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Pride (M)

Deadly Sin: Excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. 

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut, non-idol au!

Warnings: mirror sex, doggy style, fingering dom! Hoseok, slapping, praising, dirty talk

Notes: For my halloween collaboration with bulletproofwhalien ! Gif isn’t mine! 2k Words

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New Masterlist!

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Make You Smile  (Angst)

You’re Hot When You’re Mad  (Fluff)

The Date (Fluff)

I Guess We Changed | Prologue (Fluff/Angst)

I Don’t Love You Anymore  (Angst)

You Should Marry Me (Fluff)


You Look Cute With a Baby Bump (Fluff)

My Mistress (Fluff + Humour)

Photograph of Love (Fluff)

Know It All, My Best Friend (Jin x Reader Fluff)


I Can’t Believe You’re Carrying My Child (Angst)

Prepare for Trouble (Fluff)

Love At First Sight (Fluff)

Her (Fluff & Angst)

You’ll Always Have Me (Hurt/Comfort)

Please, I’m Sorry (Angst)

Fluffy (Ft. Adorable Yoongi)

I Bust the Windows Out Your Car (Fluff)

The Universe Has a Plan (Angst)

Boy Next Door (Yoongi x Reader Fluff)

Hoseok (J-Hope)

Valentine’s Date Disaster (Fluff)

Birthday Surprise (Fluff)

Are You Jealous? (Fluff)

My Bad-boy Soulmate (Fluff & Humour)

Give Me A Reason Not To Walk Away (Angst)

Just for the Night (Hoseok x Reader)

Pour Up (Fluff)

Love is Not Over (Angst)

Just for the Night (Angst)


You Look Cute With A Baby Bump (Angst & Fluff)

Sit On My Lap (Fluff)

Did You Buy Me….Lingerie? PART ONE | PART TWO (Angst)

Bite Me (Vampire AU)

Is This Love? (Fluff)

Why Are You Walking Around Naked? (Angst)

We’re Just Friends (Angst + Eventual fluff)

All For You (Smut)

Drunk AF (Fluff)

Will You Fake Date Me? (Fluff)

Start of Forever (Reader x Jimin Fluff)

Brotherly Love (Fluff)

Taehyung (V)

You Set My Heart on Fire (Fluff)

It’s Cute When You Blush (Fluff)

Only in Dreams (Angst)

Cardcaptor Tae (Fluff & Humour)

Hold Me Tight (Fluff & Hurt/Comfort)

What’s Your Name Beautiful? (Horror + Fluff)

It’s All Your Fault (Fluff AU)

Lessons in Love (Fluff)

Unrequited Prom Bae-Tae (Fluffy Angst)

I Need You (Taehyung x Reader)

Did I Stutter?  (Fluff)


Adore You (Fluff)

Experienced In Loving (Fluff)

Are You Scared? (Fluff)

Make Me (Angst)

Revenge (Fluffy + Comedy)

Just Leave Me Alone! (Angst)

You Should Marry Me (Fluff)

Ruin Me (Bad Boy! AU)

Clearing Confessions (Part One), Part Two, Part Three (Angst)

Whoa is Me (Fluff)

Give Me A Reason (Angst & Fluff)

Is That My Bra? (Fluff & Humour)

Experienced in Loving (Fluff)

Just Leave Me Alone! (Angst)

Senior Prank (Fluff + Humour)

Shut Up and Kiss Me (Fluff)

Will You Be Quiet!? (Fluff & Angst)

Play Pretend (Fluff)

Needlessly Large Rod (Fluff & Humour)

No Refunds (Fluff)

Save Me (Angst)

Cuddles (Fluff)

You’re Hot, Shame About the Personality (Fluff)

I Got You On My Mind (Angst) Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

Talk Shit, Get Hit (Fluff & Humour)


Wrong Member (TaehyungxReader Fluff)

BTS at the BBMA’s  (Funny)

A Promposal to Remember (Jimin, Y/N & Jungkook) (Fluff)

Mood Killer (Taehyung Fluff ft. Rowdy BTS) 

BTS as tourists in the States (N.Y) (Funny)

Jimin introducing his girlfriend Y/N to BTS

Tempted with Cake (BTS x Reader)

Detention for Two (Jungkook Badboy! AU)

Seeing Y/N for the first time (Vmin)

BTS Trying to Watch A Movie (Funny)

Huge News (Funny)

Is That My Sweater? (Funny Fluff)

What the Hell Are You Doing Here?! (Comedy + Fluff x BTS)

Ideal Type (Fluff + Angst x Jimin)

Pay Me With Your Time (Fluff x Yoongi)


Hey guys! We miss you like crazy!!! Here’s a little post-Hiatus present! 

