j the ripper

I've seen a lot of people that are mad at Aedion for being angry at Dorian but like you have to see it from his perspective as well

While Aedion was being held in the dungeons who was it that tortured him? The Vlag inside Dorian, but it was Dorian’s face Aedion looked into every time he was tortured and I guess it’s hard for Aedion to separate the two. The fact is Dorian was controlled by the Vlag into doing horrible things and feels so terrible about all of it but it was “him” that did all those things. It’s like in The Vampire Diaries when the vampires turn off their emotions and go on a killing spree, they weren’t themselves when they killed all those people, but everyone else saw their face going around and doing that. So I see why Aedion’s got some mixed emotions when it comes to Vlag Dorian versus normal cinnamon roll Dorian

Dorian’s father ordered his family and the Terrasen people to be slaughtered, to be dragged out of their homes and to be killed as a message to the others to not step out of line. The guards that were killed? Aedion most likely trained with them everyday since he was young and to him they were apart of his family. Also Aelin’s parents basically took Aedion in as their own son so he lost them as well. I understand that’s NOT Dorian’s fault he was a just a kid with a Vlag possessed father but I guess a kid would blame the whole Havilliard family.

I was honestly so proud that Aedion was able to joke about Dorian eating like a fine lady and he even hugged Dorian at the end of EoS, I really think things are going in the right direction between them and I hope they become friends by the end