j rot

okay listen up this is about to get real

i am so tired of a large portion of the 100 fandom right now. this is coming from the strongest of clexa lovers and a non-straight, non-white female. 

you are being destructive and ignorant in so many ways it’s not even funny.

what J.Rot did to Lexa and Lincoln was terrible. It cannot be excused and he should absolutely get repercussions for continuing harmful stereotypes about lesbians and bullying Ricky Whittle off the show among other things.  

but while all of you flap-mouthed trumpets are boycotting the CW and the 100 itself, have you ever considered that maybe Eliza Taylor and Lindsey Morgan and Bob Morley and Devon Bostick and Marie Avgeropoulos don’t have another show to go to? It’s nice that ADC and Ricky Whittle have other significant work, but a lot of the cast and crew doesn’t and might not.

The film and television industry is extremely difficult to make it in, even as an established actor. You can be on top one second and then never get other significant work again. A lot of actors, especially older females such as the great Paige Turco (whose last series regular role was in 2007 on Big Shots which lasted one season), don’t find other work after a popular TV show gets cancelled. Nine times out of 10, actors aren’t acting for the money and being a recurring character or guest star rarely gives them the creative fix they get from being able to dig in to a character.

So to those of you screaming “CANCEL THE 100″ and “BOYCOTT CW” with pitchforks in your hands, consider this:

Your issue is with J.Rot. 

Not Kass Morgan or the actors or the costume designers or the directors or anybody else who loves and benefits from working on the 100, but can’t control what the show-runner does. 

Your issue is with J.Rot 

Not the people who have no say in a lot of the terrible stuff that happens plot wise or the people who have nothing to go to after this. 

Your issue is with J.Rot

Not the CW Network. Even the actors who throw shade usually talk about terrible stuff J.Rot did and don’t target the network or anybody else.

I understand that boycotting the show itself in order to trigger lower ratings will reflect badly on J.Rot, and that’s what the goal is, but you’re also negatively affecting everyone involved from the main actors to the production assistants. Stop taking down the whole  show and everyone involved in it just because you have an issue with the show-runner.

A lot of you are starting campaigns to get him fired or get him to lose followers and that’s great – you’re attacking the root of the problem – but for everyone else who is so blinded with hatred that you’re attacking the network and by default, everyone else who is involved in the show, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCKITY FUCK UP. 

E4, the channel that broadcasts The 100 in the U.K. just aired episode 307 tonight in such a classy and sensitive way.

Okay, so they started off issuing this warning before the ep: “Scenes some viewers may find distressing… shocking, actually.” And Idk about you, but for me that’s lowkey shade right there, lol.

Then at the end of the episode, they included some support information/contact numbers for those who may be upset and may need help after watching it. This is not something new, tbh. I remember them doing this a lot for Hollyoaks. But E4 only ever do this when a particular episode touches on a serious topic like suicide, depression, anorexia, etc. For a fairly-known British broadcasting channel to acknowledge that this episode may be triggering to some people is such a big deal. They have dealt with this issue with more sensitivity and respect than J.Rot and The CW and I’m really kind of proud, ngl.

They also did a montage of Lexa’s badass bits (you can watch it at @E4Tweets) and it simultaneously made me smile/broke my heart. Nicely done, E4. Nicely done, indeed. 👏👏👏