j t'aim

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t/w: none

a/n: a morning ft. you + the revolutionary set. there’s some laf + alex bc we don’t get enough of them and some moments with you + john. 

french used: 

mon chou - “sweet little bun”

promettre? - “promise?” 

alexandre - “alexander”

je t'aime - “i love you”

oui- “yes”

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 Alex wakes up the earliest, regardless of how much sleep he really gets. He usually does this to get some more writing done. Laf wakes up with him because usually he has to make it in before his morning shift starts and also to make sure Alex eats something. 

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bon d'accord, après tout c'est ton choix. si tu veux absolument partir je ne te retiens pas car je ne veux pas que tu restes par pitié et de toute façon tu finiras par te barrer. en tout cas n'oublie pas que j'ai apprécié chaque seconde passée avec toi, j'ai profité de chaque jour de bonheur, de rigolade que tu m'as offert.
tout ça pour te dire qu'au final, j'ai même apprécié nos disputes, car se retrouver était toujours plus beau…
maintenant il faut que j'arrive à croire que tout cela est réellement terminé.
ne crois pas que je vais pas continuer à vivre, je vivrais toujours, mais pas comme avant, certes, mais je vais tout faire pour aller bien.
je ne vais pas te mentir, j'aurais toujours l'espoir que tu reviennes, que tu fasses ce premier pas.
ne m'en veux pas, mais personnellement, je t'aime.
—  J.

Bah j'ai essayé de trouver des trucs mignons, mais bien sûr qu'il y a que dalle sur Tumblr xD Alors, je te dirai par mes propres mots que je t'aime plus que tout au monde, et je te chérirai pour toujours ❤️ Chaque jour est mieux avec toi, et j'ai si hâte de te voir encore ☺️ Bonne chance pour tout, ma chérie ❤️ Je t'aime tant 😍❤️❤️💞


LadyNoir July 24-Reveal

Went with some traditional rather than something out of the box XP

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Day 24-Reveal


Ladybug and Chat Noir escaped to the rooftops from the crowd of fans and press, their miraculous’ beeping their forth warning. It was almost too close to call as they landed high above the crowd where no one would see them. However Ladybug didn’t wait to catch her breath, making the motion to though her yoyo.

“My Lady, wait!” Chat cried, grabbed her hand.

“Chat! Let go! You know I can’t stay, we’re about to change back any second!”

“And I won’t have that second be when you’re flying though the air!” His eyes were wild with fear, “I love you too much to let that happen! I know you don’t want us to trade identites but…it’s been three years! Don’t you trust me?!”

“Of course I do! With my life! I just-” Just what? She asked herself as the last beeps sounded.

Ladybug threw herself into Chat’s arms and buried her face in his shoulder, shocking him, “Close your eyes.”



The hero did so, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

“After we change back…I’ll count to three and then we’ll open our eyes, okay?”

“Okay…And just know, no matter what I’ll love the girl under the mask.”

Suddenly they were bathed in colored light, their kwami’s escaping the magical jewels, leaving two teens hugging. The dark haired girl took a deep shuddering breath before counting.


Blue and green eyes opened as they pulled back, widening as they saw who their partner was.



The blonde grinned then, “It’s you.” He laughed and spun her around gleefully, “I can’t believe it’s you!”

“Y-you’re okay…with it being me?” She asked as he sat her down.

“More than!”

Marinette blushed brightly, “O-oh…yoo tuo-you-me too! I-I’m happy it’s you too…”

He smiled at her and touched their foreheads together, “Je t'aime, My Lady~”

“J-Je t'aime, Mon Chaton~”

They then leaned close and kissed sweetly, Tikki smiling in the background as Plagg quietly groaned about the gross romance and lack of cheese.


Plagg, hush! There’s adorableness happening XD Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned, we’ve only got a few more days to go!

She told me, “Don’t worry about it”

Request:  Can you do an imagine where you’re a beauxbatons transfer and you’ve been at hogwarts for two months and you’re best friends with Fred weasley and you keep telling him you love him in French and one day at the burrow you say it I front of fleur and she tells Fred what it means

Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Song: Can’t Feel My Face - The Weeknd

“Je t'aime.” she said yet again, looking him dead in the eyes. She had been saying this same thing day after day since they became friends, which was about two months ago, hoping he would finally understand. He never did though; he would just stand there with that dopey smile on his face, which was what he’s doing now.

He nods vigorously, “Uh huh!” he beams, not fully understanding what she said. She rolls her eyes and he continues to talk. “So, like I was saying, Fred and I we’re thinking-” she sighs, leaning her chin on the palm of her hand as he blabbers on and on.

Finally she can’t take it anymore. Gripping his shoulder, she turns him around, so he’s facing her. “Fred, je t’aime!” she shouts, probably louder than she should have. 

He keeps the smile plastered on his face, “Okay!” he laughs, still not understanding what came out of her mouth. She storms off, leaving Fred confused. “Have I said something?” he asks Fleur, who’s sitting diagonal to him.

The blonde rolls her eyes with a smirk. “You buffoon! Do you even know what she’s been saying to you for the past two months?” she questions; he slowly shakes his head. “She loves you, Fred. That’s what je t’aime means!” she mumbles, watching his face go pale.


He finds her in the courtyard, sitting cross legged on the grass. Getting his wand ready, he mouths the words over and over before plopping down beside her. “Um, j-je t'aime aussi?” he stammers, holding out his wand, which makes a rose. “I’m sorry I didn’t know what you were saying all those times, Y/N. I can be a little oblivious…” he laughs.

“Fred…” His lips lock with hers and she drops the rose. When they pull away, he grins wide, taking her hand in his.

“I love you too…and I love when you speak french.”