~Armygirl and Girl in Luv

unfaithful  [m|one-shot]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader.

Genre: ANGST!, smut, drama.

Plot: The moment when you realize that everything that was ❛ oh so perfect ❜ in your mind was nothing but fabricated with lies and betrayal. You fell for Jungkook. And it hit you hard; you got played.

A/N- yoooo I didn’t proof read lol sorryyy


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BTS’ Kinks

A/N: This is just a basic list of what I think the members of BTS would have as kinks. If anyone would like a more in-depth explanation of any of the members kinks, please feel free to let me know and I’ll make a separate post for that member going into detail. (I’ll most likely do it for myself anyways, but the motivation is always nice)! -Admin Germane :3


Originally posted by bangtaninspired

  • Food kink
  • Mirror Kink
  • Light Bondage (giving)
  • Toys (giving/receiving)
  • Oral (giving/receiving)
  • Shower/Bath Sex


Originally posted by sugastoungetechonawlogy

  • Spanking (giving)
  • Exhibitionism
  • Choking (giving)
  • Teasing
  • Mutual Masturbation
  • Oral (receiving)


Originally posted by foreveryoongz

  • Orgasm Denial (giving/receiving)
  • Thigh Riding
  • Rough Sex
  • Breath Play
  • Grinding/Rutting
  • Voyeurism

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bts-uke

  • Daddy kink
  • Bondage (giving)
  • Body Worship (giving)
  • Dirty Talk
  • BDSM
  • Rough Sex


Originally posted by eatupbangtan

  • Overstimulation (receiving)
  • Rimming (giving/receiving)
  • Striptease
  • Phone Sex
  • Double Penetration
  • Pet Play


Originally posted by bts-vkooksuga

  • Biting/Marking (giving)
  • Oral (giving)
  • Cum Play
  • Rough Sex
  • Roleplaying
  • Multiple Orgasms


Originally posted by mybias-and-i

  • Anal (giving)
  • Sensory Deprivation (receiving)
  • Biting/Marking (giving/receiving)
  • CBT
  • Lingerie
  • Terms of Endearment

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‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial

Well if the album is as good as Jimins heavenly vocals then damn right this gonna be a happy occurrence


Author’s note: I know this is pretty obvious but in case you don’t know:

M- Mature (smut)

F- Fluff

A- Angst


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Originally posted by bwiseoks

-  Panic disorder (A,F) 

- Your guardian angel (A,F) 

- Mirror mirror (Supernatural AU) 

- It’s always been you (A,F,S) 

- Valentine’s day (F)


Originally posted by bwiseoks

-  Two is better than one ft Hoseok (M,F) 

-  Chocolate kisses (F)

-  Lollipop (M)

-  New hair and piano lessons (F) 

-  Wild night ft Hoseok (M) 

-  Bath time ft Hoseok (M, F) 

-  Don’t worry doctor, you’re safe with me (Maffia AU) (Yoonseok)


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- Two is better than one ft Yoongi (M,F) 

- Wild night ft Yoongi (M) 

- Dance studio (M) 

- Bath time ft Yoongi (M,F) 

- Don’t worry doctor, you’re safe with me (Maffia AU) (Yoonseok)

- Not so innocent (M,F) 


Originally posted by kimdaily

- Too much tension (M,F)

- I guess I never realized how much I actually love you (F)  

- Needles and Ink (M)

- Unexpected (F) 

- Different (Hybrid AU) 


Originally posted by jjks

- Meant to be (F)

- Dog cafe (F) 

- Don’t be fooled baby (Supernatural AU) 

- Don’t be fooled baby Pt.2 

- Oh my pretty omega, let me treat you right (Jikook) (Supernatural AU) 

- Baby you’re adorable (Hybrid AU) 

- Darling you’re beautiful (A,F) (Also a Taehyung version) 

- Coffee shop (Jikook) 


Originally posted by jeonyween

- Relax (M,F) 

- I don’t like baths but I’ll get in if you will (F) 

- Double trouble ft Jungkook (M,F)

- Don’t be jealous (A,F) 

- I’ll take care of you (Hybrid AU) 

- I’ll take care of you P.2 (Hybrid AU) 

- Good morning (M) 

- Don’t you dare (A,F) 

- Darling you’re beautiful (A,F)  (Also a Jimin version) 

- Near of far, I’ll always love you (F) 

- Arcade games ft Jungkook (F) 

- Night (M) 


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- Don’t be nervous (F)

- Passion (M) 

- Double trouble ft Taehyung (M,F)

- Oh my pretty omega, let me treat you right  (Jikook) (Supernatural AU) 

- Confession (F) 

- Finally, I’ve found you (A,F) 

- Coffee shop (Jikook) 

- Arcade games ft Taehyung (F)