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"Where I come from, generals don't hide in their offices like cowards. They fight alongside their soldiers. They die with them on the battlefied."

By popular demand (ie @byzantinefox), and courtesy of “Bloody Red Tabs: General Officer Casualtues of the Great War 1914-1918,” here’s a list of the 78 or so British and Commonwealth generals who died for King and Country in the Great War. This not meant to attack Wonder Woman (2017), which is an excellent film. This, is for the record.

A. H. Baldwin, KIA 1915
R. B. Barker, KIA 1918
R. B. Bradford VC, KIA 1917
Sir William T. Bridges, died of wounds 1915
R. G. Broadwood, died of wounds 1917
C. H. J. Brown, KIA 1917
C. B. Bulkeley-Johnson, KIA 1917
George Bull, died of wounds 1916
G. A. S. Cape, KIA 1918
Sir Thomas Capper, died of wounds 1915
H. F. H. Clifford, KIA 1916
A. W. G. L. Cole, died of wound 1915
L. W. P. East, KIA 1918
Edward Feetham, KIA 1918
N. D. Findlay, KIA 1914
H .G. Fitton, died of wounds 1916
Charles Fitzclarence VC, KIA 1914
G. B. S. Follett, KIA 1918
G. N. B. Forster, KIA 1918
H. T. Fulton, died of concussion 1918
D. J. Glasfurd, died of wounds 1916
A. F. Gordon, died of wounds 1917
C. W. E. Gordon, KIA 1917
R. C. Gore, KIA 1918
Charles Gosling, wounded 1916, KIA 1917
John Edmond Gough VC, died of wounds 1915
E. J. Granet, died of wounds 1918
H. I. W. Hamilton, KIA 1914
W. J. St. J. Harvey, died of wounds 1916
Julian Hasler, KIA 1915
The Hon. J. F. Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, KIA 1915
F. J. Heyworth, KIA 1915
G. B. Hodson, died of wounds 1916
William Holmes, died of wounds 1917
Philip Howell, KIA 1918
R. H. Husey, died of wounds as POW 1918
Edward Charles Ingouville-Williams, KIA 1916
F. E. Johnston, KIA 1917
Sir William A. I. Kay, 6th Bart., wounded 1918, KIA 1918
P. A. Kenna VC, died of wounds 1915
Noel Lee, died of wounds 1915
Louis James Lipsett, KIA 1918
S. H. Lomax, died of wounds 1915
Wlater Long, KIA 1917
Thomas Pakenham, 5th Earl of Longford, KIA 1915
A. C. Lowe, KIA 1917
A. D. Lumsden, KIA 1918
F. W. Lumsden VC, wounded 1917, KIA 1918
R. C. Maclachlan, KIA 1917
C. T. Martin, KIA 1918
G. E. Matthews, died of wounds 1917
Sir Frederick S. Maude, wounded 1915, died of cholera 1917
Francis Aylmer Maxwell VC, KIA 1917
N. R. McMahon, KIA 1914
Malcolm Smith Mercer, KIA 1916
H. E. Napier, KIA 1915
N. T. Nickalls, KIA 1915
G. C. Nugent, KIA 1915
V. A. Ormsby, KIA 1917
Malcolm Peake, KIA 1917
L. M. Philpott, KIA 1916
C. B. Prowse, died of wounds 1916
C. G. Rawling, KIA 1917
J. F. Riddell, KIA 1915
A. R. C. Sanders, KIA 1918
William Scott-Moncrieff, KIA 1915
G. S. Shephard, KIA 1918
C. E. Stewart, KIA 1916
J. A. Tanner, KIA 1917
S. C. Taylor, KIA 1918
G. H. Thesiger, KIA 1915
F. D. V. Wing, wounded 1914, KIA 1915
Frank Wormald, KIA 1915