tear inducing and awe inspiring. Hence I commissioned them to do this for piece a scene that I was writing for my pb&j fic but instead I stared at it for twenty minutes, wrote some fluff based on it, and made the last chapter super long to wrap it up because damn doesn’t this make you want nothing but happiness for them?

So in conclusion pb&j is pure, Bell is a beautiful human being, thank you for your time.

mrjacksdad  asked:

demisexual j-zimms

YES. this is some good shit!!! honestly any ace or aro headcanon for jack, I am so on board with and 100% support but think about this my friend,

- jack who is confused about his attraction to bitty. he loves him, but he doesn’t always want to have sex with him and it takes them a while to establish a sexual relationship between each other. he is upset because he wants to show his love to bitty but can also be a little uncomfy by it

- jack going to talk to sexuality and gender guru shitty who then explains to him what demisexual means and jack cries because it’s such a big deal to him and now he has a whole community to support him and become more knowledgeable of how he feels

- jack who tells bitty he’s demi and of course bitty is 100% supportive and okay with it and he and jack go through tons of non sexual intimacy options for them that they both like

- just imagine them: cuddling, hand holding, massage giving, playing with each other’s hair, dancing together, watching war documentaries together!!!!

i cry over demi jack.

there are monthly productions of hamilton sing-a-longs in the haus you cannot convince me otherwise

the team picks a random night every month where they get totally smashed and every single time bitty starts playing the hamilton soundtrack and after a couple times bitty they designate parts and who’s who and they all just go with it??? like even jack who is not totally trashed like the rest of them but is still intoxicated enough to go along with it

and because they do this monthly it gets louder every month and the lax bros make a joke out of it on yik yak and one time it happens one of the lax bros posts “the hockey team is putting on a full production of hamilton even the captain is in on it” and people start showing up???? like they just crowd into the living room to watch this and its actually really entertaining?????

eventually its like the whole womens volleyball team is there and a few girls from the womens tennis team and the lax bros are there and despite the feud between smh and the lax bros its a very good time

they stand in front of the tv when theyre singing and if theyre not featured in the song theyre just part of the ensemble and they sit with everyone else and eventually everyone that knows the words for the ensemble/company parts join in (smh and lardo sit in front of the couch (they left the lax bros with the disgusting couch because fuck the lax bros) so its easier for them to get up when they need to sing)

they do this for every single song on the soundtrack

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