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mini- Electro Hako Banban Picaso


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J tek attack my first 8tracks mix

For Saori….

A friend of mine wants to practice autotune and sound editing and he claims he can make my ratchet voice sound ~cute-chipmunk-electroidol~ and stuff.

So i want to do a cover (maybe even an english cover,if i get my pronunciation less ratchet tbh) of a japanese electro song,and i think i´m gonna go for Ram Rider´s GALAXY,(from RR strikes back) but i cant for the life of me find the damn translated lyrics

or the original lyrics

or an instrumental for the song.


Does anyone know where can i get these things?

thank u my bbys

you know what we should do

prfm bloggers should start to use these hipster-ass promo captions

that way perfume posts would be like

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