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What are your: Personal top 4–6 Padmé costumes; Favorite 4–6 non-Padmé costumes; Favorite SW film plot-wise; Favorite SW film music-wise, if you have one; Favorite 1–3 SW spaceships, if you have any; Favorite behind the scenes goofs, gifs, or anecdotes?

I’ve been wondering when I would get asked what my favorite costumes are!

Top 5 favorite Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-The Yellow Picnic Dress (AotC)

This dress changed my opinion on an entire color. I used to hate yellow. Like really hate yellow. Bet then I saw and studied this dress and it is so beyond beautiful to me. It’s so flowy and feminine and colorful. Also her hair! My favorite hairstyles for Padme are always the curled ones, and plus, she has the side buns which are a little shout out to Leia’s buns. Not to mention I love that entire scene in and of itself because they are in a natural setting of a field of grass and flowers, so different from cold and colorless space, and it’s one of the few time Anakin and Padme are truly and genuinely happy. It’s before the war, it’s before Shim dies, it’s just a happy little moment between them, and the yellow summer dress really evokes that.

-The Blue Tatooine Dress (AotC)

(Or as I like to call it: The Desert Goddess Dress) It’s just really pretty? I like the color and the silver details. I love her hair since it’s also curled and has slight buns on the sides. I love the cape but I’m not a big fan of the cloak that goes over the whole outfit. But I really find it funny that she chose a dress that shows her mid-drift while visiting Anakin’s family (she did the same thing visiting her own family how iconic.)

-The Blue Gloved Nightgown (RotS)

Honestly I love all of Padme’s nightgowns but if I had to choose between them this is my favorite. I like the color, I like her hair, I love the fact that she sleeps in a tiara. Despite the long gloves, it’s a bit more practical than the pearl embellished blue nightgown from previously in the film. It has seashells on it, though you can’t tell unless seeing High Quality stills of the dress. Also it’s worn during a very emotional scene and is one of the last costumes that she wears, so it has an added importance.

-The Parade Dress (TPM)

Honestly the only one of her outfits as a Queen that I like. Her other Queen outfits are too dark and over-the-top for my taste. I mean I get why they’re dark and over-the-top, but they just don’t appeal to me personally. But I really like the one she wears at the end of the film. I love the white dress and pastel pink and yellow of the cloak. I like how it’s somewhat of a slight callback to Leia’s dress during the ceremony at the end of ANH. (In case you can’t tell, I Absolutely love parallels between Leia and Padme’s wardrobes.)

-The Funeral Dress (RotS)

I love this dress so much. I love the colors, I love her hair, I love the flowers, it’s all just so pretty and regal but also very sad. So many sequins! Trisha Bigger (the designer of most of the costumes) said it was supposed to resemble the lakes and waterfalls of Naboo, and Natalie Portman said it reminded her of Ophelia from Hamlet, and I think they’re both absolutely right. And she’s just so beautiful like absolutely the angel that Anakin thought she was. Even in death, Padme is more beautiful than any of us will ever be. No lie, I want to be buried in something like that.  

-Honorable Mention – White Geonosis Outfit (AotC)

One of her more practical costumes (except for the fact that it’s white (I mean really you shouldn’t wear white into battle) (of course the costume department said they made it white so that it would stand out in the red/orange sand) (still, white will get so dirty during a battle) whatever, I digress.) This costume has by far the most amount of screen time than any of her others. I really like the cloak and silver armbands too. It’s also a bit similar to Leia’s Hoth outfit. I actually thought about cosplaying this one but I have no idea how to do that freaking hair.

Top 5 non-Padme costumes, in no particular order:

-Princess Leia’s Hoth/Bespin outfit (ESB)

Like it’s literally just a white jumpsuit but Carrie Fisher made that thing look so regal and badass. I don’t have much to say about it, I just like it a lot?

-Princess Leia’s Ceremony Dress (ANH)

Yeah it’s a plain white dress but it’s prettier and more feminine than the other plain white dress. I love the cape effect of the sleeves even though it’s not actually a cape. I also really like the necklace and hair. I’ve considered cosplaying this one too.

-Luke’s Dagobah Costume (ESB)

I like that it shows his biceps. It’s also dirty and kind of grungy, which you wouldn’t think of as a good Look for Luke but damn does he make it work.

-Lando’s Blue Outfit (ESB)

The lining of his cape is literally embroidered with dragons. Iconic.

-Luke’s Ceremony Outfit

I love that it’s so obvious that Luke is wearing Han’s clothes here. Because we all know Luke didn’t pack much when he left Tatooine, so he didn’t have a lot in the way of fashionable clothes. But Han helped him out and donated an outfit. Except for the canary yellow jacket. That was not Han’s and no one has any idea where Luke got it from.

