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imagine having a snap streak with your tc, where the majority of the time you’re sending each other goofy selfies and while in their class, you send candid photos of each other.

a couple that got extremely rich by doing illegal stuff and now traveling over the entire world 1st class and sleeping in expensive hotels under false id’s, smoking weed and having sex in every corner of the room and police trying to catch them so they die their hair a lot and don’t call each other by their real names in public. and basically just a lot of bad ass stuff.


art moodboard: j.m.w turner
↳ orange/yellow

the decline of the carthaginian empire;  war. the exile and the rock limpet; the burning of the house of lords and commons, 16th october 1834; ulysses deriding polyphemus - homer’s odyssey; river scene with cattle; the angel standing in the sun; sunset on the river; the fighting temeraire; the sun rising through vapour


James Webb (1825–95, England)

Marine scenes 2

James Webb was an English painter specialising in marine views, landscapes, and urban scenes in the style of vedute. Webb painted scenes in England, Wales, Holland, France and along the Rhine. He painted figures and buildings with as much competence as he did landscape backgrounds, and his paintings have a feeling of tranquillity and harmony to them. Webb used pale colours, but painted in a robust naturalistic style, influenced by J. M. W. Turner.

somebody pls give me a plot where there’s a good girl who had a pretty easy life untill she meets a bad boy and falls in love with him. and the two of them sort of become a thing, but because of that she starts to hang out with wrong people and starts smoking and doing all kind of bad stuff. but her parents don’t like it and she constantly fights with them and one day it get’s so bad that they basically kick her out of the house. so she knocks on his door of the crappy place he lives and she can’t stop crying and he takes her in because he feels guilty of it and that’s basically where it starts. they both got nothing and they sleep on a mattress on the floor while they have to work their asses of to pay rent and struggling to be able to pay for food and at the same time their relationship gets more intimite, but it’s hard so they’ll fight over things. also she’s not used to living like this and having to take care of herself like this and sometimes he’s very annoyed about that and says things he doesn’t mean, but he always regrets it in the end. and sometimes he’ll take her a beautiful place to watch the sun go down or to lay in the grass to watch the stars while they’ll talk and eventually make out. it goes with ups and downs and through all that they realize that all they really have is each other.


J. M. W. Turner (1775–1851, England)

Late oil paintings 3

Joseph Mallord William Turner was an English Romantic painter specialising in landscapes. A master of oil and watercolour painting, he elevated both forms to previously unknown levels in academic circles which previously favoured genre scenes of classical antiquity or religion. Unusual for his strong focus on landscapes, Turner produced thousands of works in which his technique led to such refinement that his later paintings foreshadowed impressionism and abstract art.

He is known as the “painter of light” for his ability to capture a quasi-mythical tone to a painting, the opposite of earlier schools of landscape painting which focused on realist depictions of architecture and figures. To Turner the structure of a scene was important, though not to be followed literally, and the environment should dictate the artistic technique used to create an authentic ‘impression’ of the location, rather than an exacting depiction.