j robert spencer


Aaron Tveit - I’ve Been (Tom Kitt’s Band Version)

The Belasco Theatre- Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, May 14, 2017

I believe in giving people bootlegs they really want, even if they have nothing to trade, because the whole point of bootlegs is making sure that people who were not able to see their favourite musical for whatever reason get to experience the parts of the show they don’t get from the soundtrack. Bootlegs expand the musical theatre audience to those who live far from New York, or don’t have the money to pay for tickets; people who just want to see their favourite actors or their favourite shows however they can. It is cruel to keep that from someone who so passionately loves musical theatre.
Broadway is all about inclusivity so include those people who are not privileged enough to go to Broadway!
Much appreciated.


Aaron Tveit, Alice Ripley, J. Robert Spencer -
You Don’t Know / I Am The One (Next to Normal)

Tony Awards Performance 2009


Blessing your feed with this video of Kyle Dean Massey performing I’m Alive because it’s actually my favorite thing on the planet.