-Honorable Mention – Princess Leia’s Bespin Gown (ESB)

The first time Leia wears color! (even if it is an unfortunate shade of red.) I like the shape and texture of the cape/cloak and that is has a vague floral pattern on it. I really like her hair too. Too bad it doesn’t have much screen time.

Favorite SW film plot wise?

-Lol I don’t watch Star Wars for the plot. But seriously, I think they all have unique and interesting plots (except for TFA)

Favorite SW film music wise?

-They all have fantastic music but I have to say Rogue One had very unique music compared to the others. I guess because it wasn’t John Williams, which I love John Williams! But I really enjoyed the soundtrack for RO.

Favorite spaceships?

-Nubian Ships (Prequels)

(Pictured: J-type 327 Nubian Royal starship) They’re just so shiny and remind me of mirrors. Fun fact: Captain Phasma’s armor is made from the melted down hull of one of Palpatine’s Naboo ships.  

-Kylo Ren’s shuttle (TFA)

It’s pretty simple but very intimidating. I love the long V-shape wings, they kind of remind me of a bird of prey.

Favorite behind the scenes stuff?

-So many of the actors make their own sound effects with the lightsabers and blasters.

-Carrie making Mark wear her Leia costumes. (I wonder if she ever got him to wear the gold bikini…)

-All the many times that you can see Hayden Christensen fall down in bts videos. It really supports my head canon that Anakin has bad balance because of the prosthetic arm.

Wow this was a loaded ask. I hope I answered everything to satisfaction!


J. Royal - “The View”

Pt. One: https://soundcloud.com/hescape/justus

Pt. Two: https://soundcloud.com/hescape/justus-the-view-mixed-and-mastered

J. Royal - “Pause” (Snippet)


Touch of Magic

Pairing/Character: VHope
Author: taethereal
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hoseok lives his life under the veil of a dark curse until on day he meets a stranger that changes everything with just the touch of a hand.

- are you kidding me??! an actual fairytale au and it’s stunning?!?!?!?! i still can’t get over how adorable and well constructed this fic is. if you can, i strongly advise that you read it in one sitting, even though it’s hella long. prince hoseok?? lol bye this is too much. 

Read more…

So I’ve been sick this passed week and yesterday I finally got back into the swing of things so I started this warm up. This was going SOMEWHERE but now I’m not sure so I’m just gonna leave it as a sketch right now. Featuring the Anastasia/Royal/Whatever AU for your viewing pleasure. Tried to do a Smaug in the background there but I kept picturing him like Cruella Deville for some reason. Oh well. :)

Stay tuned. 

  • Elton John
  • Michael J. Fox (MY CELEBRITY FATHER)
  • Laverne Cox
  • The entire cast of Empire
  • Laurence Fishburne
  • Dan Akroyd
  • Frankie Avalon
  • Cher
  • Bill Murray
  • Aretha Franklin
  • Woody Harrelson
  • The remaining Beach Boys
  • The remaining Ramones
  • Tab Hunter
  • Literally any teen idol from the 50s/60s? Like, okay, my Nana grew up in the Dominican Republic so she grew up with different teen idols but if she grew up here in the states I would hate to see her be devastated after one of her favorites died and like think about your grandmas okay? Or even your your parents if they were that age back then
  • Chuck Berry (THE INVENTOR OF ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL thanks to the help of marty mcfly)
  • This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg okay
  • If any of these people or any people like them die in the next four days then that’s when we start fighting
  • They’re all so influential???
  • And so many people love them???
  • Like the only thing they did wrong was wait so long to become the awesome people they are today
  • So please, please, make sure that these people survive 2016
j-sea replied to your photo “This picture is also hilarious. Camilla doing a perfect and deep…”

I think, and it appears, perhaps Kate has no idea how it’s supposed to really be done…and everyone either hasn’t noticed or are too scared to teach her the proper way. I learned from being a performing artist at a local Renaissance Faire…

If Kate has not worked out how it is done by, erm I don’t know looking at all thr royal women around her, even Mike knows how so she could look to him, or she has not searched “How to curtsy” on google or youtube then that is her problem. 

Also you know the saying, you can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make them drink. 

Some may have told her but like her husband she goes “la, la, la I can’t hear you and I know better” or like most of us say, she just goes not care. 

I mean if a schoolgirl can do it right

or those meeting HM just once and don’t even HAVE to curtsy

I don’t see Kate having ANY excuse 


I made this bmp princes icon set♪

 It’s my first time making something like this so i hope they turned out fine…

 (wondering if Roberto would use it as his royal talk profile picture XD voltageparty)


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