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For @because-cur-non, for all the amazing content he’s been churning out this week- the #looks of RF-verse people. From top left:

  1. Peggy (Diesel Black Gold Fall 2017)
  2. Eliza (Coach 1941 Resort 2017)
  3. Angelica (Alice + Olivia Fall 2015)
  4. Adrienne (Chanel Pre-Fall 2017)
  5. Alex (Givenchy Fall 2017)
  6. John (Junya Watanabe Fall 2017)
  7. Laf (Pigalle Fall 2017)
  8. André (Dries Van Noten Fall 2017)

The Beautiful Bride and Her Court: Ghanaian Top Model Kate Menson

Video/Photo: thenanaaba/Kate Menson

Pinky Promise

It was in your best interests to stay away from Johnny and Double J and that whole delinquent lifestyle, and yet, you find yourself not being able to. It was fucking stupid.

This is a collab with @cremethorns aka the double J fic we didn’t want to write but here it is. go read her part HERE as well because like. why wouldn’t you it’s good duh. It’s the Jaehyun half of the story, and we all know you guys love Jaehyun. Enjoy!

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